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  1. Don't let one fall on you!!! This yard had them stacked 3 high.
  2. Lawsuits are bringing this country to its knees!
  3. If your work is prepped thoroughly any paint on any lacquer will be compatible.
  4. If the casting is good why not rebuild? New isn't necessarily better unless you get a warranty.
  5. Lucas may be able to supply good correct tubes with nickel stems installed, you should ask them. Coker sold me my tubes so fitted.
  6. Are you serious? Is it because it is an orphan now?
  7. I would think tire troubles would be a concern on an Octoauto! After some research I agree the inventor was trying to extend tire life. It had a 175" wheelbase!
  8. Call EGGE machine they can direct you as well as supply parts. Call us! 800-866-3443
  9. Why not buy the A set and check to see if you can make them work for you. The ones you show still have life in them.
  10. He should offer it to the hobby at a scrap price, win-win. Sell the LaSalle parts the same way!