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  1. It’s the way of a lot of industries. I owned the 2nd largest circulation fulfillment service bureau in the Chicago metro area. We did the data management of the magazine databases for over 120 magazines and 4 million labels a month. With all the tech guys around you would think it would be easy to get programmers and tech guys/gals. No way. They didn’t want to be locked in to a special nitch industry. Plus the fact magazines were hiring tech people and tried to run things under windows or some other generic program. Out of those 120 magazines there are less than 20 still in business. Look at restoration houses they all have in-house upholstery departments and the internet takes another big part of the business off shore. How many cars have cheap interiors because they are just daily drivers. I know I could not justify the $8000+ estimate to redo the interior of my 38 Studebaker as it is not a show car. It’s just a sign of the times that are always changing. Dave S
  2. I believe the Olds 442 W30 were plastic for light weight and red to distinguish it as a special edition. This was during the HP races for the mfg’s Dave S
  3. My first car died just before it was going to fall apart from rust! It was a 57 DeSoto 4 door I bought for $200 in 64 from Mr Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge on Grand ave in Chicago. The only non-muscle car on the lot. I could pack 4 couples in that car. We had a lot of fun doing that too. Dave S
  4. My 38 Stidebaker was in a barn for 42 years. We done the mechanical restoration so it runs well, stops as it should and has original paint and had the original interior. I was asked to put it in a “unrestored original” class at a show but I was hesitant as I had been to the show a few times. I went to the show in my car and checked out the so call group of unrestored original cars. If they were original I’m twenty years old playing college football again. There is a big difference between what some call original and what is actually original in the car show world. That’s ok as I don’t do car shows I drive mine as a daily driver. The best part of that show was when I went to leave it took about an hour. There were more people looking at my driver than the “original” class card and they all wanted the story on where it came from. I finally had to say I had to get going as my wife was waiting to go out. Enjoy the cars the way you want and don’t worry what others think if it doesn’t look show room ready! Have fun Dave S ps I’m 72 and so busted up from playing ball it’s a joke. I can only dream about being twenty but what dreams and memories!
  5. Tinindian, the fox hunting I was speaking of was in Wayne Illinois! That’s a suburb of Chicago, about 30 miles west in the Fox river valley. There was a second hunt in Barrington Illinois about 10 miles north also. So I ask again, where can I collect the Bourbon? Dave S
  6. Looking at the picture the man is dressed for FOX HUNTING and they would be called HOUNDS, not doggies! In hunt country f you call them doggies you would pay a fine of a bottle of Bourbon for each HOUND called a doggie! Just wondering where I can collect the fines? LOL Dave S
  7. Sometimes, not always, what you are trying to copy does not "COPY" correctly. You may have to have your cursor in the highlited area for your computer tp copy it correctly. This has happen to some of our laptops that we intentionally have not upgraded software on because of customied software using binary sorts that the newer windows software will not support. These are usually computers with softwaare olded than windows 7 -- yes it is still very usualful software and the custom stuff is not worth redoing to woth with new systems. Dave S
  8. Soak it in Mystery Oil for a week and it will be ready to install ! Dave S
  9. Congratulations Keiser after all of that typing I hope you look better than this kaiser
  10. I know the camera man aboard the research ship. He was also aboard when they found the Indianapolis. It is an amazing ship and they spend a long time searching after months of research before they even head out to sea. Dave S
  11. Our family stories tells of coming from Ireland to Canada illegally and not finding work. To provide for the family the men started running Canadian liquor across the Great Lakes by fishing boats. Not very fast and wasn’t bootlegged booze but was profitable. Eventually they had enough cash to bribe their way into the good old USA. Settled in the Chicago Irish neighborhood and became pub owners with a good supply of whiskey throughout the probation era. LOL. Dave S
  12. Greyhound bus will also be reasonable for something like wheel Dave S
  13. You wouldnot want to get into a head on wreck with any of those trucks-- No air bags! Dave S
  14. I was born in 1946! Damn I’m old. I like prewar back to the early 30’s. Any British sports car no matter the age ( I must be like Lucas, not always the brightest) and anything in the 50’s and 60’s. I would love to be able to afford a 38 Packard V12 anything but can’t. I’ve rebuilt MG’s Healy’s, Ford pickups from 49 and early 70’s. I am an early boomer, married a girl older than me 48 years ago. I’m just me, so I don’t fit a general category and I like it like that. Have fun Dave S