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  1. good 32 tudor sedan v8 3.5 rear gear..drive it home ..760-938-2250 bigpine55@gmail.com..offer or trade
  2. have good stock 32 tudor sedan v8...760-938-2250 or email bigpine55@gmail.com for photos and info..offer or trade..drive it home ..calif desert country..32K or offer
  3. looking for 215x75xr16 or 600x 16 black tires wanted ..760-938-2250 or email bigpine55@gmail.com
  4. Tried to remove fan to remove water pump when I started project but failed..,in accessable,..maybe with a specaial tool as the cleaance is just too tight..will have to re think the problem..sc
  5. The old stock fat belt I had to cut off, new belt impossible to fit between fan and radaitor ..too tight a fit ..thot about getting a link belt..could spend a day remowing all bolts holding radaitor ? there must be a better way ?? dynamite or jaws of life ?tnx much
  6. 32 Ford tudor sdn v8 ,newer tires 500 miles..3.54 gears rear end new..several parts and fenders go with car..drive it home ..$32,000...760-938-2250 bigpine55@gmail.com..calif desert country
  7. Have original 1937 D5 coupe with 33k miles stock 218..had a 48" fan belt I had to cut off to get h2o pump off as gen was tight against the block ( old rotton belt ) qustion is belt supposed to 49" or 50 " ?? what temp thermostat 160 or 180 ? tnx ..sc
  8. my 39 starts very good except when it set for 4 months or more,pour a bit of gas down the carb will do it..if car has not been run for years then you need to do lots of refreshing.
  9. tnx much for info..also for 39 mopar folks the vin number is located on left rear hump over axle as well as door post
  10. P 4477240 is in 37 plymouth is it a 201 ? thnx 4 help
  11. look to speed up my 37 Dodge D5..760-938-2250 ... bigpine55@gmail.com...thanks much ..carl
  12. 37 dodge has a heater port in head but 37 plymouth does not ..so how to hook up heater ??
  13. Took trunk floor mat up and no access to fuel sender..anyone have measurements to locate it so I can make a access plate and hole ? not fun to remove tank ..sc
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