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  1. Na, that’s the speed he goes! I’m trying to slow him down with helping out on my Dodge body but don’t think it will slow him:)
  2. Thanks Rodney, sure looks similar and that ones lovely. I think mine could be a different one though because it wasn’t half as nice as the one in your pics:)
  3. Thanks Tate, I wasn’t when I started but have learnt a lot through this:)
  4. Hi Rodney, that’s really interesting. Unfortunately I know nothing about the history of the car - I purchased from a guy in Werribee but I don’t think he’d had it long and didn’t have any paperwork except the permit registration. I’d love to find out some more history of the car. It had sort of been restored in the past and clearly they did a lot but it looked like it was done on a tight budget. The woodwork was all over the place and whilst the chassis and running gear had been painted most moving parts were stuck and just painted over. The trim was the nicest bit of it (I’m h
  5. Wood work looks a bit different now, laid it all out today before a final sand and seal then start gluing/screwing it together. Photo below of the old and new.
  6. Wood work ready to go back together at last - looks a bit different from what I took off. Doesn’t look like much when it’s stacked up - I think there was more sawdust than finished wood! Going to give it all a sand and sealer then start gluing/screwing it together and attach the body panels.
  7. Another benefit is you can fit the flywheel without over exerting yourself (or perhaps I’ve become too much of a desk jockey)
  8. Agree - there’s theory and reality, not always the same - I like to understand the theory but put my beliefs in reality and experience - you wouldn’t want to fly an aeroplane that’s never been tested;)). You cant beat real world results (although need to be careful of other variables too such as oil viscosity, gear ratios, four vs 6, vehicle weight etc).
  9. Panels now primed and painted on the inside thanks to Matt so ready to go back on the wood. Also got a bunch of fittings and fasteners zinc tumbled - came up a treat so ready to start putting back together now (just need to sort them out:)).
  10. Nice! Definitely get the block and head skimmed (or at least checked) - it’s not easy to do the block later:) have you thought about taking a little more off to give a bit more compression? Not sure how much difference it makes on the 6s but am sure it would help (and they were very low as standard)? Perhaps someone out there has tried it and knows what works well.
  11. Super excited - update from Matt today, the body panels are now blasted and primed. Started finishing the wood with a final sand and sanding sealer.
  12. Starting to make some progress in the right direction to having a finished Body - thanks to a lot of help from Matt! All the body brackets primed and painted Body panels all ready for blasting, then prime and attach to the body frame.
  13. Surely you can just put them in the dickie seat and close it:)
  14. Perfect, thanks Ron (and Matt) they look similar to what I should have. Do you have any end on photos showing the profile (cross section)? Even a rough sketch?
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