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  1. Yeah mate ya do things for your cobbers especially when he seen it ,it was "I want that" so I made it so he wouldn't pinch mine Not that he would haha
  2. Nah mate I have to service the D Max on Saturday and fit a tranny cooler to it as well so I have to re organise the cave to free up my hoist and move the Buuhick down into the back corner My mate Ray is coming over to lend a hand
  3. Took the frame into the windscreen people today for the glass to be cut and fitted The guy was insisting that they would have to use a Rubber sealing compound to set the screen I insisted that they use the rubber that I supplied because the frame has to come apart to fit the glass After he retrieved his brain from under the pillow and with me showing him how it came apart all was well There won't be anything happening tomorrow as a shed clean up is on the agenda
  4. Chrysler changed things on their cars like we change our under ware and do yo keep record of what colour you wore on a certain day Same goes for Chrysler Cars
  5. Matt The Big Screw is watching you ha ha ha or should I say two of them are
  6. Don't worry cobber I slept Had too many long nights of when I was an Owner Driver trying to put a quid together I went up to the Car Club facilities where we can work under instruction from an upholsterer Next is the Door cards with pockets Lookin forward to that
  7. Would love to Ian ..........But I don't want to be in Dictator Dan's Concentration camp
  8. Chrome vanadium was never used in body panel steel back then All body steel was cold rolled sheet for uniform thickness Chrome vanadium was used in mechanical parts and the frame
  9. You are a genius Matt You make the hardest tasks look so bloody easy
  10. A man of your talents You should be able to vee it out and weld it back together The pipe idea is the best way That's how we got them out in my trucking days providing there was enough to grab hold of and jiggle out
  11. Kick panels Matt The Door cards are next
  12. Make up a mixture of half and half acetone and power steering fluid and spray all of your rusty bolts and nuts works great If that fails after about a week then get the Blue Tongued Lizard (Oxy and acetelene ) out and warm them up I don't know how original you are going to restore your doodlebug but remember period slotted screws are getting harder to find
  13. The other length of 50mm nylon rod has arrived today so tomorrow I will be able to make the rollers to do the two side sections for the windshield frame
  14. Where do you get them from B.F. I used to use a foot out of a pair of stockings and that worked well
  15. Anthony It is not such a big job to remove the side plate to check your block for gunk I would also check to make sure that the impellor on the water pump is not spinning on the shaft Are you reverse flushing the radiator when you flush it or are you just removing the lower hose and letting the water run out I sincerely hope that you can find a solution to your overheating problem
  16. Matt as Doug said, It takes bollocks to take on a job like this for the first time I am still plucking up the courage to start my upholstery Mate it isn't perfect but you have done your best AND it's not a "cheque book " restoration that has been shopped out Accolades to you mate you are a legend
  17. Thank you young man You are free to leave the court room
  18. Doug that is what I used It cleaned well but there was a lot of flaking crap in the base of the water chamber Scraped most of it out then more scratching then water blasted it and after lunch when it had dried out I blew it out with air
  19. That's why a lot of our old cars don't have them on any more The old bush mechanics deemed them to be useless and to much of a hassle so the were chucked away
  20. On the 28 senior they both mount below the frame I cant see them being different on your car
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