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  1. Not necessarily, my Studebaker is titled as a 1938 and the build sheet says it was created August 27, 1937. If you have the title go by that not when a part was produced. dave s
  2. That makes me think of the old saying”you’re just throwing good money after bad!” I’m sure we have all heard that before when we’ve hauled some old cars home but it would really apply to your idea Ed. Besides a few hundred dollars would not make a dent in today’s world. dave s
  3. Barn or Garage or Shack. If an automobile has been put up in a structure for storage whether it’s a day or many years it can be a whatever the finder wants to call it. It’s a technicality of finding something you may or may not have been looking for when you open the door. That being said most car guys would consider a true barn find as having been stored for many years and has a good amount of dust/dirt and future work to get running. Just my 2 cents worth absolutely nothing! dave s
  4. Wright Patterson air base in Dayton OH has a very good airplane museum. If you like to see war birds it’s a place to get very close to a lot of planes. The best place is the annual Oshkosh air show every July. Second best is the Smithsonian out near Dulles airport. Sorry for the hijack. dave s
  5. Trans temp is your friend or enemy. By putting the extra ( not the only) cooler before the radiator the exchanger can raise or lower the temp to the required temp. One other thing, all two or three of these I installed (it’s been a few years) we’re set up with the proper fittings so it could only be attached one way. I guess they were trying to make it idiot proof so as not to be sued for destroying transmissions. I believe they called those days the law suit happy society days. dave s
  6. I also put the auxiliary cooler as far forward away from the radiator but still in a good air flow as possible. I assume you would realize that but just wanted to be sure as I’ve seen them right next to the radiator. dave s
  7. I have added a few extra trans coolers to trucks hauling the horse trailers so the line is before the radiator. I’ve hauled 4 horse trailers all over the Rockies with out a problem.
  8. I had a Wheaton Golden mix that loved to ride on the cover of the pickup while we were hauling my daughters horses. He would open the rear sliding window and crawl out there and sleep. Cars would pull up along side us and honk their horns and point to the dog. He didn’t like to come back in but would reluctantly. dave s
  9. I think Ed just told us he is taking the "GREAT WHITE" to the 18th green at Pebble Beach and is going to eat the competition- makes it the only one left to WIN!!! Good plan. dave s
  10. Pay attention to the details not only in old cars but in everything you do and you will eliminate many problems. Perfection is a goal never reached but well worth striving too accomplish. dave s
  11. Bob’s Speedometer 10123 Bergen rd Howell Mi. 48843-7048 810-632-0400 800-592-9673 Does great fast work. Reasonable prices dave s
  12. I’ll say this before you go any further in this story — You are a brave man! I think we are in for a good story and build.
  13. Yes keep it going. We want to see the final pics all painted up!
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