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  1. Why not form the parts and do the terne coating with a torch and solder?
  2. Nice looking car but definitely needs a set of top saddles!
  3. I had an old tank full of varnish and used a gallon of carburetor dip cleaner in it for a few days sloshing it all around. When I HOSED IT OUT IT WAS VERY STINKY BUT QUITE CLEAN. (CAP LOCK ERROR!)
  4. I would only use sealer as a last resort If I couldn't find a better or new tank. A bit of oil in the tank with the gasoline will keep the rust at bay.
  5. I think the black oil and smoke is because the car is running way too rich.
  6. First off every time the car is run activate the wiper a few sweeps to keep it limber. A canister can be made out of a soup can or such to hold more vacuum. I have seen plans in one of the magazines. Maybe you can locate the article somehow. There are also diagrams showing how to oil the motors.
  7. I would bet there is excessive taper in the bore, it tends to work the piston & rings too much causing failures.
  8. Nice job you'll love it when it is done, I like the bold interior a lot.
  9. If I used cotter pins I would sure want them to have the same strength as true safety wire used in the industry. the Photo shows safety wire placed incorrectly I believe. It looks as if it would not hold the bolts in tension.
  10. That shaft needs to be clean and not greased. Maybe a spray of WD-40 or similar, ask the shop that inspects it. I didn't see any post detailing what the problem was. A lot of time it is inadequate current flow through wrong gauge or deteriorated wires or switches.
  11. That is how you get them. It is all about trust or sure of what you open. Many people run anti virus programs on their computers and are less wary. It's a brave new world!