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  1. Thanks much..wish I knew what was going on in the switch..also it shows 4 wires to motor ? I have 3 terminals on motor 39 Dodge..need a replacement wiper switch I
  2. 39 deluxe car ..3 wire terminals ..don't have original on off switch..
  3. Need electric wiring diagram for 39 40 Mopar mine to work on the bench but won't park or slow car wiring has been all ripped out so I have to start from scratch ..thanks much
  4. Have an old 34 ...4 dr sdn that needs parts ..head lite stuff ..steering column,,wheels ,rear seat..door handles etc..trying to save a 34 ply.....760-938-2250
  5. Looking for Chrysler product Car.. Dodge ,Plymouth ,Desoto, Chrysler car 1932 to 1940 or what have car OK..... 760-938-2250......
  6. Looking for seat for my 39 dodge coupe..I think two door is the same ? Calif desert country..also may be interest in buying 30's mopar dodge desoto plymouth chrysler car 760-938-2250
  7. jack..good info and I think correct..I attached a photo from ebay that's the same as mine I think..I got mine to go in a circle but the wiring is a mystery as all mine was gone...the only diagram i have shows the 2 outside lugs hooked together ? probably to the switch..I will explore the park thing on mine and see if i can figure it out on these are almost non well as diagrams are hard to find..spencer big pine ca..
  8. Took out 39 Dodge windshield motor trying to get running ...after cleaning brushes I got arm to go in a circle sometimes...does not want to start on its own I have give it a push ...not sure how it is wired to switch..all wiring in car has been removed....questions is the arm supposed to reverse each time ? or go in a circle ? .what does the vacuum type look like in case I can't get this to work ? would be interested to buy a electric or vacuum type..thanks much ..spencer
  9. lookingfor seat for 39 dodge coupe or 39 mopar... plymouth desoto etc...or two sedan should be the same ..760-938-2250 ...
  10. Studebeggar


    Tried to email thru gmail but the commies rejected it..seller change his mind about 32 4 door in calif..I won't be helping him again
  11. 32 frank 4dr sdn calif..about 20k..real nice exccelent cond.....not my car..can forward your info to him if
  12. Anyone know if this trany will work on 39 Dodge ? see
  13. I will get some stock 39 dodge is 4 bolt to bell housing..OD trany is 6 bolts
  14. have 39 OD trans but the bolt pattern is not the same as my 39 I need to change bell housing ?? anyone know about these 39 type ?? 39 is a one of and 38 or 40 are