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  1. Stop in at a good hardware or NAPA store. or an older brake shop with your old spring and get the closest match.
  2. How are they different from many other makes common wing nuts?
  3. If you are happy you'll think of a way to make her happy!
  4. Maybe you could make your fortune making these for those places that don't cary them!
  5. How did it appear that EGGE Machine won't make them for you?
  6. Epoxy has worked for me as Frank described (light duty), but a helical works best were torque is needed,
  7. It looks like it would work. Is Doodlebug a specific make? I thought it was a slang expression.
  8. Try to use non ethanol gasoline, fuel pump diaphragms melt with alcohol, rubber gas lines also. I believe the cash for clunker scheme was because cars were leaking fuel and catching fire and it was a way to mitigate liability.
  9. It just means it is bonded to the rod rather than as an insert.
  10. They have very little value. you could offer them on Ebay and see what you could get.
  11. What would be in a kit? You might try any engine rebuild shop or machine shop. Try a NAPA store also.
  12. Try and find some 32X31/2 if the others are not available I guess.
  13. Is that a bad thing? The WAYMASTER tire in the link looked really nice and would fit. It isn't an excelsior tire.