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  1. You should try the jacking instructions in the owners manual.
  2. Some day if I can find the photo I'll show a bunch of plates I have restored. One thing to remember is the colors have to be correct. I have found also that if it says they are red that is the color to use, not ruby or sunset or other fancy name. the dark yellow is safety yellow like used on road stripes and curbs. A light blue/gray for a 1918 plate I found in a rattle can called colonial blue. the back sides of many vintage Oregon plates were left in a drab primer I believe and I use cam or flat olive drab. If needed I have a color description sheet for Oregon plates.
  3. You can use restored YOM plates in Oregon since 1983. Here are the laws regarding that. https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/805.210
  4. Can you take a measure of the other guides in the block to determine the answer?
  5. The packing sold at Model A parts houses, if the right size, are a better option as they are not abrasive like corded packing. What Dia. is your shaft?
  6. I have used restored plates in Oregon. Where did you get your information? Is this a new requirement?
  7. Go to your post to edit and click on the 3 dots (...) in the upper right corner of the post. Now you can choose edit.
  8. Should it be replaced if it is in good condition and no other work is being done? Or are you saying just put it back in? Sorry, I get confused easily.
  9. Stand farther back and take a photograph of the complete engine so we can take a guess.
  10. Not sure of the old but this might work. https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ProductDetail/A-7562_CLUTCH-RELEASE-BEARING-SPRING?fromCategory=SearchByKeyword
  11. From Flivverking's figures a champion 3X used in Model A Fords would be the closest new plugs to what was used originally in your car. They can be bought/ordered at most auto supply stores Part # 429. They are a take apart plug like the early originals.
  12. Back then plugs were sold by hole size, thread pitch, heat range and reach. There are new plugs that will fit your car. What type does it have now?
  13. A good hardware store might have one.
  14. You could soak it in a less flammable solvent such as kerosene and follow the rest of the instructions.
  15. Watch the fingers when using your table saw.
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