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  1. A drone with a good camera would answer all of these questions. Just don't get shot down by the owner! Dave S
  2. At 200 miles an hour upside down five feet of the ground "NEXT" is not going to be pretty!
  3. I didn’t waste mine. I had fun! A little crazy but fun !
  4. The cash cow of newspapers were the classified ads. Pages with multiple columns of small ads turning over every three days or so and all cash. That gave newspapers cash flow. The Sunday ad sections brought in a lot of other cash but it was slower to come in as it was usually billed to corps. The online advertising took all that away and newsrooms cost a lot of $$$. Most magazines are using outside writers instead of in-house staff writers for cost savings. I work with the oldest automotive magazine in publication that started as a wagon freight hauling publication and switched to autos in the early 1900’s. It was a monthly of 90,000 circulation And over 100 pages per month. and in the last 10 years has gone to 2500 quarterly circulation at 36 pages. It will not be around much longer. it’s called progress! Right Dave S
  5. I never referred to cash. I referred to liability and that does not change no matter how much cash you have on hand. I also said if they file chapter the court will recognize that liability and you may get some form of compensation but don’t hold your breath for a check. if they close the doors you are SOL. I don’t really care as I have nothing to do with this pub. I was simply trying to give some subscribers possible options of what they might expect. Seeing they sent some hard copies out but possibly not all I would bet based on my experience in the industry if you had an email registered with the. You got the electronic version if not you got the print version. one more point the USPS will be the first to get any $$ as they do not mail without $$. The printer contract will state they are next in line after any secured debts. The subs without emails will be just above those with emails so the chance of you seeing anything other than an electronic version or a completely different magazine that accepts the liability to acquire to mailing list is less than slim. Have fun. Dave S
  6. That is basically what I am saying but if they are on an accrual method you may get something in the terms or another pub if on a cash method you will not see anything. Being part of the publication industry for the last 40+ years, I’ve seen it go both ways multiple times. More and more these last 10 years or so due to lost advertising/subscriptions to the internet. Dave S
  7. Publications are required to be on one of two accounting systems by law. They can earn income at the time they receive it - cash method- most new pubs do it this way as startup cost are high. Or they can accrue it over life of subscription by taking equal amounts of earnings each issue - called accrual method. Most older pubs do this as it is better tax wise. A pub is only allowed to change methods once in life of publication. if this pub is on accrual you may be able to get the unused portion of your sub back. If they are filing protection the court will recognize the unearned liability and you will get a check with a lot of luck. Most likely they will try to sell the sub list to another pub which will assume the time liability but not the financial one and give you the remainder of your sub term in their pub which you may have no interest in. The other possible outcome is they close their doors and you are SOL I wouldn’t hold my breath for the check as I doubt they will even say it is in the mail Have fun Dave S
  8. I’m with you Steve, it would be fun to go thru that collection just to see what’s there. I wonde if my first car as a kid back in 64 - a 57 DeSoto could be hiding somewhere in there? Dave S
  9. If you would tell us where in the SE you are (that really is a vague description of a location) it would probably get you more logical answers to your request. For example there is a cars & coffee in Augusta Ga once a month but that is not going to do you any good if you are in southern Florida or North Carolina. I hope you can find what you are looking for Dave S
  10. Steve. I understand the complexities of all of this and agree it is hard using multiple platforms. One thing I would suggest is just make sure the terminology use throughout the system is the same. If the instructions say “this term” and the site has “that term” a non tech subscriber member will go nuts trying to figure it out. As I’ve said this is a great association, probably the best I’ve ever been a member or did work for. I just want everyone to be happy with being able to keep enjoying it as much as I have. if any of my comments were mean or offensive I truly apologize for that was not the intent. I do think all of you are doing a very good job and appreciate your efforts Dave S
  11. 25 year olds should be more tech savvy than this 25 year old with 3 times the experience! But I also expect common sense which is probably my downfall
  12. They assign you a number, that number is unique to your account. They should not reuse those numbers. Computer storage is cheap and plentiful to store millions of names. How do I know that- I own a computer service bureau that specializes in circulation fulfillment for magazine subscription list. I process for over 100 magazines and a total of over 4 million names monthly. That’s a few more than the association has in its data base. It is on a laptop! If you subscribed and your sub expired three years ago you can still renew on line by putting in your account number and payment info into a secure site. If you don’t have your account number use your email address. If you don’t have your email use your name.! It’s not rocket science! Make it simple. Buy a program that works if you can’t get your I.T. Staff to do it right. It will pay for itself in good customer service if nothing else. it shouldn’t take multiple years to fix it. There I go another computer site rant or is this just an on going one. Sorry. I just get frustrated with technology that is so poorly presented. The association is better than what they present on the site and that’s just a shame Dave S edited to correct my misconception of thinking account numbers would not be reused. I’ve been corrected in that thinking. By reusing numbers it can cause problems for renewals IF those numbers get reused too soon after the original member expired. I firmly believe there is no valid reason to reuse them and that practice just complicates matters. This is a very good association I enjoy very much and just want to see it be the best possible experience for all involved. I appreciate having been told my thinking was incorrect. Dave S
  13. One problem with trying to put the cd’s on the computer. New laptops do not have cd drives anymore!
  14. Why have a site that says “Renew” that you can’t renew on and have to make a phone call to accomplish? I’ve had on line renewal capabilities on my circulation systems for the last 17 years. You can do a renewal, add, change or cancel and it doesn’t matter if you are an expired record or current. Over 30%of the average magazine subscriber renews at the last issue or late. Most pubs allow what is known as a grace issue or two. This site just needs to be fixed and it will greatly help the total membership database and numbers. It will pay for itself in keeping lost renewals. I’m sure you all know most people do not have the patience to work thru these problems and would just say the hell with it. sorry if this sounded like a rant but I really get frustrated with ridiculous sites like this when they can be good with a little common sense. Dave S
  15. Programmers, web site designers like engineers should have to use the app/site or have to fix the part in the field before they actually put it in use/production. I’m a computer service bureau owner and can’t stand the illogical sites these guys put up with instructions that don’t match the terminology for the process they are trying to have you do.
  16. This is a white wall you guys are talking about white line tires!😁 lol
  17. There is a fellow in KY with two 40’ semi trailers full of Studebaker parts his father purchased when they closed the plant in South Bend. He says he is going to go thru them and sell them as soon as he can find room to organize all of it. I talked with him three years ago. He has yet to open the trailers. What a shame he doesn’t realize what these parts could do for many collectors/restorers and he is a car guy! He owns a successful body shop, so has some idea of what parts mean to someone. just part of a crazy hobby I guess. Dave S
  18. Both uno’ s and duo’s were going strong a few months ago. Gino’s has franchise’s all over as does UNO’s
  19. I think you all better agree Chicago pizza is the best! Remember, Steve has the “to ban” or “not to ban” all of you ( I know Chicago pizza is the best so I’m safe!) ultimate power. 😳
  20. I don’t think they sell those in Title Town!
  21. This is a 33 I just saw listed that has some interesting paint.
  22. I grew up in Chicago - George Halas threw nickels around like they were sewer covers! Chicago pizza is great and impossible to match in other areas please don’t ban me I enjoy all of the old cars too much
  23. I’ve never met Steve but he must be a sensible, knowledgeable, with it guy if he quotes a Green Bay quarterback! Hopefully he is also a Packer fan.
  24. Steve I’ve heard it’s probably going to take more than coffee to get over seeing that character a few times in one night! LOL