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  1. The two of you are now going to put together another mystery guess the mfg/model of the new red machine with good looking headlights. Easy Rita Hayworth! Wait a minute I’m showing my age. Looking forward to more clues. dave s
  2. The “black” car and the other “black” car. some how we know which car we mean.
  3. If it was a Ford you could get any color as long as it was black! dave s
  4. Joe, knee replacement is not bad. I was up walking next day, full flexibility in a week. That was my seventh operation on that knee. Do the exercises, the pain is minor and temporary, if you don’t do it it can be miserable for a very long time. Hope all goes well. dave s
  5. Most recent was 15 laps on the Indy track in the 38 Studebaker. Never lifted! It was fun. dave s
  6. I’ve had a Sears & Roebuck shotgun for 59 years! It still shoots well and can bring down a daily limit of pheasant, so don’t disparage inexpensive shotguns they work just fine in the hands of someone that knows how to shoot! Have fun dave s
  7. Ed, this thread gets better and better with each White you buy. I think you should start negotiating with the museums that have the three on display. They most likely need some work done on them and then the rest of us could enjoy your progress! Have fun. dave s
  8. Jack I wish you luck. I would come by and help you but seeing my expertise is totally watching transmission repairs and rebuilds I don’t know how much help that would be. Hang in there I am sure you and guys/gals that know about these Dodges will get it solved. Have fun dave s
  9. Could one of the gears be installed backwards or upside down? I know absolutely nothing about transmission gears on a dodge or any other car. I had a friend help (that means he did all the work, I watched) as he knew what he was doing.
  10. What do you think an OAK log (I was told it is OAK) like this would bring today? Pic was from an old saw mill in KY.
  11. I’ve had Austin Healys, MG’s, Jags, Datsun Z’s, Nissan Z’s, old Ford pickups and the current Studebaker as our fun/2nd car. Never had the money for a true “collector” car but I’ll bet I had more fun with the money I spent on these cars than I could possibly have with one collector type car. Total output may have been close and I’m sure total return would come out far less. That’s ok because it’s what we did enjoying all of them and the pure joy the first time we took any of them out for a ride that matters in a hobby we enjoy. That’s the return you can’t put a price on. Have fun. dave s
  12. This title needs to be changed ASAP so it is more accurate and helpful to all going to the event. I’m sure attendees will appreciate it more. Have fun
  13. I may have the oddest marriage arrangement of all but it’s worked for 51 years. She has all say about decorating the house and I get all say about what’s in the garage. It’s worked but her side has been much more expensive than mine but mine has been a lot more fun! At least from my point of view. Now to figure out how I can fine the $$ to equal what she’s spent. Have fun dave s
  14. Some of us don’t worry about picking up women as we have a wife we married that is way above our station in life and better looking than we ever thought we would find. Plus I already get to have a young blond Miss Gracie (well 15 years old Use to have two but Miss Sophie is gone) riding in the back seat. So any Rolls or Bentley would be nice to have in the garage.
  15. As long as it’s with a forum member at least you would feel comfortable. He could even verify it was literature and not just old newspapers. If I remember correctly the last thing you need is another Walmart deal.
  16. Randy, you might check with a UPS store in Reno. They may go and pick up the boxes and pack & ship them. The $200 would certainly be a very good fee for the owner to drive the 60 mile or so round trip. The rest would be normal stuff for them. Hope you find a way to get it done. dave s
  17. I was 94th runner up! So I guess I get to watch from outside the gates! Bummer.
  18. Buy it, if you don’t you will be kicking yourself every time you see one or think about it.
  19. In stead of just holding that over people’s heads why not say what the company name, location and contact info is? It would help guys looking and the company!
  20. The coil in my 38 Studebaker was bad. Went with a Pertronix Flame Thrower #45001. Works great.
  21. I’m sure Ed is just excited about all the new info he is getting to go over and stories he has heard. Given time he will correct his errors and tell us the rest of the story. Don’t disparage him as I’m sure we all want the story of the “Great White” to continue.
  22. Ed, if the sale receipt is 1940 the original owner couldn’t have driven it in 1942. Not trying to be picky just want your story to be documented correctly as it’s just a great story.
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