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  1. Matt no worries! I took it in good humor. To be honest I didn’t have my glasses on when I put the picture up and never noticed the tree. I know my Studebaker is unusual and I just didn’t want Bernie to put down the only award it ever got! LOL. Now I’m just waiting on the advice about taking pics and then finding them on this phone! Hyman in St Louis has a 1930 452 V16 coupe for sale for $250K !! Have Fun Dave S
  2. Offer away ! I never reject knowledge or help. Please know I was driving and my daughter took the picture. I just couldn’t find the one I wanted on this phone. If you could give me helpful advice on doing that I would be even happier! Dave S i think she really was taking a pic of the tree and I just drove into the frame😃
  3. Bernie don’t knock “Art Deco” the 38 Studebaker I drive was the Art Deco car of the year
  4. I’ll come to Fl if that’s all it takes to get a ride In your car and breakfast ! Dave s
  5. Love this thread and the pics you have shared. I’ve been told there was a 30’s Cadillac 16 somewhere in Aiken SC but has not been seen in a few years. Does anyone know of that car? Dave S
  6. Why is it every time I see a car coming up on the block I may like to see they go to commercial? the dvr process is good but I guess I need to go on-line and figure out how to record that so I can fast forward to what I want to see. At least it’s not another reality show where turkeys are cut throats to win money— or is it? Have fun Dave S
  7. A car lover, a gentleman, a very knowledgeable person not afraid to share that knowledge and help a stranger. Three traits we can all aspire to obtain. He will be missed by me and I’m sure by many others. Heartfelt prayers to his family, close friends and all that will not enjoy the special person he was. Dave S
  8. I’m telling you the Mormons are driving Studebaker’s not Buick’s. Dave S
  9. I believe those are Studebaker’s being pulled by the oxen Have fun Dave S
  10. Now that’s a hard headed guy! Dave S
  11. Back then pickups were “working” vehicles not suburban housewives/husband oversized daily drivers. Have fun Dave S
  12. That is in amazingly good shape for being in the Michigan UP! It’s under 6 feet of snow most of the time! LOL Have fun DaveS
  13. I hand painted my 57 DeSoto with a gallon of black porch and deck enamel and a 4” brush. The pair cost was around $4 and looked ok from 10 feet away. That was 57 years ago and I was 17! Have fun Dave S
  14. I dreamed I die in my sleep just like my grand father, at least it wasn’t like the rest of the people in his car! Have fun Dave S