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  1. Well, how about that? A monogram radiator mascot with your initial on it! What will they think of next? Thanks for all of your help- Paul
  2. Can someone help me to identify this radiator mascot? The Boyce Motor Meter is in excellent shape. The dog handles are made of pot metal. What car manufacturer takes the "M"? Thanks
  3. I have a 1924 Gardner touring car with a Lycoming, 4 cylinder engine, nbr CE7525. I am looking for a Westinghouse distributor body, type JN series. I am in need of the steering spark controls and rod. Similar steering wheel, controls, and column were used on Hupmobiles, Reos, Any help would be appreciated- thanks
  4. Looking for a good 1929 Studebaker, President, model FE camshaft. The engine is an inline straight 8 and a 337.0 cu inch. Thanks for helping
  5. I do have a Wagner generator I bought several years ago. It was marked studebaker and I thought it would fit my car at the time and it does not. The generator will have to be rebuilt and I am not electrical savy to talk on diodes. It is for sale.
  6. Try vincent@cassidybros. com for wheels. His name is Vin Cassidy. He works quite a lot and may be hard to reach. His telephone number is 978-758-0834. good luck
  7. We are in need of the valve cam lobes and compression release cam lobe for this engine. The cam lobes have been "overly repaired" and we are not getting the correct valve clearance. If anyone has a engine breakdown diagram with the valve lobes to machine new lobes, or a good set of lobes that we can use to have another set machined would be appreciated. I have sent out an inquiry on the www.hcca.org site to the person in Canada who owns this same model car. No response by email or telephone. Keeping history alive- Paul
  8. Is the car still for sale? thanks Paul
  9. I am inquiring if there is a one cylinder car club? I tried to google it, but can not find any more information. Is it part of the AACA? I am trying to do some research on an engine. Thanks
  10. Ok Y'all, First off is that I may not be the brightest light bulb in the 6 pack, but I would like to share with you what I learned over the last two days. I had to use a mirror to find the allen head hex screw that holds on the light switch. I am a hands on person and I got a lead from Ebay.com on a light switch that was flipped over to show the allen head hex screw. ( I try to use everything available when searching for information and ebay is one of them.) I was able to remove the light handle. Next, was the nut that hold everything together. I reread Matt's email an
  11. Thank you for everyone's help and support- Paul
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