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  1. Scott was there one in the stuff you brought over. Robert Kapteyn
  2. I have some of the parts from a Model 54 hood. It has the hinge but I don't know what a tapered hinge looks like. I can not ship but you can stop by on your way to Indy. Where are you located. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com 815 212 twothreeeightnine
  3. It looks like that the regulators are the same on both 2dr and 4dr. 1935 cars. Do your own research because I have been known to make mistakes. Part number for the drivers side window regulator is 261075. If Rex has a set of doors , I would grab them because 1935 was a very low production year. If his doors have the remotes and window crank handles , they may work. Robert Kapteyn
  4. I received a request from an owner of a 1935 Studebaker 2dr.coupe for window regulators and lock mechanisms to bring the door mechanisms back to original. The car he bought was butchered by replacing the side windows with electric window lifts. Please help this elderly owner with his restoration Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  5. https://www.pbase.com/redtop/studerestoration
  6. https://www.prewarcar.com/171326-studebaker-bumpers-for-studebaker
  7. Dave Thibeault had the proper shocks. 978 eight nine seven 3158.
  8. I have some of these.A tad over 3"
  9. I finally sorted out the 1941 side moulding. Only one had a part number 278588 The others are 28 7/8" , 34" , 35 1/2" and hood moulding 58 1/2" long. Anyone needing any of these email me at studebaker@mac.com or text to 815 212 2389. I will sort the 1938 than the 1939 and 1940 moulding. I have over 20.000 different parts listed in my inventory. http://jolietstudebaker.com/the-building/ Robert Kapteyn
  10. Anyone is welcome to come and visit.I am not always at the warehouse and with my present health condition I go only a few days a week. Paul Reppa still comes to help me and my son is having a heel replacement this month and will be laid up for a couple of month. I sure hope to be at the warehouse during the Indy meet and anyone driving from the west on Interstate 80 , will travel through Joliet and is welcome to visit.I am at the intersection of Interstate 55 and Interstate 80.Call first 815 212 2389.I have a large quantity of sheet metal for sale Hawk hoods ,fenders etc. Robert Kapteyn Here is a picture of my building. http://jolietstudebaker.com/the-building/
  11. I need a rebuild or just a good core for a 1932 Model 55 or Model 75 Rockne. The casting umber starts with 172 and I can not read the rest. Please PM me if you can help me. I have the following pump for sale or trade. I don't know what that pump is for but it came from a studebaker dealership.I can not read the casting number because of the pulley Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  12. Sorry but I never made a list.Give me part numbers for the parts you need. I have over 20.000 Studebaker items in my computer. Some of my customers just text me part numbers they need and I can then check my inventory and quote a price. 815 212 2389 for text messages.Email is studebaker@mac.com.I don't like Facebook or PM messages because I seldom check on these. Rex ,I know you were looking for side moulding for 1941.I will get them all together and measure their length and make a list. None have part numbers on them but are all N.O.S. It will take awhile! I have side moulding for 1938 cars also and will do the same. Bob
  13. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/sale-want-found-cars/1897177-1941-42-studebaker-parts-for-sale I will be selling a large stash of 1941/42 Commander and President parts. N.O.S. heater core etc. Over one hundred N.O.S. parts. If you have one of these cars and need parts ,Call me or email me at studebaker@mac.com or call 815 212 2389 Robert Kapteyn,
  14. I have this N.O.S. shock link for sale $50.00 including shipping. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
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