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  1. Hermann, the 33 Lamps don’t have a ring. Its a strange thing to „clip“ the Lens in to the housing without braking them. We can do these deal. I have the missing parts to complete your lamps but i will never sell these. But i have 2 beautiful 33 dodge lamps (complete, rechromed) they are 97% looking like the rockne lams but they are not correct of course. But we can do a deal. Pls send me PM. Joe Germany PS i should have a gooseneck too .
  2. Was there in June 89, long before C‘s end. Romania is a very nice Country. Remember a lot of trips for example to a huge Cross on top of a big mountain near Brashov and a Trip to Murfatlar Winery. Remember how to getting there but from Wine tasting up to next Day Noon i have no remembering... lol
  3. cool. I have been there in 1989 at my honeymoon trip thru romania...
  4. you should ask David Babcock. I am pretty sure i have seen a donor car behind his barn. Joe
  5. Hi Robert, how are you? Miss the time in US, especially visiting your huge Warehouse full of Studebaker parts. I have to say „Hello“ from Nadine Joerg
  6. it’s still here and will not go! i promise! Lost a lot of small parts but luckily i get them back so we are working on the car to get it back to road next year Joerg
  7. due strange european internet law most US websites block european visitors. After 1 year a friend helped me to hack this, so me and my wife’s 33 Rockne roadster are back here on board cheers!
  8. Robert, the owner is a close friend. He will not do this. Not to speak about his employees, out of Company thiefs, missplacing. A Lot of posibillities. I will be happy when the Parts appears somedays, meanwhile i need a replacement. Positive thinking: i. fix the Problem with the Opportunitys i have in Hand Joe
  9. Hi Craig, i think these symmetric/ asymmetric Lenses become popular much later. On cars of these period i saw only symmetrical lenses in US and Europe. Best regards Joe
  10. yes, you are right. its still impossible to find stuff. I fount a whole front axle in south bend but thats it. only small parts from time to time. BTW. do you know what number the Rockne headlight lens is? (the ring less type of headlight)
  11. I have these incomplete set of 1933 Rockne (Studebaker) Stabilite Brand headlights. Looking for the missing parts as: 1. inner Ring, 2. 2pcs Lenses 3. Reflector (maybe these one I have is wrong...) 4. hardware as springs, screws ... Note the Stabilite logo is not in center over the mounting bolt for the head lights since they are mounted in a angle. The Lamps do not have a outer ring, the lenses are "snap in" and mounted with springs only. Thank you! Joe
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