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  1. Thanks! for some reason I didn't find the lower priced trucks. Duh.... I'll pass them on. Wayne
  2. Not me but a friend is looking for a Chevy pickup 1951- 1953. I think up to low $20,000's. Of course the amount he'll spend depends on condition and location of truck. Western U.S. best but open to finds. Thanks Wayne
  3. I have four used Coker 760 X 15" Bias ply tires. (3" white wall) approx. 7.5 years old. good tread. Used approximately 9,000 miles on my '41 Buick. Could be used as replacements for casual driving or spare. (Require tubes) Any value? any Interest? Just asking. Wayne 41 Buick
  4. Thank you all for the feed back. I am ordering radials. (Diamondbacks Matt🙂) Yes these will be for my only collector car the '41 Buick Super 51
  5. Looking for some feed back. re: Is it time to replace my 8.5 year old Bias Ply tires. Treads very good. Sidewalls appear to be good with no obvious cracking. Tires have been on the road 10K miles. Should I replace these because of age? I am thinking of radials next because I don't trust tube tires now since one went bad on me a 60 mph. Appreciate any thoughts. Wayne 1941 Buick
  6. Looking good Neil.? I'd like to see it in black and white for that "real vintage" look?
  7. Had new brake shoes and master cylinder installed 500 miles back on my 1941 Buick Super. When I picked up the car I was disappointed the pedal was still on the low side and soft. Almost as low as when I took the car in for new shoes. Mechanic suggested I drive it a few hundred miles come back and he'd adjust the brakes. I did what I think is a normal break in for new shoes. So here is the question. Can the pedal height increase as brakes break in? They are now high on the pedal, firm and stop well so I'm happy. Just wondering how this can happen?
  8. Great photos Sebastien. Lots of interesting cars in a beautiful local. I always enjoy a car show when you can park on grass and have the big trees for shade. Makes for a perfect setting. Just have to say when I see that big '68 El Dorado my memories come back when I had one for my daily driver in the early 70's (pretty classy) usually got 7 miles to the gallon. I thought expensive to drive when gas was .33 cent a gallon.? I don't want to know what a fill up is in Euro's ?.but oh what fun it has to be. Thanks for posting. Wayne 1941 Buick Super
  9. Bonjour Sebastien? Thank you for posting the photos. I enjoyed them. Wayne
  10. Bought a new 77 Chrysler Cordoba. Owned it until 1984 at 98,000 miles. I don't recall having too many issues. Expect 10 mpg city and probably not more than 15 highway. Good luck
  11. I'm with Grog.. I don't know what a peep mirror is either. Maybe that's what mine are. If so the mirror area is very small (round 3 1/2" diameter ) and are extremely difficult to adjust. However once adjusted they do the job and I believe are correct for the era of the car. I bought mine from Bob's at a reasonable price. Good luck Wayne
  12. My Grandson Giulio age 9 with the '41 Buick during his Christmas visit from Italy.
  13. Thanks Bloo. Good information.
  14. Asking opinions. I notice my brake pedal getting soft the last few times I've had my car (1941 Super 51) out for a drive. Seems like it's down to about 1/3 above floor on stopping. If I push hard I get the normal feel of stopping but still kind of soft pedal. What I am asking is: are they due for a brake adjustment or maybe this is a hydraulic problem? I don't see any leakage on garage floor and I would think the brakes would have failed completely (pedal to the floor) if the fluid is being pushed out. As far as I know the brakes have not been manually adjusted since I got the car almost 10K miles ago. Prior owner had a new master cylinder and brake work but not sure at what mileage The car had 24K when I bought it. Now has 33,800. I admit I am not a mechanic so I'll get an appointment with the guy who knows what to do. Just asking. Thanks Wayne 1941 Super 51
  15. Great photos of great cars in a great part of the world. Thanks.