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  1. I put LED bulbs that are 6 volt positive ground ( not sure ground matters in a bulb) that fit my stock socket on my 38 just like that. I think each bulb was $6 or $8 and they really work well. Much better light than originals. Both high and low beam work well. dave s
  2. Tell that to the over 100,000 victims. What part of this is over when better than half the states have cases on the rise and the daily death rate going up? We are in for a rough ride and the powers to be of this event are looking out for our well being. I for one greatly appreciate their concern and the fact they will sacrifice their economic benefits for our safety. Thanks to all involved in this difficult decision. dave s
  3. If he wants to be that close to the bar I suggest you put him to work behind the bar. At least that way you will get something for all he is planning to drink and keeping him busy will let the rest of us possibly get a drink or two. dave s
  4. My first car was a $200 57 Desoto with a small hemi I bought from Mr Norms Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago in 64. They even put a new set of tires on it! I worked in a junk yard on Lake street Saturday’s taking parts off cars for customers. My pay was parts from 3 Desotos they had in the yard and all the gas I could siphon from new arrivals to the yard. dave s
  5. If you care about the volunteers, attendees and vendors this was a smart considerate thing to do in today’s environment. It had to be a very difficult decision for a number of historical, financial and just plain having fun reasons. I applaud the decision makers for taking the health of all of us as being more important. I am sure volunteers and vendors appreciate the advance notice so they do not have the expense, time and last minute disappointment of a later decision. Thank you. Dave S
  6. HISTORY. The term "shooting brake" comes from turn-of-the-century England, where it referred to a car used to transport a hunting party and its gear. "Brake" referred to a chassis that was used to break in horses. ... Thus was the modern idea of a shooting brake born as a low, sleek two-door wagon. Hope that helps.
  7. Out of curiosity and not having my copy yet, I call a guy I know (can't say where or who or he will get in big trouble) at one of the USPS rrgional sorting centers a lot of the pubs I work with get mailed from. He said it's a mess and way off schedule. The comingled direct zip grouped magazines are getting done but at least 5 days longer than normal ( these are bundled with X number going to a zip code the X is a minimum of 6 if I remember correctly) If yours falls in a Secional center facilit ( first 3 of zip being the same and again with an X number of copies) it is running up to 10 days late. If not in either of those good luck when it will arrive as it is now being delivered by very slow moving snail mail. Way slower than the old mail normal times. C19 has desimated the system plus a large number of employees just don't show up and there is nothing the USPS system can do as they can not replace them. They will get mailed and hopefully new stuff coming in to the system doesn't get stacked on top the old. Hang in there it will be worth it. Dave S
  8. In South Carolina and still no issue. I even work in the magazine circulation fulfillment area! Lol
  9. I mix drinks and work on old cars very efficiently in my own time.
  10. Still have not received the issue😫
  11. We appreciate and are amazed with all of the effort the staff has put into this move/project. I personally don’t think that effort has been acknowledged enough so please pass my thanks and congratulations on an amazing accomplishment dave s edit- even though you are a Bears fan. Lol
  12. Your list is great but you forgot to add - 18- Check for pan leaks. 19 Repeat 9-18 at least one time to stop leaks. It's fun being old (in body but not in mind) trying to do a young mans job.
  13. I haven’t sold a lot of cars in my life, maybe 5 or 6 at most. But everyone I’ve sold I write up a bill of sale with all of the buyers info (complete name/address info) and even his drivers license number. I have a place for signature and date for both the seller and the buyer. I usually do it in duplicate - one for the buyer and one for me. it protects me in case the buyer causes an accident or hits someone, he may even use it as a get away car in a robbery for all I know and I don’t want to spend any time explaining it wasn’t me. Common sense protect yourself!