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  1. If you put modern seals in your diff then it’s probably going to pressurise and blow oil out somewhere. When I did mine I put a breather hole in one of the rear case top bolts - seems to work fine and no oil comes out of the breather bolt or anywhere else on the diff.
  2. Unfortunately I didn’t measure any on my recent build but checking the block, the rear bearing slot is 10mm wide. Not sure if thickness but I think it was square.
  3. Where’s the fun in that:). Although my head is past done in! But I am learning something new. Also so needed something to staple the trim to:)
  4. Hopefully:) can’t be worse than what it had before!
  5. Thanks! Got the other side finished today - much easier than the first. Mike, photo below of the router attachment I used for the finger joints.
  6. Just a router with a special bit - will take a photo.
  7. Slow going but moving forward. Trying to get the rear tub finished up then I can make the doors fit in between the tub and scuttle. Not a straight line in it which doesn’t help!
  8. That doesn’t look too bad, if clean it all up then re-assemble and adjust in the correct order and see how it feels and if you have too much play. Mine was a lot worse than that and I couldn’t get a good balance between not binding and not having too much play. I ended up having to polish the wear of the gears. It took ages and had to polish a bit, re assemble and adjust with some blue on the teeth - try it under load then strip and use the blue markings to guide where more polishing was needed. Took me about a week but worked out nice in the end!
  9. I just had my springs remanufactured - I asked the guy about lubrications and he said not to oil or grease between the leaves unless they were designed for it. He said it will result in them being overloaded (resulting in premature degradation) and also takes away the inherent damping action of the springs. Not a great issue if you have shocks/dampers but the early ones don’t.
  10. I think when the washer is part of the screw (but still loose) it’s called a SEM screw. So you have what looks like a Raised head countersunk Phillips SEM screw.
  11. Got these recently of Amazon US - plenty of different types available just takes a bit of time to search.
  12. Thanks Matt! I’ve been taking measurements and was going to do some patterns after the final fit when I’ve got everything right. I think they varied a little between body builders (mine is Holden, there is also TJ Richards and maybe a few others). I’m pretty sure the main body is identical between the 4s and the standard 6. All the info I’ve been able to find so far supports this.
  13. Got the scuttle pretty much sorted and straight. Finished the A pillars and attached to main frame. B pillars done but not fitted. Making progress slowly!
  14. If you can’t feel the vibes how do you know how fast you are going:)
  15. Good to hear - Bob has been a legend at helping me out too!