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  1. My guess is the paint is lacquer. It can be polished to a shine until it is gone.
  2. Ok, I did a bit of searching so here is the link. Go to July 27 2008. He starts working on the oil filter.
  3. Maybe a throw away type like original would be more practical to reproduce and would continue demand. There is a hupmobile thread a few years back that details making this type of filter for use with a hidden replaceable spin on. The unit looked perfect to my eyes.
  4. I agree they are only original once. Maybe a bit of solder and a Dremel tool could make them acceptable. usually that type of damage is caused by a sagging door or loose nail in the bottom of the door, so check before remounting the sills.
  5. Nice trip, but I felt sorry for the poor transmission. Do you try double clutching?
  6. Don't get too excited with what you see on the speedo, might have been around the block once or twice. It looks like a fun project. Welcome to these forums and show us more when it gets out into the daylight.
  7. Any fitting that might have a minor leak near the carb will allow the gas in the line to siphon back to the tank. Maybe a back flow restrictor at the tank might be more useful if this is the case.
  8. That sounds about right. Why use different? I'm not sure about the OD but you can find something close.
  9. A saw will work just be careful.
  10. BrakeKleen, or acetone will remove most of the contaminate, then bury them in kitty litter for a few days (longer is better) and you will be able to re-use the linings
  11. Maybe Model T truck wheels. Removing the tires will be a good start to be able to sell them.
  12. Smaller screwdriver? Do you have a photo?
  13. I guess I needed to enlarge the photo, yes I see it now.