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  1. Mix the linseed oil with Kerosene or turps that way yo get better penetration
  2. Tim Myers D B parts sell them You will have to stamp them yourself e.g. Volts Model # ect
  3. Mate I am in Western Australia Would love to help but the freight costs are out of this world
  4. Might take me that long to find or make you a crank hole cover
  5. I have some of that brass extrusion I think I will conferm tomorrow Jari 12 Where are you located
  6. A very close friend of mine has one as well His is a four speed column change They are a very well built car
  7. Will not be able to for a while as I have heaps on my plate to do Terry's cover and your posts have been on the back burner for ages and I had to get them out of the way so that I can concentrate on the Senior windscreen frame I find it a distraction when I have made a commitment to do something for someone and 3 months later it's still not done Don't fret mate some times a miracle can happen
  8. Good luck Matt Hope you can get your foot in the door and get the old tart registered
  9. True that Matt Said I would fix their stuff ups so I have no choice Oh well it's more shed money as the bride calls nit He wont have any change out of 1500 by the time I am finished Maybe a bit more Depends on his attitude
  10. I see you still have your Italian Love Affair there in the backround
  11. The thermostat that fits my 2249 Senior is a 160 deg unit
  12. Richard I made new running boards for my Senior Not having the facilities to do that double fold I made up the 4 sections and the spot welded them together
  13. I have a 29 DeSoto Roadster with the insert at the bottom I have not started restoring this car yet but that piece on mine looks like cast alluminium
  14. Hey Matt its good to see a bench like mine Stuff all spread out so you can see it The blue looks good
  15. Gosh Cobber that's terrible news WE from Down Under that have followed your journey of Daphne's restoration wish you a speedy recovery Shingles alone are horrible things to experience So painful I can sympathise with you with the tiredness and lack of get up and go as I have contracted Ross River Virus for the second time The last being in the early 80s It is carried by mosquitos and they have been in plague proportions in our area this year Take care and get well my friend
  16. Hey Cobber I notice that you put the end plates in the right way up
  17. Matt you look like a little kid in his first pedal car A DB Victory Sports Roadster of course Mate I am so happy for you Jude Sounded tickled pink as well taking the video Congratulations cobber we are proud of you
  18. Well mate you are almost there Makes my effort with the Senior look silly Taken me 40 years and you 18 months You need to give yourself a big pat on the back SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL Congratulations on a restoration done well and well done
  19. Matt When I bought the tyres for my car and they were supposed to be black walls (I got them for B/W price) the fella told me then that the next lot of B/Ws would be more expensive than the then current price for white walls There was a huge price hike around that time Plus the $ conversion was not in our favour
  20. As long as you didn't need bridging finance mate That's the killer
  21. Start in the center and tighten in a clockwise direction Do this in 3 stages 15, 30 and 45 ft lbs Don't over engineer these old cars as they were made fairly simple because people those days were not as smart about mechanics as we are today One only has to look at they way some of then were repaired to realize this
  22. Matt You will have to explain a koowee
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