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  1. Ahh - Nice cars by the way! Do I see a light six in the background?
  2. Have to ask - what is BTT and Brt?
  3. Thanks. Now I have to find a good correct rotor. Seems like all the ones I have are incorrect. Anyone know a part number? Boy - I don't know what I would do without this forum and the great knowledge of you guys.
  4. I see that the distributor cam in the photo has the flat area for the rotor almost exactly centered on a cam lobe. Now I wonder which of two different cam lobes and rotors I have go with which distributor/car? Attached photos have two different cams and one rotor - I did not photograph the other rotor but the flat on that one is exactly to the other side of the distributor cap contact. So the question is: which distributor cam and which rotor is the right combination for the 626-A distributor for an 1921 EJ? I thought it was the cam and rotor combination to the right . . . Thanks to all!
  5. You all probably already know this, but the internet archive has lots of info on our cars. Here is the Parts Price list for 1905-1906: packard_1905_1906_parts_list : Studebaker Corporation : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive also Packard Eight from 1924-1928: packard_eight_service_parts_list_1924_1928 : Packard Corporation : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive if anyone can find a similar one for 1921 Studebaker light 6, please let me know.
  6. Thanks. That would be the way to go if I had a core to rebuild, alas, I do not.
  7. Does anyone have a spare coil and/or condenser for a 1921 Studebaker with 626-A Distributor or know where I can get one? Thanks!
  8. I will have to check on that as well. Looks like I am in for a LOT of work this spring! I noticed today that the distributor cap is cracking due to expanding pot metal portion. Can someone tell me which distributor is correct for a 1921 light six? is it 626-A ?? I don't think I would stand a chance without your knowledge. GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  9. Thanks. I am sure I will have too many questions as I dig into this. I understand from the previous owner that it overheated. Suspected timing issue and I hear there may be different possible distributers and rotors that could cause timing problems - hence overheating. I figure I will start by making sure all the coolant passages are clear and then move on from there as soon as it gets warmer out. I do not remember what he said about which distributor it might supposed to be if the wrong one is on there. If anyone is near northeast PA with one of those parts manuals for the 1921 light six, I will offer to assist in scanning it for free . . .
  10. Thanks. I purchased a 180 degree - another thing that goes back on sale some day. Anyway, is that a parts manual I see? Does not look like my "Service Manual" which I find a little disappointing.
  11. Does anyone know what the proper temperature rating is for the Light Six thermostat?
  12. Thanks so much for this info! Seems like something I can tackle. I guess I better pick up those T-stats! By the way- do you know the model number or part number of the original thermostat? Dave
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