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  2. Thought I'd post an update to my seat adjuster issue. I found some acme rod and a brass block on ebay and modified them to resemble the original screw. Used some pretty crude tools (grinding wheel and hand drill) to 'machine' the parts. Finished the assembly tonight, and I'll install it later this week. Spent about 12 bucks in parts. The sheet steel brackets came from a parts car, so I didn't disassemble the original part. Seems to work well, although it's a single thread, not a double as the original was, so it'll take a few more turns to move the seat.
  3. Post this on the Studebaker board (if you haven't already)!
  4. Tom Devoe


    I think it looks like this car, the 1910 Model '50', that has had front doors and cowl modifications added.
  5. Anybody have an old starter pull button in their parts stash for a 31, I think they were used on 32 Studes too. Doesn't have to be pretty or a complete cable. Trying to piece together another cable, and just want it to match the choke pull button, well, except with an 'S'.
  6. If your vending at Hershey this year and bringing antique Stude parts, please let us know where you'll be. I'll be there hunting on Wednesday and Thursday.
  7. These showed up on ebay. Not sure if these could be used on your car or not, but they looked close to me.
  8. Thanks for all the replies! I actually have a 'Gas Tank Renu' outfit that's pretty close to me. I'll take it up there and let them access the damage. I'll definitely post how i make out.
  9. Can anyone recommend someone to restore a 30's era fuel tank in the north east US? I'd rather not ship it, as it's full of chunky, dried 60's era fuel, which caused it to rust from the inside out. It's full of pinholes on either end, and might be pretty thin in spots. If you've used someone and were happy with the results, please let me know.
  10. Also, before I log out today, what material is the 31 steering wheel made from? Bakelite? I think the horn button is the same material. I'm going to fix a few chips with epoxy putty.
  11. Thanks Spinneyhill - I did see that link, and the info may be useful. My column and steering wheel center looks nothing like that one though. I'll be throwing wrenches at it tonight and we'll see what lurks under the button!
  12. Of course, it's a six, model 54. I should have known the parts for each model would be completely different. 😀
  13. Does anyone have info / photos of the parts under the plastic horn button used in 31? I'm getting ready to disassemble mine to check and clean the contact and replace the wire, as it works intermittently. The parts book has some info, but it's not really clear to me, and this is the first time I'll be pulling the rod from the column. I figure it can't be too complicated, but best to go into it with all the knowledge I can. Thanks!
  14. Hi Dale, I'll send a message to your email - thanks!
  15. Looking for a 31 grill grille shell for a model 54 Studebaker. I know it's a long shot, but maybe one is out there... Thanks!