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  1. Maybe it’s just me but I see the pics of what amazing work this man has done and the heading just makes me upset. Other threads have had title changes by the moderators why hasn’t this visually degrading one been changed? I understand it was not meant to be that way but wouldn’t something like Anyone know the great upholster known as "Leif the Thief" due to his high cost for great upholstery work. be a more politically correct title or at least not a derogatory one? it may be in material but it just rubs me wrong. dave s
  2. Marty I would amend your Ed to:: Fixed by Ed Nuff said! I know from personal experience
  3. Jihn S. The congratulations should go to all of the people that helped. Ed and his trusty side kick with the giant hands Phil are the ones that found the coil problem. Ed had said it was electrical from the start. I am, along with Sophie &Gracie ( probably my wife as she will be happy to have piece and quiet in the house when we go out for our rides) are going to be very happy when I get the parts back in. Hopefully that will be by weeks end! dave s
  4. It’s hard to get a group of kids interested in old cars. I got a 49 Ford F3 pickup out of a barn in Chicago 30 years ago. I was going to take it down to the frame and redo everything as it was in rough shape. I offered our youth group at church an open offer - “If anyone of them had any interest in learning about old cars and how to fix them, they were welcome anytime. I had the tools, the space, the time and there was a cd/radio player they could use for any of their music in the garage. I would provide the pizza every Saturday.” Not one kid showed up in the year it took to do the truck.
  5. My current cellphone has more power, speed and capability than we had in a 360/65 IBM mainframe. It was in a 40x50 room, used $4000 worth of electricity a month and had 20 tons of air conditioning to keep the room cool. The cell phone can fit in my pocket and take pictures!
  6. It’s amazing how a person with skills, knowledge, ability and willingness to just be a good kind person can make your day! Ed is that person for me. He said it was electrical before he even knew I had replaced everything. He did not think it was a fuel problem but had me check that out as some others had suggested just to be safe. When nothing worked he wanted to test the coil and distributor. The new coil is junk. I told the girls the beast will be up and running shortly and we can then go for their daily rides again. If they see Ed I’m sure he will be covered with doodle dust fro
  7. Matt hit the nail on the head when he said “For the tiny number of customers that those ads generated, they also generated a ton of busywork and headaches for what were almost entirely fruitless leads. We made the conscious decision to walk away from the printed segment of the market, which was far more work than it was worth.” With mail delivery so messed up a lot of the ads are already obsolete. I’m a print guy, my business was magazine circulation, and I feel this type of pub has been dead for quite awhile. Magazines with information can be a great resource. Especial
  8. Like newspapers the want ads were the cash cow. Cheap to put together, ran for a few issues on many cases, hundreds per page gave it a great page rate, it was the best tool available. Along comes the internet and that became an easier better tool. Cash is gone the product suffers. Newspapers are disappearing faster for the same reason. Advertising is on line. Books and some magazines are ok others are struggling. That’s progress. Hemmings didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel was a freight train called eBay and other online platforms.
  9. Quote from Walt G. “This whole thread to me is about making you think , observe ...................... yes, the historian and former teacher in me is still very much active and well , even on the annual country wide "bunny" day.” I guess the teacher in you is going to have to give us all an ‘F’ or maybe a ‘D-“ because you are easy and we think you are such a good teacher! dave s
  10. XW. The pantyhose trick was because a private in charge of a truck got caught by an officer that saw his wife get out of the truck and the private had a big smile on his face. He was a quick thinking private! Don’t ask how I know that information. I was a PFC and Spec4 or 5 a few times while in the army.
  11. Yes cap and rotor were changed. The distributor, coil, cap, wires and carb are being sent to a very kind expert mechanic that has test equipment and can rebuild anything mechanical! Hopefully I’ll have good news in a week or two. I understand he is doing this in his spare time so I’m not worried how long it may take. I’ll let you all know. I did try to record it but a semi decided to start up and move so the recording is useless.
  12. UFO’s makes for a better story!
  13. Jim. I can not see it move. That’s been part of what is driving anyone that has suggested fixes nuts. Is it the distributor? Is it the vacuum? Is it the fuel? The only major change I’ve done is having the carb rebuilt and the carb shop guy is just as confused as e are. It is just not making any sense. I’m sure the guys that know flat heads would solve it in a few minutes if they were here. It will get solved I just wish I knew more about these engines.
  14. It seems a little better with the new wires and gapping the 393 plugs closer but basically not solved. It starts happening at a little higher speed in each gear. By that I mean trying to start moving in 2nd or 3 rd it was stalling at about 6 or 7 mph. Now it’s at about 10-11 mph. if it’s electrical then it’s got to be the distributor. Don’t know what else I can try.
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