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  1. There are things that will dissolve Aluminum Oxide. try the internet for the solution.
  2. You'll need a bigger socket or open end wrench, or maybe grind/file the heads to fit the socket you have. These things will come to you easier as you work on these old cars.
  3. No severed heads or cocaine, but I sell what I call glovebox goodies. They are small packets of year/era specific items you can add to your car if it didn't come with anything exciting to find when you purchased the car. Most years available, includes things such as folios, letters, coins, stamps, ads, and many other things you might find in an old car glovebox. Your year car with that year appropriate junk, Just for fun! $10. post paid.
  4. JFranklin


    Don't worry about needing zinc in your car. It is supposed to keep you immune system strong I've heard.
  5. The train in "The General" was crashed in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
  6. If swap meet officials could intice an auctioneer to go around near the end of the day to each vendor site that wants it, and offer the dregs to the highest bidder there would be sellers that wouldn't need to reload and take home anything much.
  7. Are you near any Amish wood workers? Or find someone with a lathe.
  8. Here is my barn turned Livery. And this will be someones "barn find" after I croak. The car on the trailer was a true barn find with 1957 license plates.
  9. Are these interchangeable with the model T car? I'm not familiar with you tractor.
  10. My local tire store supplied tubes for my model A Ford. Try it.
  11. I have an old steering box and column but how do I determine the type?
  12. My mom wanted me to be a politician, or at least she said I should be one. But now that I'm older I'm thinking it was because she thought I liked to argue too much!
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