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  1. Did you see the Duesenberg J sold for $850,000 and a Cadillac V16 sold for $155,000 At Mecum. I would have thought they both would have gone for more. Dave S
  2. SC38DLS

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    Check out the Galena area, beautiful area a lot of good old barns on farms that are for sale or have already been sold to corporate farming groups that didn’t buy the 4-5 acres around the house and barns. NW tollway goes out there and it’s not nearly as crowded as 294 or RT47 to Geneva. Be sure to let us know when and where you decide to go. Dave S ps Auburnseeker some of us are that 70 year old guy but we got smart enough to sell the building
  3. SC38DLS

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    You may want to check in local ma & pa diners in the area you are looking at and ask if they know of any farmers that may be renting out equipment sheds. These are usually large metal buildings and with the state of farming many are now empty. The dinners are usual meeting places for farmers to compare what is going on in the area and a very good information source. Just a thought. Dave S
  4. SC38DLS

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    I built a barn in the western suburb of Chicago, Wayne and did a pole barn. The reason being taxes! If it has a foundation the taxes are almost as bad as the house taxes. If you put concrete pedestals in the ground Dupage & Kane counties taxed as if it was a foundation. A 3000 sq ft house on 5 acres with a 40x30 pole barn started at $4800/yr taxes in 1986. In 2002 when we sold the tax bill was $11000/yr. the current taxes are $19000/yr per the kids that bought our place. Wisconsin has areas that tax just as bad, so if you are going to build be aware of tax codes before buying. When we moved 15 years ago we could not find a decent small enough (5 acres or less) place in WI that had out buildings that wasn’t in a high tax area. Fortunately my work allowed me to be anywhere within a days drive of Chicago/Milwaukee area, so we ended up in Lexington Ky. I don’t like the politics of the state and especially the Senators, but the natural beauty is amazing. The people are friendly, my wife says it’s due to the Bible Belt, I say it’s the bourbon. The taxes on a 4200 sq ft house with bigger barn on 15 acres is $3100/yr. cost of living is lower than Chicago & Wi, it’s better weather also. Check everything out before you go to Wi but no matter what get out of tax crazy IL. Have fun. Dave S
  5. VL2 keep the good memories, that’s why we go see these places. Unless, of course you have the $$ to buy that type of collection. Have fun. Dave S
  6. SC38DLS

    How do you drive a 1934 Bentley?

    Drive it carefully! Two reasons: 1 it’s a nice car 2 a mid shift into 2nd or 4th gear may really hurt. Dave S
  7. SC38DLS

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    When I built the barn for my daughters horses I was on a ladder nailing in siding. I did not have a nail gun. We had a rather large Percheron two year old draft horse that weight about 2200 pounds and thought he was my lap dog, as I was the one who fed him. He loved to untie my shoes. Being on a ladder and having a beast untie your shoes is a bit unnerving. He would grab the lace pull it the run and hide behind a 6x6 post! Of course he was a bit wider. You haven’t had to put up with that at least but I don’t envy you for some of the comments you have had to endure building this. Please keep posting as I find it most informative and interesting. Dave S
  8. SC38DLS

    Just retired - need some advice

    If you have a few extra $ go to the Goodwood festival in England. Been on the bucket list for a long time. Dave S
  9. No matter what car you buy or see on the internet DO NOT PURCHASE IT SIGHT UNSEEN! Spend the dollars to go see the car for yourself. I went back and forth on a Jag MK X in Washington state over a two month period. Numerous phone conversations and hundreds of pictures later my wife and I got on a plane form Lexington and made the trip to Seattle (my excuse was she could see the many gardens in the area as a vacation) a side trip to the car and we found it was sunk in the mud, interior shot &arusted non-running hulk. The pics were 20+ years old and the conversations were bull! A second Mk X & trip to New Jesrey was basically the same result. I finally found the Studebaker a short day trip away that was exactly as the seller said it was. So there are honest seller out there but it's your responsibility to be sure they are. Don't trust anyone until you verify it yourself. It will save you dollars and agony in the long run. Have fun. Dave S ps - I know I am not the only one that this has happened too, it is all far to common.
  10. Good luck and have fun - great looking car. The buildings in the background makes me think you are not in the USA - where is the caddy going to be on the road? Dave S
  11. SC38DLS

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Wait too long and it will be multiples of 2000’s ! Dave S
  12. SC38DLS

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Looking good, get the door installed and we can have a party! Not sure you really want that kind of help but it could be fun! Dave S
  13. SC38DLS

    Those Pesky Wheel Ants

    Maybe they were thinking of the ants from the movie called “Them” from the 50’s. I know I’m dating myself. Dave S
  14. SC38DLS

    Studebaker Buyer's Tips

    To give you an idea of Stufebaker parts. I have a 38 State Commander. Totally rebuilt front suspension, brakes, trans, engine wiring harness and rubber around doors. The only part I know that is unobtinium is the rear vent window rubber. The set I have must have been the last set available. A few guys rebuilding an SC have asked for my address so they can come and take mine off the car. I use this 81 year old as my daily driver. Have fun Dave S
  15. SC38DLS

    Storing a car over winter

    Moth balls! My Studebaker was in a barn on blocks for 42 years and critters did not get in it to eat the seats, wiring or find a warm dry cozy place to live. The owners would throw a bunch of moth balls under and around it. They did this on a regular basis and it seemed to work. The only problem it took six months to get rid of that smell. Well worth it in the long run. Have fun. Dave S