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  1. Very interesting article. I had no idea early all-steel bodies were so problematic.
  2. I had rust issues w/ my valves too even though I had an oily coat on them too...turns out my head gasket was leaking.
  3. She starts! I guess it was starter "hang-up"....I took starter off and thought while it's off I'll test it and it worked fine......put everything back together and she started right up. Thanks for all the advice! Ready to drive this weekend!
  4. Yes, new, proper size battery cables for 6v and have checked connections.
  5. So, I got an extra cable and have been using it to test grounds for the starter....I also used a test light to to check circuits and haven't found a problem yet. I looked at a Model A video regarding starter "hang-up" where the starter gear can jam into the flywheel ring gear. I loosened the starter enough and thought that I could take it off and check it. Not being a mechanic or electrician I thought I'd ask a stupid question....if I take the starter off to check it I know the hot wire will go to the contact, but do I have to ground the starter case or is the grounded battery enough of a grou
  6. Thanks Jack! I remember you using that quote on another one of my electrical problems! Your headlight story may also be my intermittent lighting problem. When I got my car I had the "web strap" ground going from battery to frame....just wanted a cut-off switch this time. When I got my car running again in 2014 a mechanic and I were working on it and the starter would shut off and get warm, so he grounded the starter to the transmission and all was fine......the guys doing the rest of my wiring took this ground off.....I've run the car many times since I got it on the road in 2018 without pr
  7. Thanks, I'll try that. Does a second ground need to as heavy a wire as the main ground?
  8. Thanks, I will check more connections this weekend. My ground cable runs from battery to disconnect switch on firewall, then runs from that switch to a rear starter bolt that mounts starter to rear engine frame member. ...major connections look good, but will check again. That said, car was working fine for 2 years until last week and wondered if it had something to do with lighting problem....that may be a different issue.
  9. When I checked again this morning I turned on the fuel pump and when I pulled the starter, the clicking sound of the pump slowed a lot.......never really noticed that before......may have to take off starter and check.
  10. Yep, battery and starter switch looks good....I'll check some others.......still don't know why it seems intermittent.
  11. I think I may have a short.... or multiple shorts on my '29 DA. 3 people have worked on my wiring incl. myself, but main harness is from Rhode Island Wiring. I have a new battery and coil as of last year and starter was rebuilt in 2009, but I've only been driving car since 2018. Wiring is all new, I've checked most connections and fuses (plural as I've added a few accessories) are all okay. I do have a disconnect switch that I turn on everytime I get in car. First, dome light and switch worked before upholstery installed, but now only works when directly connected to battery. Since I got up
  12. I've got some if it's a sedan. Also have a Pinterest board on '29 DA which has a lot of interior photos.
  13. Apparently, there were a number made in cast iron.....I had one in my parts box, but gave it to a fellow DB guy who helped me a lot on this board w/ my DA.
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