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  1. sorry for the bump but I have to sell this stuff
  2. There is a old Ford dealership building in Columbus, Nebraska that has the same type of decor in several places. I believe it was a building gargoil of type that was used in archateture of the early 20s period.
  3. Old buicks 2

    Maxwell rotor

    Howard, I speculate based on data and pictures from early ignition catalogs that the early ones are in the second picture are on the left (the fat one) Then progressing thru time the 2nd, third boxy style and then the counter balanced ones. Left photo shows the various sizes of shaft diameters. Last photo shows the same rotor, same shaft size BUT different length of contact point. I thought I had AK figured out, I found this in the box when prepping for the pictures. Back to a case study on Atwater Kent. Tom
  4. Old buicks 2

    Maxwell rotor

    Howard, I believe AK used only 4 rotors during their production run with one exception. The only difference I have noted is the dist shaft size or mounting hole size. The hole sizes used were 1/4 5/16 0.405 and 1/2 inch. That's why whenever someone contacts me regarding an AK system for parts, the first question I ask is the shaft size. I will take some pictures later today and post with some of the various rotors that were used. The only exception I mentioned is for the very early distributors and they were noticeably different from all the others. Tom
  5. Old buicks 2

    Maxwell rotor

    The numbers on distributor caps and rotors relate back to the mold number from which it was cast. Thus 19 would be the 19th hole or cavity in the gang mold. I have lots of those rotors, the jar in the picture is a large 1 gallon pickle jar. Atwater Kent used several different model numbers during their production run. H, H2 K2 CC CA LA and RA were some of the models of distributors that they produced. I have parts for all of them if you need.
  6. Contact Tom VanMeeteren he has lots of NOS ignition parts. 402-359-5762 or 402-926-6909 cell
  7. ttt sorry, my wife said sell more of that stuff
  8. Does anyone have the contact information for Larry McKenzie the spark plug guy? Thank you in advance.
  9. What plug number is anyone running in a 1920 6 cylinder? I have the spark plug cover plate and intend to run with it in place.
  10. These are just a handful of the many I have Tom
  11. AHa, contact me I have several of the NOS Tom 402-359-5762 or 926-6909cell
  12. Dave, other side is DR1829. I have both sets available NOS. 402-359-5762 or 926-6909cell Tom
  13. LCK81403, THANK YOU a BUNCH. I will send you a private email with my address
  14. Do you have any hood latches? I have a 20 K45 that I am restoring and someone decided to remove all the hood latches. I would like to borrow one if you have one and recast four of the top hook units. The rest I can make. Tom