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  1. I’ve worked on cars for years. But it’s simple really. All lights and other 12 volt items can be run when converting to a 12 volt alternator/battery and then anything that is 6 volt (like instrument gauges) can be run on a 12v to 6 volt converter. My friend Gary at Merritt Electronics builds fantastic ones at great prices. You can even buy 6v-12v converters too. If you’d like to know more, feel free to private message me for details.
  2. I did both… I kept the gauges 6 V and converted everything else to 12 V :-)
  3. Thank you!!! So excited to share!! That raw 90 horsepower makes it hard to drive the wheels off, but we'll get there eventually! :-)
  4. Well everyone.. SHE'S ON THE ROAD!!!! Far from done.. but are they ever???!!! I wanted to share this video with you all of my maiden voyage!!! 1938 Studebaker State Commander Maiden Voyage 2018
  5. Thank you. Yes, that was one slight mod made BEFORE I was able to locate those parts, so I turned them into something else. The switch to the right now operates newly installed under dash lights and the former headlight switch now operates the fog lights. ?
  6. So.. I am going to update a album of photos of the process and let you all in on the restoration.. I will add some photos elsewhere, but here is a sneak peak at some of the pics... :-) https://photos.app.goo.gl/OQuYWIoDYVoZu3b43
  7. I heard first hand from the man who sent those seals to him.. nothing I want to type in here, but yes, it was supposed to be him, it was many years ago.
  8. Yes indeed!! I shopped for a week before going with these... the white walls are bigger and they look incredible!!! http://www.lucasclassictires.com/600-16-Lester-3-7-8-WW-65807L.htm?categoryId=-1
  9. Here is a sneak peek of my wheels freshly mounted... another surprise coming soon!! :-)
  10. Thank you again for including this… I have seen all of these pictures on the Internet but it sure is awesome to see them all in one location and know who did it thank you for the work !! That took quite some time for you and appreciate the passion!!
  11. That's great and appreciate it..(Yes there are a few manuals available and such) I've been restoring my 38 for about 5 years and have googled for that long about specific items relative to my car/model, Ebay searched til my fingers have fallen off and have seen about the same 5 or 6 pictures and old photographs from 1938. I"ve been restoring and modifying cars for many years....I'm just trying to post pictures and items that are not readily seen or available online..(especially as the culture moves to other vehicles that are more accessible.... if your article including photos and descriptions is still available digitally, I'd love to make sure a link is here in this thread too since it seems to be gaining some traction. Thanks for your support and look forward to checking out the article.
  12. I don't , but my buddy does... he posted in this thread :-)
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