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  1. McCargar

    1927 buick carb change

    The Carter carb that I used doesn't have an offset Mounting flange, it's the intake manifold that has the offset mount. I may have used a Rochester but the Carter was sitting on the shelf.
  2. McCargar

    Glass channel needed

    Does any one have an extra glass channel, the one that mounts to the bottom of a windup window?
  3. McCargar

    1927 buick carb change

    I just turned the original intake manifold over. You have to grind one little spot for clearance but it bolts on without any problems. I used a Carter carb from a mid 60s ford pickup. The bolt pattern on the manifold is at an angle so I made an adapter block (from aluminum) so the carb would be square to the motor. You have to make a cover plate to cover the now opening in the exhaust manifold, which I also used for the heat source for the automatic choke. Starts and runs great and no problem using an electric fuel pump.
  4. McCargar

    Spark Plug Wires

    Hugh if you want insulation on the wire holder use shrink tube, quick and easy.
  5. McCargar

    Up Draft replacement carb for 32 344cid

    I flipped the intake on my '26 and used the carb from a 60's ford truck. Had to make an adapter plate to square up the carb. It starts and runs great so that why I would never go back to the updraft. It's reliable, automatic choke, electric fuel pump the best of both worlds and I know it's not original but I have more fun driving it than showing it.
  6. McCargar

    1928 standard - window shades

    They run vertical on each side of the blind so that when the blind is down they don't flop around when traveling.
  7. McCargar

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    I've used old hockey pucks to make the bumpers. Cheep and they work great.
  8. McCargar

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    First of all you have to determine whats wrong because I'll bet that it use to latch properly (perhaps 91 years ago) When you close the door is the gap between the door and the pillar consistent top to bottom? 1/4" makes a difference. If the door touches at either the top or bottom the door needs tweaking. If it touches at the latch you may have to move the latch. You say your wood is good but remember it's 91 years old and wood is not the most stable material.
  9. McCargar

    Wheel Balance - mid 20's Buick

    If you are concerned with wheel balancing you should try ceramic balancing beads. They are little ceramic beads that are put inside the tube and automatically find the light side when the wheel is rotated. I used about 4oz. in each wheel on my '26 and achieved a super smooth ride. There are kits available on Amazon also videos on youtube. Wayne
  10. McCargar

    Speedometer cable

    Thanks Hugh. Looks simple enough. Wayne
  11. McCargar

    Speedometer cable

    Yes please Hugh. I know its a little silly to have something placed correctly that will never be seem but. (I think the word is anal)
  12. McCargar

    Speedometer cable

    Thanks a lot. Where does the bracket attach. Wayne
  13. McCargar

    Speedometer cable

    Could someone please tell me on a 26-20 Buick the route of the Speedometer cable ?
  14. McCargar

    1927 Buick Standard (27/27)

    Hugh a few years ago when I restored a 1928 Chrysler and made the stone guard for it and used 4 clips little that fit between the rad and the shell. It didn't take much to keep it in place. It didn't have the same complicated curves that would look good on a Buick but its doable for a Buick. Wayne
  15. McCargar

    1927 Buick Standard (27/27)

    This one looks like a home made one. As you look at it, the corners on the left side are not symmetrical with the right side and the curves on the top are not smooth like something made as a production piece. Who ever made it did a good job and I would love to have it on my car.