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  1. 47 - 49 Studebaker (Champion I think).
  2. I'm now armed with the drawings and Bendix part numbers for the brake shoe return springs that I need. Anyone know of a vendor that could cross reference these to find out if they're used elsewhere? It would be great to find they were also used on a more common make and readily available off the shelf. Bendix numbers are 23724, 23722, 23566 & 26351 if your reading this and can help. Thanks!
  3. If yours is a common make, Sparton, Stewart Warner etc., parts can be found, and they're pretty easy to work on. I got new brushes and holders from Mac's when I rebuilt mine. There was a guy at Hershey last year that had a bunch for sale and rebuilds them if you want it done. I forget his name, but someone on here will know him.
  4. This could have come from the 1919 Western Auto Ford catalog. Neat. $4.40 seems pretty pricey for 1919. Must be a good quality set.
  5. Thanks John, it's only one, not a pair, and it came with my 31 Studebaker six. The car was full of aftermarket he haws and do dads from the period, so I'm assuming this is another one. Couldn't find a Lyon logo, but it was painted long ago, so may be under there somewhere. It couldn't be put on when I got the car, as it had a one piece rear bumper. Now that the correct bumper is on, it can fit into place. I like it, very classy!
  6. So nobody has any info on these? Pulled mine out, and it cleaned up pretty well. I think I'll put it on the car and see if it dresses it up a bit. 😁
  7. Ah-ha moment here. Is this why some early valves have a slot or two holes in the face? I've only ever used the suction cup style.
  8. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer of the spare tire cover in this link? It has a wire around the circumference on the back that tightens it onto the spare. I have one similar, without the stainless ring, just all steel with two small stainless trim strips. I cant get a photo of mine, but the clamping mechanism is the same, so probably the same manufacturer. I'm assuming its aftermarket, but somebody out there knows. Thanks!!
  9. I'm really interested in this discussion, as I have one that needs a rebuild too. It will 'park' itself when turned off, but won't run the wiper.
  10. Lots of Mustang stories, here's mine. Couple years ago, I found a new craigslist add for a 66 GT 'K' code 4 speed convertible for 15k. Should have left work with cash, but I waited till after work. I was the second guy there. It was a really nice driver with a little bondo in the left rear quarter. Ugh.
  11. Great work! The grill really is the focal point on the front of these old cars, and that grill will be stunning when complete.
  12. Thanks for the advise, I knew somebody would be reproducing them. I ended up with a handle like the one posted by Robert. Had to sleeve the shaft, but it ended up working well. Not sure if they are installed pointed up, or down, but installed the way it came out (pointed up).
  13. Bimus - this looks like it'll work for me. I'll send a pm. Thanks!