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  1. Jim, I put a Purolator on my DA that looks pretty much like the original "grapefruit juice can" style.....I got it on eBay w/ 2 replaceable filter inserts. You might talk to Tom or Cindy Myers at Myers Early Dodge as they have a filter and inserts that work on Victory 6, Standard 6 and some Senior 6s.....not sure why it wouldn't work or could be adapted for a DA. Attached is a photo of what a guy in Florida did for his DA. He cut a canister that looks original hiding the seam w/ the bracket. He has a replaceable, modern unit inside.....he had posted how he had done this about a decade ago, but the story doesn't show up on this board anymore. Hope this info helps. BTW, you might start another thread for your oil filter as you'd get more help that way than under my throttle linkage thread. Good luck.
  2. My linkage works like a champ now! Thanks again David!
  3. Thanks David! The last photo is exactly what I needed. I'll compare mine to your photo today.
  4. I thought I had a photo of this on my 1929 Dodge Pinterest board. Anyway, I wonder if someone has a photo of their '29 Dodge DA throttle linkage where it attaches to the water jacket. I thought I had mine correct, but it binds up and now doesn't work at all. I think I have all the correct pieces, but at that connection I may have them together incorrectly. Thanks.
  5. My '24 has a Detroit Lubricator carb.....this one is on eBay right now Don't know if there were differences between years...maybe someone else can help w/ that info., but this is what it will look like.
  6. I may be looking at photos wrong, but to me both keiser’s and dodgenz’s photos look like exhaust pipe connects just under manifold heat control at front of manifold.....this is the way my ‘29 DA is set up.....maybe I’m not seeing something?
  7. Here are some photos of exterior assembly and some parts that I used for mine. I was told to soak in oil which I did, but my manifold was in better shape than yours. I don't know that these photos help as I don't have any spare parts. Every so often a manifold comes up on eBay ...the manifold in the 1st photo was for sale this last April...I wonder if calling Myers Early Dodge might help as I got bumpers and a clum switch from their parts cars.
  8. My '29 DA has a grease cup in engine compartment w/ flex tube to throw-out bearing...I've just never heard a "squeal" from throw-out bearing before.
  9. If it's anything like my '29 DA you have to loosen the Clum light switch at bottom ( or anything else attached to bottom of steering column)...then you can pull rod in steering column up from steering wheel. A split ring holds horn button in place. Again, not sure a Standard Six will be the same.
  10. Thanks so much! I totally forgot about that post! My old age I guess!!!
  11. I want to be prepared for my first Colorado winter (after living in Texas). I think my cars, except for starting them every so often, will be in the garage for 4 or 5 months this winter. With gas in the tanks I was thinking about using Stabil, but wasn't sure about using it w/ these old engines.
  12. I put new cables onto the old dash pulls on my '29 DA. I threaded the cable up into the hole at the bottom of the dash pull, up the groove on the opposite side of the pull and installed them. This seemed to be the way the old cables were mounted. The starter pull after a few uses pulled out of the dash and the choke pull is binding. I am going to use a graphite suspended in alcohol as a cable lubricant for the binding issue, but it there another way to attach the pull to the should it be soldered along that groove?...or another method? Again, I just copied what was there. Thanks!
  13. Mike, I've had that since the mid-70s...can't remember.
  14. I got my trim from L&L...I didn't have any of the original stuff, so don't know that a different, flat trim was used on the ends...I just used the same stuff all around like your photos.