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  1. Thanks for the info. Idle is about 600 at 10-12 lbs so I guess I'm all right.
  2. Regardless of what the book says what oil pressure does a ‘26-’27 standard 6 really produce at idle on a hot engine?
  3. To prevent any damage to the hub caps I use a strap wrench. It also works on rad caps, oil filters and pickle jars lids.
  4. Can anyone tell me how, on a 1927 Standard motor the rear camshaft bearing gets oil? The ’27 motor differs from the ’26 as they added little oil reservoirs that feed oil to the front 3 bearings but the rear bearing is a mystery to me. There is a mystery hole behind the last lifter that seems to lead to the rear camshaft bearing but there is no hole in the bushing for oiling.
  5. Here is a couple of pictures from my '26 but the '27 is the same'. If you are worried about the rubber pealing the paint when removing just run a razor blade along the edge of the rubber first then paint under where the new rubber goes and nobody will ever know the difference. The pictures are window closed and open.
  6. I've tried every way I can but with the counter weights on the crank there isn't enough clearance to get the piston past the crank. I can't believe that they would build it without some way of getting the pistons out without disassembling the cylinder from the block. I was hoping there was a trick to it. Wayne
  7. I don't think there would be any problem prior to '27 but the '27 had counter weights on the crank taking up a lot of room. I'm hoping someone has a removal trick.
  8. Can the pistons from a 1927 standard be removed through the bottom past the crank or do you have to remove the cylinder section to get them out?
  9. I have a '26 cylinder section in good shape that's surplus to my needs. it more than likely needs honing/boring and shipping from Canada may be out to lunch.
  10. Floor mat. I got mine from a store that sells cleaning supplies etc to industrial users. They had difference widths and sold it by the foot.
  11. As close as I can measure the "F and E" are 1/4" high and the fractions are 1/2" tall.
  12. Thanks Hugh that makes it easier. Wayne
  13. Did Buick use fender welt on the '26 Standard? On other Fisher bodied cars that I've done they used welt but when I took this one apart it had none, so the question as I'm new to Buick.
  14. I have no idea what year this is but if it's any use to you just pay the shipping. its 20 1/2 in across.
  15. Hugh if worst comes to worst you can always add a 2 pole single throw 6v relay into the circuit which will act as the second pole. Wayne