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  1. Looking at the distributor cap and researching that cap, tells me that you have a 1924 -1927 engine. The tag on the distributor unit (if it is still attached) will be either a 368B or a 374B. I have all the internal parts for that distributor available NOS. The brass tag with the KB model indication is definetly an add on by someone in later years. KB models did not appear in the International line until 1946.
  2. I have about 15 of these NOS Conneticut coils for sale. They came out of an old parts house in Milwaukee some time ago.
  3. Peter, you forgot the one that they made for the V12 Buick that Walter Marr had made as a special project within the walls of Buick Motor Division. There is only one of two made that is left in existence. I had the opportunity to view this car and its motor several years ago in a Concours deElegance show.
  4. Peter, no Remy V 12 caps but I did have two of the caps for the D5 early V8 chevys Those are RARE too.
  5. I was with a customer several years ago and we looked at the remains of a Heine-Velox that he was considering to purchase. It did indeed have a Weidely V12 engine which totally was impressive. The engine still had the distributor tower that Peter posted a picture of. As I understand from reading the info on the Heine, only 6 were built and maybe 4 remain in existence.
  6. John, the correct make of brushes for the Stearns generator are Westinghouse. Added into the search is the question of whether the gen is early or late as the books list different numbers for the brushes. Evidently someone has changed the brushes to Bosch brushes (B78) to make it live a while longer. For the early unit, I have a brushes that are extremely close in length, width and thickness but don't know about the mounting screw C - C measurement. Best to probably call me and we can discuss. Tom 402-359-5762
  7. Does anyone have side view of an H45 or K45 with authentic side curtains? My K45 went to the upholstery shop this week for a top and side curtains. Thanks in advance Tom
  8. Old buicks 2

    1923 REO

    Call Tom at 402-359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com He has a boat load of that stuff
  9. The 16 Chevy has a Conneticut ignition system. They can be a bit tricky in the points area and also the rotor/cap area. Use the Volt/ohm meter to really check to make sure everything is working.
  10. Looking to purchase or at least a photocopy of an early LM distributor and oil pump gear catalog
  11. Best bet is to call this guy Al Suehring Amherst Junction WI 54407 715-677-3809 or570-0830
  12. This is what happens when you double click.
  13. Does anyone have a LM (Louie Meyer) gear catalog they would be willing to photocopy for me? LM was a major producer of replacement distributor and oil pump gears during the early years in the auto industry.
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