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  1. Tinindian, the fox hunting I was speaking of was in Wayne Illinois! That’s a suburb of Chicago, about 30 miles west in the Fox river valley. There was a second hunt in Barrington Illinois about 10 miles north also. So I ask again, where can I collect the Bourbon? Dave S
  2. Looking at the picture the man is dressed for FOX HUNTING and they would be called HOUNDS, not doggies! In hunt country f you call them doggies you would pay a fine of a bottle of Bourbon for each HOUND called a doggie! Just wondering where I can collect the fines? LOL Dave S
  3. Sometimes, not always, what you are trying to copy does not "COPY" correctly. You may have to have your cursor in the highlited area for your computer tp copy it correctly. This has happen to some of our laptops that we intentionally have not upgraded software on because of customied software using binary sorts that the newer windows software will not support. These are usually computers with softwaare olded than windows 7 -- yes it is still very usualful software and the custom stuff is not worth redoing to woth with new systems. Dave S
  4. Soak it in Mystery Oil for a week and it will be ready to install ! Dave S
  5. Congratulations Keiser after all of that typing I hope you look better than this kaiser
  6. I know the camera man aboard the research ship. He was also aboard when they found the Indianapolis. It is an amazing ship and they spend a long time searching after months of research before they even head out to sea. Dave S
  7. Our family stories tells of coming from Ireland to Canada illegally and not finding work. To provide for the family the men started running Canadian liquor across the Great Lakes by fishing boats. Not very fast and wasn’t bootlegged booze but was profitable. Eventually they had enough cash to bribe their way into the good old USA. Settled in the Chicago Irish neighborhood and became pub owners with a good supply of whiskey throughout the probation era. LOL. Dave S
  8. Greyhound bus will also be reasonable for something like wheel Dave S
  9. You wouldnot want to get into a head on wreck with any of those trucks-- No air bags! Dave S
  10. I was born in 1946! Damn I’m old. I like prewar back to the early 30’s. Any British sports car no matter the age ( I must be like Lucas, not always the brightest) and anything in the 50’s and 60’s. I would love to be able to afford a 38 Packard V12 anything but can’t. I’ve rebuilt MG’s Healy’s, Ford pickups from 49 and early 70’s. I am an early boomer, married a girl older than me 48 years ago. I’m just me, so I don’t fit a general category and I like it like that. Have fun Dave S
  11. Grog right on! Power to the horse not to horse power! Have fun Dave S
  12. Jack M -- not trying to embarass you or anyone - it's just a fact 1st class mail cost the USPS a lot of money that the rest of the system has to pay for. Besides if you think of all of the other businesses like mine, printers, inksuppliers, paper mills, lumber jacks, press manufactures and a ton I can't even think of, it is far from a waste of money. My small business alone has 47 employees. The USPS system is the cheapest most effective system in the world. I still get very frustrated with it because of cost and delivery problems. Heck USPS employees go 'POSTAL' for a reason right? Be nice to that mail carrier. Junk mail is good for all of us. Have fun. Dave S
  13. Did you know until the movie camera was invented no one could prove a horse in full gallop had all 4 feet off the ground at the same time! Just a bit about true hores power. Have fun Dave S
  14. This would only make 1st class postage increase. I've been in the direct mail and magazine circulation fulfilment business for over 45 years. I owned the 2nd largest circulation fulfiment business in the Chicago metro area. So called JUNK mail has kept the postal system alive for years. On average a 1st class letter that you send to your next door neighbor gets handled by an average of 9 people in the post system to get delivered. JUNK mail which is required to be presorted to the order a mailperson waks/drives his route and It is prebundled so an average of 4 and a half to 5 people touch that mail. Plus the cost is based on weight and advertising percentage and if it is requested or non-requested mail. Requested mail is like a magazine you have subscribed to. Nonrequested is an advertising flyer you receive. On top of higher cost we must supply the USPS controlled bar code system on each piece, which cost thousands of dollars a year. That bar code has the zip +4 you might use (most 1st class does not get the +4) plus 3 more digits you never see. Also 1st classmail has a priority for the carrier to get it in your mail box within 3 days (not positive if that is that long it may be sooner) and periodical and standard mail is a maximium of 10 days to two weeks, agin I may be a little over on the time frame. Now where is the real cost of mail? So when you say it will hopefully stop some of that junk you are just hurting yourself. Besides I need to keep working to keep my car hobby going. Have fun Dave S PS- Most direct mail business looks for a less than 2% return to break even. Anything ove that 2% is a big success. So the mass mail system is profitable if 2 out of a hundred takes it thru the door and responds.
  15. I haven't read the C&D article, nor have I look at any sales figures for any model, make or year of cars except my 38 State Cammander Studebaker. Most of all, I don't really care about them. My only thought is could you both be correct? Tesla is #1 and MB outsells them, but neither of you paid attention to the details. One is talking about electric cars and the other is talking about GAS/DIESEL cars? Just a thought from a guy about as old as PADGETT but not quite, I hope. Dave S
  16. Padgett are you saying you are a hundred and going to be driving another 25 years? Wow my hat is off too you ! LOL Dave S
  17. Charley. Never buy anything that eats while you sleep! Dave S
  18. Did you see the electric motorcycle made by a 3D printer. Took a couple of days at a cost of $2500 all done by the printer except the motor and tires. They won’t sell it !
  19. My daughter teachers at a major university out east and of all things she teaches communications. The students don’t want to leave their dorms for class or to get food. So there are hundreds of these little robots running all over campus delivering food to generation Z college students! The funny part is when they run into a crowd of people they try to keep going by making a left and right a few times and finally just stop until the path is clear.
  20. “I’m tired of being told what to worry warming, ice cap melting, sea level rising, socialism coming to America...... According to a new House Member, in twelve years we will all be dead from climate change I suspect the days of the internal combustion powered car are numbered” Just a few of the comments from this interesting conversation. Peter, I think these may qualify as gloom. That’s ok, I was just saying I’ll ignore the doom sayers and enjoy my old car for as long as possible. I’m not sticking my head in the sand I’m just choosing to enjoy something before it’s all gone. Dave S
  21. My cars 80 I’m 72 predict all the gloom you want. I’m having fur driving the wheels off it. I’m sure it is going to outlast me. Have fun Dave S
  22. Depending on where you live, make, yr, model of car and assuming you have never been a gear head ( if it’s a 60’s) or a restorer or just simple mechanical ability I would look for a local club or chapter of AACA for help. The above suggestions are excellent but also can run into dollars. Find someone local to help and get it inside ASAP. Post pics, keep us informed and most of all have fun it’s a great memory to enjoy knowing it was you dad’s. Dave S
  23. It’s a good looking door. With it installed the inside is probably up to a balmy 20-22 degrees. Just right for working and not breaking a sweat right? Looks good Have fun Dave S
  24. TerryB my mainframe that used $4 grand a month to run and cool was going to be the best system we ever bought. Now my business is being run better, faster and easier on a laptop! How could that happen in three years after we installed it?