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  1. "Is the antique automobile hobby ready for the coming switchover to electric cars, etc." Simple answer - No
  2. Albert Gallatin - longest serving sect of treasury a long time ago.
  3. Don’t wait 4 years buy one in two and have them learn as they help get it drivable. My daughter got a Triumph Spitfire when she was 15 and we worked on it together to get it repaired, replaced the floors, painted. She has always said it was a great learning experience that paid off later in life. She’s in her 40’s now.
  4. Moderators and Administrators are good people that just happen to be wrong all the time! dave s ps Not really they are very good people and we do appreciate them for doing a thankless job.
  5. Wait to get a license? No way myself and all of my friends (girls and guys) went the day of their 16th birthday! It didn’t really matteer to time me as a friend of mine was a year older and always had a car available to him didn’t really like to drive. So when I was 15 he would pick me up, drive a block away from the house and we would switch. Never gave a thought too insurance as we were having too much fun.
  6. I’m 74, my daily driver is 82 I don’t think I have to worry about the govt telling me I can’t drive on the roads ( they still want my tax dollars) or autonomous cars taking over totally before I croak. If the youth of today don’t like old cars it’s their loss. They say youth is wonderful well I say old age is beautiful. I’ve got the money and experience to know how to enjoy it that they can only get by walking in my shoes by getting old! Most of them are too busy living (ha) in “social media” ( that has to be an oxymoron doesn’t it ?). Enjoy what we have, drive the wheels off of your cars and
  7. There is a forum for Buick’s further down the forum list you may want to check out. Welcome to a great forum and club. dave s
  8. Good looking car, very good it’s running again. Great friends to do something like that. You must be the luckiest guy in the world right now. Dodged the fires, got the car running and great friends! Go buy a lottery ticket 😃
  9. Zero to 100 in five seconds flat! I think the smiles on your faces went faster than that. Congratulations
  10. Why not keep it there to be sure you’re not going to be crushed? Seems stupidly rules as usual
  11. The light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. My trusty .......... Ed. It’s better if you approach the light at the end of the tunnel. If it is approaching you it just may be a freight train! Not good if so.
  12. Meteorite in space- worthless. Meteorite in your office-priceless!
  13. Matt love the car but you have to work on your suspenseful presentation if you are going to be in the same league as Ed & Auburnseeker. They dragged out even seeing a big part of the car for at leas a couple pages of guesses!! Lol dave s
  14. Small world. I did the processing for Astronomy Magazine for years until the original owner sold it. It was started by a fellow in grad school that did his thesis on the feasibility of starting a magazine on Astronomy. Half way thru he saw it was so good he quite school and started the magazine. He developed a brain tumor and passed away about six years later and his brother took over the pub.
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