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    I bought 29 Studebaker dealer parts inventories over the years as a retirement project.
    I have a 105 year old, 38.000 sq.ft. building full of parts.

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  1. Some used rubber doorsills and some used aluminum. The rubber ones are hard to find but the aluminum ones are @275.00 a pair from Doorsills inc. in Patterson NJ. Don is at Hersey this week so call next week 973 904 0270. I believe that they were all the same 1947-52 for the Starlight Coupes. Some 1952 experts may know more about these. http://mystudebaker.com/interior/door-sill-plates-assorted-interior-mouldings/ shows them a little cheaper .
  2. I am looking for a wiper motor for a 1940 Commander. I have a 1941 and a 1942 wiper motor N.O.S. in the original boxes. Does anyone know the differences between the three motors? They all have different part numbers. Is the difference just in the wiring harness? Does anyone have a N.O.S. wiper motor for a 1940 Commander for sale or trade for a 1941 or 1942 wiper motor? PM me if you do. Bob
  3. A friend had the same problem with a chrome shop loosing his parts. A couple of years later he went to Hersey and there were his parts for sale by the chrome shop owner. He just took his parts and dared the seller to prevent him from taken them. They were very unique parts and the chrome shop owner did not say a peep. It is hard to believe that they lost these parts. I do not know what the law in Germany is but I would sue the shop. Lesson learned. Take pictures of the items you leave at a chrome shop and get a receipt. Sometimes a chrome shop gets burned when someones leaves parts to be plated and the owner died or had 2nd thought about restoring the car after hearing of the cost. Some customers think they will get a quantity discount so they bring all the items to be chromed at one time and you will be better of doing one piece at the time.
  4. Matthew Happy to hear from you. Over on the SDC forum , people are worried about you. Some people even speculated that you are no longer working at SA. When calling , Danny said you were off sick. Please come back to the SDC forum , we need your advice and enthusiasm . If your beef was over the new format , help Clark improve it rather than stomping off mad.
  5. John I found the windshield wing nut. I will try to call you this weekend Robert Kapteyn
  6. Thanks Rusty This is what makes this forum so great. Robert Kapteyn
  7. Happy to report that a member 80 miles east of Munfordville offered help. This is what I like so much about our forum community.
  8. Good thing that I did not ship this engine to Switzerland. I sold the engine to someone in New Hampshire and a friend hauled it to Mansfield to partially pay for his trip. It turn out that the block has a crack in the valve galley and the engine block can not be repaired according to the buyer. I refunded him the money but needs the engine moved back to Illinois. The engine has a 1934 Dictator aluminum cylinder head and the crank , cam , oilpan and internals are OK. Can anyone use the parts ? preferably on the East Coast. Does anyone know of a repair method for these blocks. These engines were designed by Cole and Vail , engineers on contract with Wyllis. They sold the design to Albert Erskine , president of Studebaker. This engine was used by Studebaker until 1960. Problems with the engine castings were experienced until 1936 ,when water cooling tubes were installed and the more even cooling prevented the engine block cracks. There were timing gear versions and timing chain versions and many improvement made over the years. Can anyone help me with this problem. Robert Kapteyn
  9. Your reference to a 1931 model 43 must. be Pierce Arrow. Studebaker shared a lot of parts with Pierce. I looked thru my parts an d could not find any.
  10. David When you receive the part , will you please post a picture so we know what the part you are looking , for looks like. I have boxes full of parts with no part numbers. Robert Kapteyn
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274005622440
  12. I received a call from a couple in Kentucky owning a 1914 Studebaker They are having problems with the clutch on their 4 cylinder car. Is there anyone in the area that can help them. The serial number of the car is 417928 PM or email me if you can help. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  13. The gear you show in this picture is the mating gear for the gear he needs.
  14. I I have these two 1932/33 rear axles for sale Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  15. https://lmtribune.com/announcements/anniversaries/th-janice-and-james-tefft/article_b3c6b97b-b01b-573f-90fc-fbaad949bcf4.html