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  1. There was a Guy selling a very rough 33. it should have the Radiator in it. When i find the add i will forward it to you. Maybe DB (David Babcock) have one for sale to you? I have a whole 33 spare engine but unfortunately no goose neck on it. FYI, my car cames from NL too, was bought in 34 from a Guy who owned a company named steelglas.
  2. The Blue Print you can get at studebaker Archive in South Bend, IN, Andy Beckman. Just curious what kind of Rockne you have? I have a 33 DeLuxe Roadster in Germany. Maybe i can help with messurements and Fotos. Joe
  3. Antöne can help me out with a Wiring and routing diagram for 33 Rockne? thank you! Joe
  4. Gentlemen, i decide to install a new wiring Harnes in to the 33 Rockne. Any recommendations where i can buy a perfect one like original? thank you Joe(rg)
  5. ask I bought my jack from him, he should have a heap higher than 6ft of Jacks 😉
  6. This crank handle (NFS) has been under the seat of my '33 Rockne for a minimum of the 61 years I've been able to trace it; with no reason to believe it was replaced in the prior 25 years. It looks easy enough to reproduce from a length of 2cm stock. Thank you Brad and Tinindian will ask Studebaker archive for help. Maybe they have a blueprint of it to make a repro from. THX for you help!
  7. What brand are the Grease Gun in a 33 Rockne tool bag? Steward warner? What ### ? Whats the correct tip for a 33 to chose? THANK YOU ! Joe
  8. What brand are the 3 Wrenches in a 33 Rockne (or Studebaker) tool bag? Joe