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  1. I just came into a few sets of the early Delco points that were used on Delco equipped cars from 1912 to 1915. I have both the battery and the "magneto" sides available NOS
  2. I just came into a few of the early Delco point sets for 1912 to 1915 cars. I have both the battery and the "magneto" side, NOS available for purchase
  3. I just came into a few sets of the early Delco point sets. Have both the battery and the "magneto" sides available
  4. I have a new gasket, but am now wondering it came with bolts or studs and nuts?
  5. What is a good way to seal the two bolts that hold the top water outlet to the head on the 28 Chevy 4 cylinder?
  6. KHR contact me as I have point sets, rotors and dist caps for this distributor. Tom 402-359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com
  7. KHR, I have the part numbers that Peter referred to in his last post. You may contact me at 402-359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com
  8. KHR, first of all we need to know which electrical system is on your car. Peerless used two systems on the 29 6-61. Distributor numbers were Autolite - IGB4023 and Delco was 631F. If you could put some pictures back on the forum, I can see what you need. Bud, Chrysler used three different distributors for the 28-29 model 62. (631A, 631B and 637N) Two of the point sets will work, one will not work. Also one cap that will work and two that won't interchange.
  9. Talk to Tom several posts back, he has LOTS of that kind of stuff.
  10. Also try Tom VanMeeteren 402=359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com He has LOTS of NOS ignition parts
  11. How much compression in each cylinder? Wet and dry
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