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  1. Anyone have some pictures/photos of how the roof attached to the top of the screen support pillars? There's a small threaded section at the top of the pillar and did have a bracket attached to them but I couldn't figure out what is supposed to go there and how toe top connects to it. Thanks!
  2. RichBad

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Looks fantastic mate - great job. Especially in the time you’ve had and with the 6 to fix too!
  3. Thanks! Not up to your standard though! There are a few patches that I’ll just have to fill as the metal(rust) was disappearing faster than I could add it!
  4. Most of the way there thanks to a bit of help from Matt. Got another screen frame that was a bit better but unfortunately a different shape. Bit of help from Matt got the bottom rail adjusted to correct profile and cut uprights from my old frame. Top rail needed a section replaced (due to damage but also to add a bit of extra length). The top rail in both pics is the original one - looks ok from the side but rotten inside and had no strength. Also had to make up the pivot friction rings - didn’t have a pattern but think this is what they should look like?
  5. Started on the windscreen and a few other jobs. My windscreen frame was well and truely rotten - had been filled with all sorts (paper, cloth, bog etc). Got hold of another one which was better (still quite rusty but much more solid) but unfortunately was a slightly different shape and needed some adjustments and swapping a few sections. First made some pivot clamps so I could hang the frame in the mounts on the car to check it as I go. Didn’t have any to copy so think this is what they should look like. New top screen frame had some damage around the wiper mount (squashed) and was also ~1” too short so inserted a section from my old frame. Bottom rail was different shape (flatter) so needed a little more curve added - thanks to Matt for helping adjust. The bottom one is the new one - looks worse (rust holes) but is actually much more solid. Old and new frame sides - cut my original ones out (bottom) to weld into rest of frame. This shows how bad my old one was on the inside. Frame welded together using wooden pattern (made from old glass). Next step clean up and get glass cut.
  6. RichBad

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Thats a pain. Just some random thaughts of a few things to check befiore you go too deep... Fan - its quite a big heavy thing and if its had a bad repair could easily give quite a good vibration - not sure if it's easy to disconnect (like the later ones) to see if it goes? Clutch spigot bearing - if missing/dammaged could be letting the input shaft wobble around (but I think you mentioned that was replaced) Flywheel - not sure about yours but mine could go on in any position - but was marked (also easy to check with the timing marks). It's so big and heavy that you'd think it would soak up anything else being out of ballance.
  7. RichBad

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Is it engine speed related or road speed? My rear UJ gave a pretty decent vibe.
  8. RichBad

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Can tell you’re an Aussie, you’ve fitted a beer holder:)
  9. RichBad

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Not sure what the spec is for these engines but 65lbs doesn’t sound like a big issue if it’s cold. Takes quite a while to get the oil up to temperature and it’s likely to be quite different then.
  10. RichBad

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Looks beautiful! Those wheels came up like new, pretty awesome!
  11. Thanks Bob, took it for a drive on the weekend with the body on - it’s really smooth and quiet - with the exception of the body (the doors squeak nonstop). Did about 20 miles and didn’t miss a beat! And look at the bottom pic, not a drop of oil (not sure how long that wil last)!
  12. Yes, the pot metal is on its way out, the speedo part is fine but the legs that hold the odometer and trip counter have distorted too far. Will need replacement but I’ll worry about that when I can find a speedo cable.
  13. Nice job, looks good! How’s the other going?