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    I bought 29 Studebaker dealer parts inventories over the years as a retirement project.
    I have a 105 year old, 38.000 sq.ft. building full of parts.

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  1. Gary Wolfe can fix your temperature gauge. They are very knowledgeable. http://antiqueinstrument.com
  2. Found a block with a casting number 127353-1 Does anybody have a listing on what casting number goes which which engine? Thanks Bob
  3. rbk

    1952 brake lines to Hill-holder?

    You are correct, there is no port on the master cylinder. Google Studebaker Hill holder and you may find your answer. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?684-Hill-Holder
  4. Ernie Loga rebuilds these hinges. He is in Wisconsin. His phone is 715-832-7302. Good guy!! Robert Kapteyn
  5. I need a set of new or used crankshaft bearings for a 1932 and '33 Commander Eight and 1934 Commander and President 8 cylinder engine
  6. Rick Thanks for the tip but the bearings I am looking for are for a 1932. Anyone has some new or used crankshaft bearings for a 1932 engine. I have a large stock of part for prewar Sudebakers to trade.
  7. Have patience, Most people that have knowledge of these parts are like me , old and slow. The rims shown in the first picture does not look like the one in the last picture. I assume you show the headlight without the rim https://www.ebay.com/itm/Head-light-trim-ring-Studebaker-Item-2306/272203243706?epid=5012179217&hash=item3f6093e0ba:g:CkMAAMXQ56ZR~kw8:rk:26:pf:0 Robert Kapteyn
  8. I need a set of new or used crankshaft bearings for a 1932 8 cylinder 250cu/in engine. An owner junked the bearings in his engine, thinking that new ones were widely available. He is will pay handsomely for a set of new or rebabitable bearings. Robert Kapteyn 815 212 2389 text or voice.
  9. The crankshaft balance will be different with the steel pistons.
  10. rbk

    gas tank needed

    Text me at 815 212 2389 and I can send you a picture this is a 87 year old tank but solid needs cleaning where are you located? bob
  11. rbk

    Instrument Panel

    That is because you Kiwis drive on the other side (wrong?)of the road.
  12. rbk

    gas tank needed

    I have one for a model 54 but I think the Presidents used a larger tank.
  13. I send you a PM with Silvio's email address Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com Thanks for helping Bob
  14. This was needed by an Italian member. I will contact him and see if he still needs this. Thanks Robert Kapteyn