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  1. That is a very good deal. The oldest Auto Industry magazine (a trade journal) charges $360 for an annual subscription which is two print issues (also exact copy in digital) and two other digital only.
  2. You have been the source of enjoyment for seeing a lot of different cars over the last 18 months of lockdown. Hopefully that enjoyment will continue for another 35,000 +++++
  3. Welcome, one thing to keep in mind. It’s a hobby meant to be fun. Don’t get so hung up on a project or getting the absolute right “classic” it’s not fun anymore. Enjoy the people as much as the cars. dave s
  4. With the way the AACA has handled all of the challenges of the last 18 months I feel as absolutely NO apologies are needed or warranted in any aspect of the organization. I believe USPS says periodicals can take up to three days to be delivered AFTER it arrives in the local post office based on each carrier’s mail load. They also usually take up to 10 days (even when co-mingled which is supposed to be most efficient) to go from the entry point to the local post office. These schedules have been totally forgotten about during the pandemic. Printers schedules are and have been for the last year totally up in the air and unpredictable. The quality and great stories this publication has given all of us has been a great joy for me over this last year plus of lockdown. I’m sure many of you will agree. If so I hope you will let Steve and all the great people at AACA know that. dave s ps - I speak from some knowledge about magazine circulation as I’ve owned one of the larger circulation fulfillment computer service bureaus for over 40 years. We processed over 120 pubs a month until COVID-19 closed most of them. We still process the oldest Automobile magazine being published. edit note - I should have said “the average delivery time based on what the USPS sorting center managers we deal with on a regular basis state these times as what normally happens”. The USPS will not state any guaranteed delivery times for any class of mail. Sorry for not being clear.
  5. My bet, a scam to get your info. If you have anti virus software run it before you open any sensitive sites your cc or bank info is available. Just an old computer (main frame) guys thoughts for what that’s worth. dave s
  6. Ed, all of this information along with your documentation of the work you and Phil have put into sorting the Great White would make for a very interesting story. You should get Walt (as he is a great story teller) to sit down with you as I’m sure between the two of you it could get done.
  7. The opening and some of the actual race scenes of Grand Prix. McQueens “Le Mans” actual race scenes were pretty good too.
  8. The two of you are now going to put together another mystery guess the mfg/model of the new red machine with good looking headlights. Easy Rita Hayworth! Wait a minute I’m showing my age. Looking forward to more clues. dave s
  9. The “black” car and the other “black” car. some how we know which car we mean.
  10. If it was a Ford you could get any color as long as it was black! dave s
  11. But with Bosch instead of Lucas!
  12. Joe, knee replacement is not bad. I was up walking next day, full flexibility in a week. That was my seventh operation on that knee. Do the exercises, the pain is minor and temporary, if you don’t do it it can be miserable for a very long time. Hope all goes well. dave s
  13. Most recent was 15 laps on the Indy track in the 38 Studebaker. Never lifted! It was fun. dave s
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