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  1. JFranklin

    1933 Stude

    One too many digits in the price.
  2. JFranklin


    If you find out where it supposedly is located(address) I'll go take a look. Or tell them you'll buy it C.O.D..
  3. JFranklin


  4. They are used to keep the radio quiet.
  5. JFranklin

    1926 Chrysler F58 Help

    Here are some ideas.
  6. JFranklin

    What have you ploughed up

    I found an old set of cast iron muffler ends where the cable guys were digging. I have seen a lot of 1930s cars used for riverbank erosion control.
  7. JFranklin

    head/manifold gasket replacement questions

    It is all risky, I like a product that is fine dry metal powder that finds the leaks but cannot plug the system. One such product is named Alumaseal. There are others out there also. The Exhaust gaskets are good until they leak, which will always be obvious when it happens.
  8. JFranklin

    Brushes for starter motor

    What ever happened to First class postage? Flat rate is always more expensive for light weight items.
  9. JFranklin

    Demountable Rims

    I like to tighten fasteners by hand and then see what a torque wrench says then I know the feel needed by hand. My friend Mr Armstrong always tried to prove is name and snapped more than 1 bolt, so don't reef on them before you judge your strength.
  10. JFranklin

    1923 Head removal

    If it is in the car try to start it. If it doesn't run still see if compression will loosen it. Use lots of penetrating oil and maybe some heat. Good luck.
  11. JFranklin

    FS For Sale 1932 Reo Royale 8-35 Sedan

    A very nice restoration! It will quickly sell I am sure. !932 autos seem to be a pinnacle year in styling as the manufactures were trying to stem the losses in the depression.
  12. JFranklin

    Graham Hollywood Bearings

    Be careful replacing bearings, only do it if the old ones are damaged. Some of the new made ones are foreign junk. You can buy bearings by pertinent dimensions if you can't find specific ID.
  13. JFranklin

    Graham Hollywood Bearings

    Don't the original bearings have the # on them? Look closely, I have never seen an unmarked bearing.
  14. JFranklin

    Brake leak location

    I'm guessing the air molecule is smaller than the fluid. I agree the shoes need a couple thousandths clearance and all needs to be bled by the book, then go look for other causes. I couldn't get a good pedal on an old truck and found the drums had been turned so thin they were just flexing with the shoe. They looked plastic when I had the wife push the pedal while I watched the drums.
  15. JFranklin

    Brake leak location

    The shoes only need to move a few thousandths of an inch to actuate stopping.