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  1. Wowabunga - here's a pic of the one from my 31 Stude. Does yours have any markings that I could compare to mine?
  2. Were different rear differential ratios available for Studebakers in the late 20's, early 30's, or was it 'you'll get what we give you' back then? I'm wondering if parts are available to lower my ratio, as my car is geared for stump pulling. With today's better roads and higher speeds, I'd like the car to move a little faster on secondary roads.
  3. Tom Devoe

    gas tank needed

    RBK - I'm interested in the model 54 tank if it's in good shape.
  4. Studerex - yes, the plunger is the same in the eights, and does have the small hole. I tried the ice pick and it did stick, but still couldn't pull the plunger out. I bought a tool this afternoon that I hope will grip the bore of the plunger and get it to spin. Then hopefully the pick will pull it out. Ken - I have thought about breaking out the torch, but I'm going to save that as a last resort. The engine is in the car and I don't want to risk a fire. Thanks for chiming in - I'll let you know how I make out tonight.
  5. Hi all - would anyone know of a tool to remove the plunger for the over pressure relief valve in a early 30's engine. Mine is stuck fast in the bore. I'm soaking it in pb blaster at the moment, and I can get a fairly good grip on it with a bent hook tool, but it won't budge. Any tips welcome!
  6. OK - as I move along with the 1931 six, I'm finding lots of information and mis-information about what fluids to use in these old cars. Can anyone shed some light on what they use in their cars in the late 20's early thirties era, and if they're happy with the results? My car may still have really old fluid in these 3 areas, and right now I won't be rebuilding any of the assemblies, so the fluid should be compatible with what's in there now. My transmission is the free wheeling design, so that may affect what fluid I use too. Right now it's very confusing, and I've seen anywhere from original gear lube found at an auction to STP, with 90w G-L1 & 600w black oil somewhere in the middle. Thanks for any light you can shed on this! I'd appreciate real world experience! Tom
  7. Tom Devoe

    1931 Studebaker Radiator

    Spinneyhill - I bought the pump from ebay, and it was advertised for a 35 Studebaker Commander. It does have the same shape arm as the Stewart Warner pump, although it's made of 3 pieces of flat sheet riveted together, not a cast piece. I've rebuilt it since this picture was taken. Not sure what the long standoff's are for (above the diaphragm), but they've been removed and replaced with standard screws. Maybe that's what made it a commander pump.
  8. This is quite an old thread, and I don't think jros4 will respond to new inquiries. There are suspension parts and a fuel tank on eBay now that I believe came from his car. He's probably well on his way turning his car into a hot rod. Mulesear - I will check for a windshield frame for you. Please pm me.
  9. Tom Devoe

    1931 Studebaker Radiator

    31 model 54 used a Stewart Warner fuel pump, but there are quite a few ac units that will fit if it's not a show car. You may need to reroute the fuel line and/or twist the fuel bowl to a different location around the diaphragm. The most important thing is getting one with the correct shaped actuating arm.
  10. Tom Devoe

    1931 Studebaker Radiator

    Hi David - I might have a line on a radiator. I'll find out more this weekend.
  11. Tom Devoe

    Speedometer Cables for thirties cars

    AzBob - Called TIE yesterday and the repair parts are on the way. They are very knowledgeable and good to work with. Thanks much!
  12. I'm in need of a speedometer cable for my 1931 Studebaker Model 54 six. Does anyone have any info on parts that will fit? It uses a Stewart Warner Speedometer, so I'm sure the cable was used in other car model/brands too. I'm finding there were a lot of cable manufacturers, but I have no books that have a part numbers or any cross reference specs. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I'm in need of a speedometer cable for my 1931 Model 54 six. Does anyone have any info on parts that will fit? I'm finding there were a lot of manufacturers, and have no books that have a part number or any cross reference specs. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Tom Devoe

    Pre War Gauge Manufacturer M.M.G. & E. Corp.

    AzBob - thanks for the post. It gave me the clue to find a little history about the MotoMeter Gauge and Equipment Corp. Strangely, they didn't make motometer radiator caps. For anyone interested, here's what I found: The National Gauge and Equipment Company was an early and very successful local business associated with the automobile industry. Local entrepreneurs Philo Gelatt and Daniel McMillan purchased the Hans Motor Company in 1913, and changed the name to the National Gauge and Equipment Company and built a new factory on Gillett Street in 1914. As the name suggests, the business made gauges, heaters and instruments for the growing automobile industry. In 1926, Philo Gelatt bought out his partner, changed the business name to the Moto Meter Gauge and Equipment Company and by the late 1920s the company became the largest producer of automotive gauges in the US. In 1929, the company was acquired by Electric Auto Lite Company and by the early 1950s Electric Auto Lite was one of the largest employers in the city, accounting for 20% of all manufacturing jobs in La Crosse. Auto Lite closed its La Crosse operation in 1959. The building is currently used for commercial storage. --Footsteps of La Crosse. So my MMGE gauge is from 1926 to 1929, and my SW gauge is from 1931.