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  1. How are you NOT going to chip that paint fitting the split ring mate They look to nice to scratch
  2. Bang , Bugger I Missed and that was the only slug that I had
  3. She looks fantastic mate. it is a special feeling when all of the parts that have been stored away put back together and they become one again as Doug said pat yourself on the back and have a relaxing day working on the Lancia hahaha
  4. hopefully you haven't got oil leaking from the rear main bearing into the clutch Sorry I have a Senior with a single plat set up so I am unable to advise you
  5. Matt don't be to hard on yourself The Brothers Dodge have been watching over you There is a DA on the Chrysler for sale posts Mentioned that the luggage rack might be what you are looking for Most probably won't separate it from the car Any ways you have got this one over here Won't be as expensive By the way she is looking rather dapper there old boy
  6. Not a problem at all Matt That's the way I do things If I can't use something that I have collected pass it on to someone who can I think it's called helping each other out and we do that
  7. Thanks Rod I will check it out
  8. Your talent and dedication when you are doing restoration work is astounding Just the best Matt
  9. Thanks Paul Phil has on for a 26 Standard I will check with him to see if I can strike gold
  10. Great Video Ted The Watson's on my 2249 are an earlier version than yours To adjust mine you use a special Watson tool and a set of spring scales
  11. Well ya better makem I don't know what the Victory one's look like Cobber What was the seal # that you put in the side of your M/C to prevent fluid from leaking around the shaft?
  12. Looking great there guys A couple of questions Isn't the side plates on back to front I thought the flex pipe off the air cleaner went into the rear valve cover and are you going to put splash pans on between the engine and chassis
  13. I came on here a couple of weeks ago looking for a ring and pinion for what I thought was a 26 Standard MY BAD The car is a 26 Master So if any one in Australia has a ring and pinion for one it will be greatly appreciated
  14. Left hand or right hand thread also. Left hand thread on the left axle
  15. That is some beautiful machining there Matt They look first class plus 10
  16. That is one beautiful car Love the little toddlers expression of approval
  17. What do mean by It's going to look beautiful. It is now
  18. Ted , You are a bloody geneous, that looks the real deal Thank you so much for taking time to do this
  19. Thank you 1939 Looks like we have found on in Sydney NOS
  20. Rod What state is this in Thanks I am in West Aust
  21. No Cobber I haven't I am after a Diff for a mate He stuffed his up last week end on a Rally
  22. I am looking for a good matching set of a pinion and ring gear to suit a 26 Buick Standard Preferably in Australia I am led to believe that the ratio is 4.9 to 1
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