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  1. Kind of looks like a 1914 Hudson....the crowned front fenders where the crown dies halfway down on the runningboard side would be a '14-'15 model, but the oval rear window looks '14.....the rear seat tub w/ the visable seam doesn't look right for either year though.
  2. On my '29 any exposed metal is covered by carpet....that includes the front and back seat risers.
  3. The original floorboards on my '29 were pine (or fir) and narrow boards connected together w/ corrugated fasteners. I don't know that they were supposed to be pretty as the rear got covered in carpet and the front w/ rubber matting.
  4. Kinda looks like a cap for an aftermarker registration tube that mounts in the dash.....mine doesn't have a 'DB' on it, but vey much the same size as mine (brass cap in dash to left of gearshift knob)...not sure if yours is like that, but maybe a possibility.
  5. I do the same thing.....I know what it feels like to receive an incorrect part and hate for others to go through the same.
  6. Thanks for the tip, but I think I'll go ahead and fix the float. Yeah, I like these old Dodges...I know my '29 better as I've had it so long, but the '24 is a relatively new beast! Both fun to drive!
  7. I got mine at a local auto upholstery place...I also wanted it waterproof in case window rubber ever leaked.
  8. Sounds like the way I have to check my gas tank! I can try that...initially, I was thing like a dipstick of sorts, but then I thought something might be in the way and if not there are still no "markings" to show if I'm low or not. BTW, I searched the web for other '24 DB related things and saw another post in this forum regarding your "new" car...I think we got our cars about the same was an informative post!
  9. Thanks for all your replies! I think I may be removing the oil pan and repairing the float this winter.
  10. Even when I had the float working the oil guage did not work. Also, as I had said, last month everything was fine and this month, in the garage, the float wasn't working....I have a couple of oil drips, but not all 5 quarts on the floor. I think it's a leaky float, but until these posts I wasn't sure a float could become "oil-logged". If there's a way to check the oil pan oil level besides the float or guage I can check before removing pan.
  11. The car has an oil pump and an oil guage, but guage doesn't work.
  12. My oil indicator float seems to not be working as it has sunk almost all the way into the block. I took the car out last month and everything was fine; oil level and float. Went out this last weekend and the float, even when brought up by hand, just sinks back down to the block. There is a couple of oil drips on the floor, but not a 5 quart puddle. So my questions are can an oil float leak like a vacuum tank float (I haven't seen the pan side of float)? ....Is there another way of checking oil level like through the oil filler (not sure if something would be in the way and there would be no indication of how many quarts were in the pan)?...Has anyone installed a dipstick in lieu of the float or are the floats considered pretty reliable? I've only had this car 3 years, so a novice at this one. Thanks!
  13. Glad your surgery went well and hope your recovery is quick. At least you have some projects on your car so you don't get bored. I sure do enjoy reading your posts and watching your car come together.
  14. Was the carb rebuilt after sitting for 15 years? Fuel filter or something blocked by crud? I have used starting fluid on mine before after taking air cleaner off....keep fire extinguisher handy. If car starts then ignition would seem okay, though you did say you have spark. If you've had gas in the car after only a few weeks it shouldn't be a problem....I just think somethings gotten gummed up in the carb as gas seems to be getting to the "throat".