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  1. Thanks! Been a pretty rubbish day for anything today! Can’t believe how much rain!
  2. A slightly slower week with the Easter break. Trevor's got stuck into the headlights which needed a few repairs before they go for plating and are looking great.
  3. Remember what language we’re speaking (coming from a born and bred Pom). I think we drive on the right (left) side of the road (gotta love English). It comes from before cars (horse riding) and carried on to cars. anyway, going if topic:). Must be close to roadworthy and rego time Matt.
  4. The one on mine and Matt’s is the same. $195AU (stainless, 2” in/out, 24” long, 6” diameter straight through. Got it through Rowville Exhausts in Bayswater (end Stud road) I think the manufacturer was Growl.
  5. They are pretty straightforward. Head is quite easy to remove - pretty similar to the early ones I expect - just if you have have the dissy in the head make a note of the orientation of the body and the rotor. Sump also very easy (just don’t overtighten the bolts). There’s quite a few pics of my strip and rebuild on my restoration thread that may help. There are some bits in the mechanics instruction manual that are helpful (although mostly applicable to the earlier engines).
  6. I think you may be out of luck, I don’t think there’s a lot around for late 27 onwards fours. There’s a operation and care manual but I don’t think there’s a book of information. I’ve found my way with bits of information from various sources.
  7. I’ve got a 6” diameter 25”long muffler on mine - it’s a straight through and is pretty quiet. Length of the muffler makes a big difference. I also went 2” all the way through on mine (rather than reducing after the muffler).
  8. Progress this week - Starter & generator refitted to engine, prop shaft fitted, new shock absorber strap fitted, petrol tank installed and new petrol line fitted.
  9. Another full days work with Matt and JJ fuelled by Jude’s Brownies:) Matt knocked up a pair of new running boards in a blink of an eye. We finished off the wood work repairs in the rear tub and the wheels now have a coat of epoxy. Also, a bit more rubbing down and filling of the body completed.
  10. Wheels have been stripped and rubbed down ready for primer and paint.
  11. Running boards have seen better days - hopefully we can make some replacements over the weekend.
  12. All brake shoes refitted today and engine re fitted. Back on axle stands and ready for the wheels to be fitted again. Front brakes Rear brakes Engine going back in
  13. More progress today from JJ. Fuel sender unit cleaned up and repaired (with a replacement gear fitted). Starter motor and generator cleaned up and painted. Wheel rims cleaned and painted and 2 new tyres, tubes and rust bands fitted Carb cleaned and repaired Brake shoes relined and ready for refitting tomorrow.
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