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  1. First date was literally on horses! We went for a ride my first date in a car was a double date in my buddy’s mother’s 60 Comet. He hated to drive so I did all the driving, I didn’t have a license. First date with with my wife of 49 years was a 62 Tbird.
  2. We once towed a 36 foot racing sloop sitting on a truck frame with tires that were missing chucks of rubber down the Eisenhower expressway in Chicago, My older (not wiser) brother was working as a Commonwealth Edison line man at a warehouse that was scheduled to be demolished the next day. Inside was this wooden racing sloop complete with the mast and sails. At least the mast was laying on the boat and not standing up. The deal was he paid a dollar and the boat was his but it had to be out of the warehouse that night. He called me to help. We hooked the truck frame to his Ford F100 pickup ( I'm sure the lead keel alone outweight the truck) and I followed with my flashers on. The only way to avoid narrow streets was to take the Ike from Racine Ave out to Wheaton (about 18 miles or so) where he lived. It was abot 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday so we were in the heart of the rush hour traffic. The looks drivers gave us hauling this beast down the road was priceless. We were doing fine when a Chicago cop came along and pulled us over. He asked""What the hell we thought we were doing". We told him the story and he said OK he would give us an escort to the edge of Chicago then we were on our own. We made it just past Harlem avenue in Oak Park when a state cop put on his lights. Same outcome and he gave us an escort to the East/West tollway. The next problem was the toll booth but we got thru it with just paying a second toll for the boat. We picked up our final escort about a mile after that which took us to the Wheaton exit and the rest was clear sailing (pun intended). My brother spent two years redoing all the varnish and wood work on the boat, sold it for a good profit and moved to California. The cops were all amazed about how he got the boat and that is probably why they were so good about it. So if you are towing something just have a really good story and you may just get away with out getting a ticket!. Have fun. Dave S
  3. If the law says they need to be licensed how do dealers get away with untitled cars being delivered to them. They are not even titled! I would argue it is not on the road you can transport it without plates. Personally I would still have insurance to be safe. Have fun Dave S
  4. I was fortunate enough to get to know Sweetness (Walter Payton) thru a client and going to his restauant in Aurora which was near my office. If you have never been to the ROUND HOUSE in Aurora, he has a room with a lot of his memorabilia in it, well worth seeing and good food. There is a story about him wanting to redo his basement in Barrington and he offered the furniture to some young guys that he had doing odd jobs for him. They were getting an apartment and needed furniture. They loaded all of the couches and chairs and tool off. Walter went to get his super bowl ring which he thought he had left on the bar in the basement. It was nowhere to be found. He didn’t want to confront the kids and ask if they had seen it as he felt they would think he was accusing them of taking it. He finally said the heck with it and had a new ring made. I could actually put his ring on my thumb and spin it around. Walter had massive hands. About two years later he had a knock on his door and there stood the three guys he had given the furniture too. They told him the furniture was shot (3 guys in an apartment) but wanted to be sure he didn’t want it back as they were breaking up the apartment, one was getting married, another was moving out of state for a job and the third could not afford it alone. He said he did not need the furniture back. Then they asked if he had lost anything that was important to him and held up his super bowl ring. It had fallen into the cushions of the couch. They only found it because they broke the couch up to make it easier to take out of the apartment. Today Walter’s son and daughter each have a super bowl ring because of this. He truly was “Sweetness” in every way. He is missed. Dave S
  5. They said George Halas threw nickles around as if they were sewer covers. Go Green Bay! Dave S a born and raised Chicago resident Packer fan
  6. You've done a beautiful job on this building. At least you know that distant light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a freight train. The amout of small things youstill have to finish will probably be the most frustrating as they will take a lot of time but only show a small change. Keep at it, we are all waiting for the open garage party! Have fun Dave S
  7. Any Big Boy is like a good medium rare prime rib dinner with yorkshire pudding and a nice red wine. You can keep the filet. Dave S
  8. I may be late to the party but I have. 38 State Commander and the U-joints needed to be replaced. I checked every possible source and came up blank. The ones that look similar were of different dimensions and would not work. I went with the modern ones. BUT it was a lot of hand filing as the new joint is laser cut but the shaft part on the 38 it goes into is not as exact. So I would mark the ujoint then file try it mark it and file it worked well but it was work on both ends of the drive shaft.
