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  1. Ron, yes email is tsvanmeet@gmail.com Tom
  2. Hey guys, I'm on this one now. I need to know what model Dodge it is first of all. Selection is as follows: D6, D8, D9, D11 or D118. D6 and D9 call for a cutout, D8, D11 and D118 call for a voltage regulator. I have the cutout in stock and will have to check on the VR Tom
  3. Pictures of the correct cap with the original Autolite box. Picture is a little fuzzy, but clearly IGH1045. this cap is often confused with the IGH1029. Basically the same cap but the firing order is reversed.
  4. I'm loading the trailer Monday and Tuesday this week with NOS ignition parts for Hershey. Contact me at 402-359-5762 or 926-6909 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com to make sure we bring the ignition parts you need for your project. We will be leaving Thursday the Oct 3, so don't delay. We will also have a good selection of cotton wrapped spark and primary wire. Come see us at C4N 31-32 and sit a spell. Sorry, no beer. Tom
  5. Durant/ Star engine Continental W-5
  6. C Carl, no I don't have an item like that. Sorry Tom
  7. Dennis, contact me at 402-359-5762 or 926-6909 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com I have them Tom
  8. Dallas2 pictures of what I have Tom 402-359-5762 or 026-6909 Tom
  9. Avantey, I have them NOS contact me at 402-359-5762 or 926-6909 tsvanmeet@gmail.com Tom
  10. Dallas2, contact me at tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762 or 926-6909 cell. I have several of these caps and rotors. Tom
  11. I have ignition parts for them. Point sets, rotors and dist caps Tom VanMeeteren C4N 31-32 402-926-6909 cell on the grounds
  12. As Hershey gets closer, check to see what you may need as extras under the seat, or for the new project you just brought home. Give me a heads up at tsvanmeet@gmail.com to make sure we bring it along for you Tom
  13. Codeblue, yes I can help you out with the dist cap and hold down clips. I also have points and rotors available, everything is NOS. give me a ring 402-359-5762 or 402-926-6909 cell tsvanmeet@gmail.com Tom VanMeeteren
  14. I have several. Please contact me 402-359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com Tom