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    I bought 29 Studebaker dealer parts inventories over the years as a retirement project.
    I have a 105 year old, 38.000 sq.ft. building full of parts.

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  1. Rex Is this drum only used on wire wheel 1929/30 Presidents or Commanders as well. Are they 15" inside diameter. What is the shoes width. I will measure some of the drums like that when the weather warms up. Robert Kapteyn
  2. I have a lot of parts that I never inventoried yet. I had an inquire for early 1913-1918 aluminum transaxle case. I have two different ones but do not have any idea where they came from. I found a picture of one of the two cases and want to identify these. I also have some gears but not the second gliding gear. When we get a nice 76 degree day I want to take pictures of these and put it on a webpage that my granddaughter started for me. Any volunteers to help me sort through this mess? Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  3. Gary I said I may have the yoke. Have to find it , it was in my computer list but sometimes I sell something and forget to write it off. I am not going to the warehouse until next week when it warms up a little. I have several 250 engines , one is 1931 one 1932 and one 1933 which is in sad shape . I still have not inventoried the straight eight bearings. waiting for a nice 76 degree sunny day. It cost more to heat that huge building than I sell in a month. I have a number of clutch release shafts with no parts numbers so if anyone has a picture of 189255 , I can compare with what I have.
  4. There have been several post requesting door handles for older Studebakers. These are not mine but I ran across these on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=twsalvage&hash=item4210142a71%3Ag%3ACPAAAOSwi7xeF31l&item=283737598577&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1312.R1.TR0.TRC2.A0.H2.TRS2&_nkw=studebaker&_sacat=6000 What is interesting is the Eagle key. I have several non Studebaker emblem keys blanks like that if any one needs one. These were used on transmission locks on the early 20's Studebakers. The key number was always stamped on the lock and starter with a "E" I have not found the key cutting table for the Eagle locks and maybe someone has that table. I only have the blanks. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  5. I sold my last gears to Dave Thibeault .He may have some left.
  6. It is not only the cable size. When the bushings in the starter wear down, the armature will start racking up on the stator , causing the starter to slow down. Early fifties Delco starters (6Volt) also had problem with leaking engine oil and swelling up the starter electrical coils , which caused more friction. (oh my , Studebaker engines leaking oil ?) Very few rebuilders are aware of these problems and just clean the starters and put pretty paint on it and call it "rebuilt".
  7. Sorry but I sold a number of these bevel gears to Dave Thibeault and do not have any left. Robert Kapteyn
  8. Please do not convert to 12 Volt. When the car was new , it started just fine. Fix what is wrong or worn out. Not many people will be interested in buying a botched up car. Robert Kapteyn
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1920-s-1930-s-Side-Curtains-What-Are-They-For/254447616770?hash=item3b3e428302:g:dV0AAOSwm6xd7WD4
  10. This was an old thread but I wonder if anyone ever made the vent window rubber for the 1940 Commander and President? I have a request for a pair but I have not been to the warehouse lately. I have many request for parts but it has been too cold and heating the building cost more than the parts I sell. When it warms up , I will resume selling parts. I have put a few items that I could locate easily on eBay but that has become a nightmare My granddaughter is helping me to set up a webpage but I have not put anything on it yet. I will be putting pictures of unidentified parts I have on the site, hoping that some of these will. be recognized and purchased. http://jolietstudebaker.com Robert Kapteyn
  11. My favorite picture is of my daughter under the dash changing out the speedometer in her 1956 Studebaker Classic. She drove that car and maintained it during her 4 years at Pitzer in Claremont CA. That car is safely stored at my home in Joliet Illinois.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-RARE-EARLY-FOLDING-SEATS-1908-1909-1910-1911-1912-1913-1914-1915-1916-1917/143414472859?hash=item21642b309b:g:TIEAAOSwaRxczdzB
  13. A 76 old man in Merced California bought a 1922 Big six touring recently and found out that his engine needs work. Can anyone help him? He is new to Studebakers. PM me if you can help. Bob
  14. Give us a price between $1.00 and 200.00 !!!
  15. If you are not in a hurry , I believe that I saw these in the warehouse. It is too cold in the warehouse now and it cost more to heat the building than I sell on parts. I am old and slow but will look for these if you have not found any by spring. Robert Kapteyn eight one five 212 2389. studebaker(at)mac.com replace the (at)!!