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  1. George - I see a steering column in the pictures. Can I get the specs on that if it's still available (Ross #, length, etc)? Thanks!
  2. With the key rotated in the position shown in the picture, a small rod with a chamfered end can be pushed into the hole, which will push down the detent, and you'll be able to remove the lock cylinder.
  3. Remove the nut, washer and spring washer holding on the ss flange. You'll then have access to a small hole in the back of the handle.
  4. As I reassemble, I noticed that no hole needed to be drilled into the handle. I'll post my findings so others dont make the same mistake. You can get to the detent from the rear of this handle. Remove the rotating locking tab by removing the center pin which is peened in place. This allows the cylinder to rotate a full 360 degrees.
  5. I don't have the key for this particular lock, but I was able to pick it and turn to the 'middle'. Drilled a small hole and Bob's my Uncle, popped it out. I'm rearranging the pins to work with a key I have. No markings on this particular cylinder, but I have seen ones that have the number stamped into them. Thanks Rex for the drilled hole confirmation!
  6. Anyone ever remove a lock cylinder from a handle as shown in the picture? Seems like it should be removable, but my research shows I may have to drill a small hole to depress the spring loaded detent. Maybe I can get to it from the opposite end by removing the ss flange?
  7. Studerex - are you going to manufacture any of the rubber parts? I am in need of hood corners and a few other pieces for my 31.
  8. Studeq - thanks so much for posting photos of your original. I didn't think the design actually existed, but was 'made up' due to the three automakers existing together for a very short time, as noted by Bloo. Now I know it is a reproduction of an actual fob. I may have to get my initials inscribed on the back 😉!!
  9. I hope someone picks up where the Shrock's left off. They did a lot of one off Stude parts that you wont find anywhere else.
  10. Here's a pic of the back. No markings. It doesn't look old to me.
  11. 😁 This was found in my Uncles Estate. Anybody recognize it? What could it be, keychain, watch fob? I don't think it's too old, maybe 1960's, but could be wrong. Definitely unused.
  12. Anyone know if this style lamp holder is available, or do people just convert to the snap in spring ear version. I'd like to find three if anyone has them for sale in their stock of parts.
  13. I can confirm that that handle was used on the 31 Model 54 six. That looks way better than what's on my car. Will they be going up for sale?
  14. Nice job, and very pretty. Love the 2 tone color combo.
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