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  1. Mate when we got home last night I said to the better half that I had left my phone at Jacks place She suggested we go and get it I said leave it till the morning and I would get it Well we searched high and low at Jacks . in her car under the seats Nothing When she came home from work this evening she stopped in front of the house and beeped the horn When I went out to find out what was wrong she pointed to the phone sitting on the dash I am now going to ask for a refund from the eye specialist that done my cataracts a couple of weeks ago Plus i am going to permanently wire up the courtesy light so it comes on when the car door is opened She always turns it off Grrrrr Its that old situation ya can't live with them and ya can't live with out them
  2. Nooo Matt It isn't my car We went on DB luncheon and Ray one of our members brought his 15 Roadster along
  3. That is when they kick back not if the engine fires and runs normally
  4. Doug, Yes that's correct From the information that I have managed to absorb from yesteryear books the early tanks used 2 gaskets and the later tanks only one If the tank on Gundogs car is the same as mine it should only be the one
  5. Tony , The later tanks only have one gasket
  6. Hi mate Parcel is on it's way Email sent
  7. No way Doug The switch that I fitted is self canceling I know that it would be me for sure so I have avoided that embarrassment
  8. Gee Doug you only have animals that steal from you My kangaroos form a guard of honor for me as i walk to the shed Rather privileged don't you think
  9. Ain't got Covid Doug My lungs are shot from an infection 16 years ago The bug that sat me on my backside then is called Legionella virus Almost killed me but thanks to a great Doctor I am still here to give you guys "Aussie" English lessons and to be the screw Detective
  10. Will do. I won't be able to post it until Monday Pay pal is OK
  11. Hi Anthony, I have a complete Bendix drive to fit your starter motor You can have it for the cost of postage Cheers Ron
  12. Harry, Some DB purists don't class the Senior Series as "true " Dodge Brothers cars because the engines were built by Continental to DB specifications So yes to answer your question yes
  13. I will look in my stash in the morning and get back to you
  14. Let me know how you go If the Plymouth spring is not successful I am sure that I have a couple of spares
  15. I believe that the Englishmen call them Wings and our friends from the mighty U.S. of A call them Fenders I might be wrong as I have been known to be on other occasions
  16. Mate they're Mudguards They only flap on a T model
  17. Then he will have one of them foreign tyres that go wop wop wop Well Cobber over here you would be called a Toffee Nose
  18. Start from the back Undo the bell at rear back of the transmission Undo rear spring u bolts and slide the rear end back From what others have said you have to undo the bolts in the side of the frame and slide the engine and trans back to remove it as a unit
  19. Well Cobber you will just have to reschool and learn some Aussie It isn't hard If I can do it anyone can
  20. Thanks Mark, The ones on my car are different I did get a pair like you have but they were no good for the DB The are quite easy to make if yo have the patients
  21. Mark I have been following your post with interest Your Upholstery is looking fantastic cobber Your car has very similar if not the same windscreen stanchions as my 2249 DB Senior What did you do for rubber gaskets between the body and the stanchions Ron
  22. All went well with the surgery I am home and now have had dinner (gee I was starving This bloody fasting has got whiskers on )So far I am not experiencing any discomfort pain wise The pad over the eye is annoying but that can come off in the morning The most annoying bit is that I will miss out on upholstery class as no driving for three days and I can't risk going down to the shed for a few days because of the dust from doing the body frame of the 29 Buick roadster Not to worry I am sure that I will find something to amuse me There are lots of other clean chores that I can do Thanks to you all for your support Like Doug I am not to happy with others messing with my peepers
  23. Unfortunately I will not be able to do much on my Senior for a few day as I am going in for eye surgery this afternoon My left eye is bad with cataracts so it's off for some repairs I am surprised that they can still get parts for this 70 year old model Will keep you posted on how it all goes
  24. Glad you got out for a shot jaunt in the Roadster The little satisfied smile on your dial is proof that you are having a grouse time
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