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  1. I am having a ball with it. I took it to a Hagerty show at the Indy track last year and got to drive the track at the end of the show. Porsche’s, vetted, mustangs, Lamborghini’s, muscle cars and my 38. I waited to be the last one in line. First lap 60 mph, 2nd lap 70mph and I’m maxed out. By the 4th lap I’m the straight away behind! But wait there’s a turbo Porsche stopped half way thru turn 4. I move to the inside to pass him, I’m 75 to 100 feet away the driver sticks his hand out the window, waves and is gone in an instant! Great laughter for us, the Porsche driver and the chase car behind me. We did 15 laps pulled off and all compared the ride. I was the only one that did all 15 laps and never lifted! Take that Porsche drivers! Pre war rules! Have fun.
  2. If you use tung oil be sure it is pure tung oil as someone posted earlier and not a mixture. It’s expensive and can be found in most good wood working stores. That is going to be a good looking steering wheel when you are done. Have fun.
  3. The 38 Studebaker was ina barn for 40+ years well stored high and dry. It was covered in 40+ years of barn dust but no rust. Hauled it home washed it. Rebuilt the engine, Trans, rear end, brakes, front end and electrical (still 6 volt - average battery life has been over 4 years). We were going to paint it but thought let’s take the time and buff it to see what it looked like. It still has the original paint, some fenders are a little bare of black and the area below the gas cap is primer only but it’s still original. I did have to do the seats as every time you sat on it you took a lot of it with you on your backside. It’s my daily driver. It’s out of the garage at least 3 to 4 times a week. The only reason I drive our other car is if I’m in s hurry, if I’m in the 38 every stop has at least 15-20 minutes of guys asking questions about it which is fun but time consuming. I believe Edinmass said it best (I think it was his post on page 2 or so) all it took was time money and craftsmanship. I took the time, spent the money and was lucky enough to have very good craftsmen friends to help. It may not be the most classic vehicle to restore and own but it’s mine, it runs well is a ball to drive and my wife doesn’t mind that I usually have two blondes in the back seat ( my good buddies Gracie and Sophie) Buy and restore a prewar! Have fun Dave S
  4. Saw it and liked it. You may want to watch a movie called “The 24 hour war”. It’s on Netflix for free. Documentary about Ford/Ferrari. It gives a much more accurate picture of the story. The current movie is worth seeing. Have fun Dave S
  5. Ting oil ! I used it on black walnut I put in the bed of a 49 F3 Ford pickup. Brings out the grain, protects the wood. Looking at that wood expect it to really absorb the oil. Thin coats let it soak in, rub it out and reapply. It’s going to take more than one or two coats of any oil. Have fun. Dave S
  6. VL2. Life can be cruel and hard. .Your folks provided you with a good life and great memories that you can fall back on during those stress times. You will have hard days but you’ve got one or two of your dad’s favorite cars to go out and take a drive in to put a smile on your face. My daughter will most likely be the one that has to get rid of my stuff and I just hope she remembers the good times I’ve had with all the treasures (to me, I’m sure junk to her) in my garage. Have fun dave s
  7. VL2. I was just rereading this as I wanted to pass it along to some friends and realized you qualified your last post with “ My real life is much tamer than that these days. 😂” So are you saying you were a wild thing (like some of the rest of us) in your younger days?
