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  1. I bought one sized for my '36 Chevrolet but haven't installed it yet. I was contemplating making a few up for a few friends since they are just canvas covered felt with a few properly spaced grommets.
  2. As to your last question I have a hobby offshoot where I build just such set-ups for my friends in the old car hobby. They are for any specific year and no 2 are the same but are similar, $10. P.P. Send me a PM if there is any interest.
  3. Ok, it just helps to slow spam and scammers. I sent you a note to see if you could get them.
  4. What do they look like? What do they fit? Nevermind I found them.
  5. Sometimes if a clutch gets dirty or oily it will do this. Sometimes it can be helped with a soaking of Brake-Kleen or allowing the clutch to slip enough to cut dirt. If you are going to go to the trouble of replacement it won't hurt to try some old backyard fixes. I do not know a Buick clutch and others need to give you specific help.
  6. If you have spark and compression you should add some gasoline and make sure the engine runs. That will make a big difference in attracting a buyer and also the price you will get for it. What you show is nice and it would be a shame not to maximize your take. Having your email address in the ad isn't a good Idea. let people contact you through this site with a PM
  7. I think first you need to know what may be worn or out of adjustment. Shoe linings are available, springs can be sourced, bushings can be made, but other things might be harder to get. Do you have any shop literature covering your car's brakes? If not start there. There are restoration shops that can redo braking systems if you want to go that route also.
  8. My car has a recessed set screw holding the handles on. Maybe the hole is plugged or bondo covered.
  9. I've never seen a Columbus car, but I have seen an Indian Motorcycle. This holiday wasn't too special for me but I did have an Italian dinner!
  10. Ok I learned of this in an automotive class in school. The trick is to run the cool engine at high idle and inject water mist at a rate that just allows the engine to run increasing a bit until a stall. He said to leave it set overnight and start it the next morning. The teacher warned that a mess would be exiting the tailpipe so it shouldn't be done in your clean garage.
  11. If you want to use modern tires, take a rim to a tire store and have them make recommendations. The use of radials with or without tubes will be determined by the wheel itself.
  12. It's simple, they know we are getting up in years. It is a form of directed marketing!🛏️
  13. Dirty contacts? even if new maybe.
  14. Oven cleaner works good on greasy grime also and washes off with water.
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