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  1. Nice car, you certainly can't restore one for the money
  2. Mars, I may have the parts you need. Contact me tsvanmeet@gmail.com or 402-359-5762
  3. 38 Buick, yes I have them in stock - NOS contact me 402-359-5762 or tsvanmeet@gmail.com
  4. John, contact me at tsvanmeet@gmail.com Tom
  5. I think may have found one locally. Will keep everyone posted. Thank you to everyone for looking. Old car fan, yes that is the fitting I am looking for.
  6. I'm looking for the brass fitting with the big hole in it that goes under the bolt that Old Car Fan posted a picture of. The fuel one is then soldered into the other end
  7. Thanks Mark, I will give them a call tomorrow. My only other option is to make one on the mill.
  8. Sorry, the correct phone number is 402-359-5762 I guess it does pay to proof read your post.
  9. Looking for the banjo type fuel fitting for a Stewart vac tank. Thank you advance, see picture below
  10. Looking for the banjo type fuel fitting for a Stewart vac tank. thank you in advance see picture
  11. Try Advanced Electrical Rebuilders in Grand Ledge MI Smith, Jason 16574 S Bauer Grand Ledge MI 48837 866-228-0218 electical rebuilds aerrebuild.com GOOD work, but slow We use him all the time, great guy
  12. I would try this: crack the bottom nut on the glass bowl and let it fill completely, even let it drip over a bit. then retighten the lower nut.