  8. Sports cars. Austin Healy’s, MG’s, Alpha’s, E-type’s (in my dreams), Morgan’s, Lotus’s (but I can’t really fit), Z cars -260-280-300, Honda S-2000, until my back problems messed up my legs so now it’s pre-war affordable things like this 38 Studebaker. Have fun Dave S
  9. When we moved to Lexington KY 18 + years ago we would go to the Keeneland yearling horse sales. The second or third year we watched the shake of Dubai spend 41 million on one year old thoroughbred horses in less than three days. They spend money on their hobbies when they want too and see potential to make more off of it. Dave S
  10. I have s 38 Studebaker ( I know it’s not the same thing) but I’ve put two new pan gaskets on and it still leaks oil. On mine the rear main gasket is wood. I’m sure they changed by 49 but I look at it as if it’s not leaking some (not as much as yours) it’s out of oil! Try a new oil pan gasket. If you go with new bolts be POSITIVE they are correct size. Robert Kaplan — is a great source for parts. He’s older and takes his time but he has a lot of parts. He is on the forum and checks the Studebaker forum often. You should post on that forum also. Have fun Dave S
  11. Very good VL2 the whole group around our table had a good laugh over that. Now half of them are looking for a cab to take home. Dls
  12. Great looking car. If you keep doing this you’re going to have to build a second building! Dave S
  13. I’m sure you are right about the studs but the question is does the cost savings offset the cost of heat loss on something like that. On that house my neighbors were spending about $200 a month back then for about the same size house with conventional batten insulation. Your inner two inch foam would save more but is it worth the cost. I’m sure your research will answer that as the rest of this building has been done so well Have fun dls
  14. Back in the 80’s (I understand that’s ancient history to some of you) we built a 3600 sq ft house and the contractor convinced me to go with the spray on foam insulation. The company made a deal with me if our heating bill was more than $350 for the 4 months of Nov thru Feb they would refund the cost of the insulation. It was a cold winter and the total was $341. I’ll never forget that number and was amazed they were so accurate. At the time they were just starting to use that type of foam in the Chicago metro area. It was used quite a bit in Canada. The house still has low heat bills compared to neighbors. You may think of using that type insulation Have fun dls
  15. Auburnseeker if it’s done it’s party time! Looks good hope you enjoy using it after all that work to get it this far. Now for the inside! What are your plans? Have fun Dave S
  16. Around here men and women use one finger to indicate their feelings😳
  17. Tell the guys in “Too Gear” three wheel cars are stable. I can’t remember what the episode was called but it was very funny. I believe one of the guys made it a hundred feet before he tipped it over. Have fun
  18. We were on Rt 53 in the burbs of Chicago. Traffic was stop and go as usual in Chicago. We were in our Ford F-350 with another couple when we stopped next to a beautiful Porsche we had been admiring as we inched along. Imagine our surprise when we looked down on it and realized there were two people in the Porsche! We have always kidded about the PORSCHE GIRL when ever we see that other couple. I'll let you use your imagination as to what was going on. Have fun
  19. Matt Harwood the very best way to ensure you get the car you expect is for you to spend the money you intend to spend on an inspection on an airplane ticket instead. Go see it yourself and there will be no mistakes. If you don't, and the car isn't what you expect, you have only yourself to blame (although a whole bunch of grown men in this hobby try to whine and complain their way out of taking responsibility for buying a used car they didn't even bother looking at--don't be that guy) This is the only way to be sure you get what you think you are buying. I spent 2 months talking and emailing a seller about a Jag MK IX. He sent me about 200 pics covering every part of the car. He was even willing to arrange shipping. I still bought the ticket to go from Lexington to Seattle to check it out. The frame was sitting in mud! Every one of those picks had to be twenty years old. If you want to be In a hobby It’s going to cost something so be sure and check it out yourself. Arrange to have help if you don’t know squat about it but go in person. Have fun Dave S
  20. Probably when I ordered it, paid for it then saw it was made in China. Happened more than once.
  21. If you own the car and are the driver the rumble seat is not a problem! If your in the rumble seat it can be sweet depending on who is in it with you! Sometimes it’s good not to be the driver! Have fun Dave S
  22. Carl I too was very happy to be home and a PFC (proud fing civilian) again. Made that rank 3 times, sp4 twice and sp5 once the last pfc was the best. Didn’t need any parades but also didn’t need a long hair kid calling me a baby killer as I walked through O’Hare airport with my family and girl that met me. No parades just respect for the uniform if not for the person. Dave S
  23. I had a 49 1 ton I did a frame off. Drove it twice and realized with my back problems cutting off the nerves in my legs I was afraid I couldn’t get to the brake pedal fast in an emergency. Loved the truck. I put a black walnut bed floor in it and moved the gas tank to the back of the bed and switched out the widow makers Otherwise stock.
  24. Combat engineer USArmy draftee 67-68. Spent 6 months at Walter Reed recovering but was one of the lucky ones. Still have all my limbs. We use to have to help the guys in chairs go from building to building as many did not have ramps only stairs. There were 8-10 guys in a 4 man ward and we would bet if the plaster falling from the ceiling would hit anyone. It is better today but they still deserve more for being willing to go in harms way. The kids today deserve much more than they get. I would love to see every kid of a fallen hero get a full ride to the best college they could get into. They deserve that and more for loosing a parent. God bless them all and thank you for serving Dave S