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  1. Took trunk floor mat up and no access to fuel sender..anyone have measurements to locate it so I can make a access plate and hole ? not fun to remove tank ..sc
  2. have 35 chev stuff trans ,front end complete and rear axle $250 for all 760-938-2250 bigpine55@gmail.com calif desert big pine
  3. 40 mph without the over rev ..218 motor will do 65 but it would not last long..I know when a motor is over revving and its not a good thing ..been in this game for 50 years ..sc..wish more cars had OD when new...how about a rear axle change to a 3.27 ? anything out of 60's that night work ??
  4. have 19" michilin model A tires to trade if wanted
  5. looking for tires for my 37 dodge coupe 600x16 new or used ..760-938-2250 bigpine55@gmail.com .. calif.. nevada..idaho etc
  6. have 32 fords PU model B and tudor v8 also 30 A coupe for trade for right car or ? have interest in early mopar cars ..dodge, chrysler, ply, desoto ..760-938-2250 bigpine55@gmail.com
  7. I maybw interested in 39 dodge bigpine55@gmail.com
  8. car been apart 10 years so i have nothing to go as far which side goes out on windshield rubber..center bar...think i just answered my own question.chrome outside molding...on Steele rubber is there a top or bottom ? the curve is a little different on the glass but rubber can't tell the up from down ..do you mount both glass at once ? or in two steps ..tnx 39 dodge coupe.
  9. Call darrel 208-866-5971 cell or 760-873-4972...bishop ca....solid car with lots of new upholstery and parts,...roll bar ...2 tops etc..$3,750 or offer
  10. There are six tires ..my counting is not too good ...all six for $550
  11. Have five new Michelin double rivet 19 " tires ,$550 for all..never mounted..new price $240 each..top of the line tire. Calif. ... 760-938-2250 or bigpine55@gmail.com
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