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    I bought 29 Studebaker dealer parts inventories over the years as a retirement project.
    I have a 105 year old, 38.000 sq.ft. building full of parts.

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  1. rbk

    Wanted best repro wiring for 33 Rockne

    Rhode Island makes them with original looking wires.
  2. rbk

    Wanted best repro wiring for 33 Rockne

    https://www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com http://www.riwire.com
  3. rbk

    33 Rockne Wrenchs

    Most of these wrenches had no manufacturers name.
  4. Can you tell me if the engine has long ribs on the side of the block? If so it is a truck engine that was used 1934/35 Studebaker and White 8A trucks. Dave Thibeault is currently restoring an engine like that for a truck in Norway. It is a heavy duty version of the 1934 car engine used in the model 56. Both these engines used a timing gear instead of a timing chain. I have a complete 1934 car engine with an aluminum head for sale that could be used but would have a slightly different appearance . I am having health problems and am old and slow and can not ship engines anymore so it is pickup only. Robert Kapteyn
  5. I have some Light Six engines and crank shafts , oil pans , transmissions etc. Come and look at these. Give me the block casting numbers. I am having health problems . so if someone can come and identify these. I believe that these are 1926-29 but one has an aluminum bracket that holds the Generator oil pump ,distributor and waterpump. I am 100 miles west of South Bend on Interstate 80 in Joliet Illinois.
  6. rbk

    39 Complete headlights

    These are for the 1940 cars and use sealed beams. They fit and Studebaker encouraged dealers to install them on 1939 cars. The 1939 headlight used replaceable filament bulbs. Depend on how much of a nitpicker you are. The 1940 headlights were much better. Robert Kapteyn
  7. Richard had a triple bypass operation last Friday. He is doing fine. He is at St.Joe (Provence)in Joliet room 4015. We will keep him in our prayers. Robert Kapteyn
  8. rbk

    1922 Studebaker

    I have many starter switches. Do you have a part number Send me a picture to compare. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  9. I need 6 Thompson S567 valves or from other manufacturers. I do not have an interchange listing
  10. Gary Wolfe can fix your temperature gauge. They are very knowledgeable. http://antiqueinstrument.com
  11. Found a block with a casting number 127353-1 Does anybody have a listing on what casting number goes which which engine? Thanks Bob
  12. rbk

    1952 brake lines to Hill-holder?

    You are correct, there is no port on the master cylinder. Google Studebaker Hill holder and you may find your answer. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?684-Hill-Holder
  13. Ernie Loga rebuilds these hinges. He is in Wisconsin. His phone is 715-832-7302. Good guy!! Robert Kapteyn