  9. I’ll bet good money they’ll never retrofit my 38 Studebaker. dave s
  10. I had a Honda S2000 6 speed. We went to a Christmas party at a realtors once. He invites everyone he sold a house to that year. So he had the local high school kids parking cars. No cost but all tips were going towards the band trip, so i felt obliged to use them. The first kid got in and the look on his face was priceless, he quickly got out and said he couldn’t reach the pedals! He gave the keys to another kid, again the look of dread. He got out and as the third kid started to get in he saw it was a stick, he turned to another band member and said “It’s a stick”. The girl he said it to took the keys jumped in and took off to park the car. When we came out to leave, she saw me and said she would go get the car. She brought it around and as she got out said “What a sweet ride, I’ve got to get one of these someday” ! I’ll never forget the guys looking at her in total disbelief. Dave S
  11. Classifieds were the cash cow of newspapers and not a major revenue source for most (but not all) magazines. Think about 4 to 6 pages of close to 1500 $10 -20 ads every four or five days. That’s over $60,000 at a minimum per week. Usually classified ads were paid for up front so the cash flow was very good. Sunday ad sections were also money machines as they printed these in off times to keep the presses busy. Along comes eBay and other types of cheap internet ways to advertise something for sale and that cash flow disappears. Newspapers can’t keep large reporter staffs without the cash. Si editorial suffers. Magazines rely on ads more than classifieds. Think of a three legged stool. One leg is circulation ( subscribers) another is editorial and the third is ad sales. Take any one of the three away and the stool tips over. Again sales of ads is the biggest problem as the internet makes it easier to get information to the buyer. Most people will admit they would rather read an article on paper than on a computer and certainly more than on a phone. But you need all three legs of the stool to be stable in the market place. Dave S
  12. I had a bunch of old (empty of course) beer cans in my 57 DeSoto. The rear speaker had fallen out and the beer cans would roll around the deck until they fell into the trunk. Empty it out once a month or so wheather it needed it or not. Dave S
  13. I’ve mentioned before I do circulation fulfillment for publications. I processed over 120 magazines at the high point of our business. Today there are about 20-25 of them left in business - no not because I charged too much! Most that are gone tried to go digital or e-commerce too quickly. The main problem was lack of advertising combined with poor platform design for readership on the digital. The e-commerce problem was over estimate of revenue income. Many were listing to the tech guys and not their own sales guys and were off by well over 100%! As an example I tried to let a 4 pub customer know other customers with twice the circulation had done the exact same thing they were planning but had spent half the budget their tech department had requested and failed. They dropped the project and closed two of their pubs because of the losses. The head tech said they couldn’t have had the same great programs and plan they had. He convinced the publisher I was not the house that would support what he wanted to do so they left my service after 12 years. They over spent the budget by 15% in the first six months and the revenue stream missed by over 60%. The new service bureau cost were 15% higher than mine and they didn’t get any free consultation the way I provided them. They ended up closing one of the pubs, fired over half the tech guys and moved the service back to me. The publisher said he just didn’t know why he listened to tech guys when he didn’t really understand what they were planning. The publishing industry lost its focus in this internet era. I know the younger generation is much more dependent on their screens than older people. But how many people really get enjoyment out of reading an article they want for enjoyment (not work) on line? Look at most of the old car stuff you get online and they are short quick articles, not the in-depth articles you read and reread in a print copy, then go online to a forum to discuss. It’s a balancing act for print/digital publications, get it right and it works well get it wrong, good bye! Dave S
  14. It’s the way of a lot of industries. I owned the 2nd largest circulation fulfillment service bureau in the Chicago metro area. We did the data management of the magazine databases for over 120 magazines and 4 million labels a month. With all the tech guys around you would think it would be easy to get programmers and tech guys/gals. No way. They didn’t want to be locked in to a special nitch industry. Plus the fact magazines were hiring tech people and tried to run things under windows or some other generic program. Out of those 120 magazines there are less than 20 still in business. Look at restoration houses they all have in-house upholstery departments and the internet takes another big part of the business off shore. How many cars have cheap interiors because they are just daily drivers. I know I could not justify the $8000+ estimate to redo the interior of my 38 Studebaker as it is not a show car. It’s just a sign of the times that are always changing. Dave S
  15. I believe the Olds 442 W30 were plastic for light weight and red to distinguish it as a special edition. This was during the HP races for the mfg’s Dave S