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  1. Looks very similar the engine in my 1920 K45
  2. I know where that dealership is. If fact, the owner had me completely rebuild the engine and trans about 4 years ago in the model T.
  3. Tom, what make model and year are you working on? Give me a call, we can discuss 402-359-5762 Tom
  4. Pete, I have them in stock. $10 plus shipping tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762 or 926-6909 cell Tom
  5. I checked your distributor number in the "big Delco book" and the AEA catalog for electrical parts. Cadillac used that distributor in 32 through 1937. I also checked to see if Marmon used the same distributor because they used the same distributor cap with only slight differences for their V16. Marmon distributors were different numbers even though they used the same basic cap.
  6. Brake and Equipment Warehouse Minneapolis MN Look up the details on google. We have had several sets in for new lining. Great service and fair prices.
  7. This is the cap and rotor for the K45 1920 Buick. I have one - NOS for sale.
  8. Contact Tom VanMeeteren 402-359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com He has LOTS of NOS ignition parts.
  9. I can turn the motor over by hand. Have loosened the adjusting nut on the slide and moved it forward and back with the switch on, makes no difference - won't motor. Attached another grounding strap - won't motor.
  10. Try this guy. He has done several units for us over the years and does great work. Jason Smith 16574 S Bauer Grand Ledge MI 48837 866-228-0218 company name is Advanced Electrical Rebuilders
  11. I had my M/G rebuilt and installed it on my 1920 K45 and it turned the engine as it should. Now I have rebuilt the engine and installed the M/G and it won't even spin at all. Battery is fully charged and unit it wired correctly. What gives??????????? All connections are clean and bright, starter cable is new 2/0 with soldered ends.
  12. plymouthcranbrook, as you might guess, we specialize in ignition parts and we deal with this type of stuff all the time. Guy calls up and orders points, rotor and dist cap for a 1925 Henway. Calls back about 10 days later and says "you sent me the wrong parts" No I sent you the correct parts for your 1925 Henway, someone has changed the distributor. Then the guessing game starts.
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