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  1. We have a couple of German members here who might be able to advise if there is anyone nearby who can do it as an alternative
  2. Valves would be my guess to, the combustion chamber design seems like it would cause everything to settle back on the piston tops
  3. Outside of maintenance time, my 22 cadillac would be capable of my daily commute to work (which I haven't had to do in over a year) which the fastest section is about 45mph... would it be enjoyable sitting in heavy traffic probably not For the cars of the 20's you'd really need to be looking at the 'premium' marques to get near the performance
  4. I try and mostly get bits and bobs of things that will be difficult to get when I actually need them , but don't have anywhere near enough room to store a whole other car - so things like a spare block etc
  5. Also if your carb is not sealing you'll never get much pressure either Just hand pump it and see how far it will go
  6. do you ever see more than 2 1/2 pounds on the gauge? If so then it's not properly adjusted In normal operation mine sits around 1 lbs unless you stab the throttle when it will peak
  7. Would a balloon jack be a safer alternative? Seems like you’d be able to get it far enough back to let the axle drop
  8. https://bobsautomobilia.com/carburetor-items/marvel-carb.gasket-set-standardser.1926-28-gs-268/ says it's instock?
  9. I work on a very large site that is used by all demographics and we see fairly similar split with slightly higher mobile usage but apple products dominate the stats in mobile (very low in desktop though but corporate devices would skew it) - wonder if it's a country or demographic thing
  10. Send carbking a message or give him a call, he'll know the options best - I believe it's the same but can't recall if I just bought the type 59 and made it fit https://www.thecarburetorshop.com/
  11. Unless its been replaced it will be cork - there are urethane foam replacements that are available (https://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-3876-cadillac-johnson-carburetor-float-1920-type-59.aspx) that can be made to work as well but i needed to shave a bit off mine to stop it sticking
  12. There is a pressure relief valve built into the 22 fuel line that is designed to open at 2 1/2 pounds (which you should be nowhere near in normal operation) It's a fairly easy modification to add a fuel cut off inline as per edinmass's suggestion - I put mine in just before the strainer on the frame rail and mounted the switch (with built in LED) just under the hand pump It took a lot to get mine to the stage of not puking fuel all over the place but when fettled correctly and warmed up you should be able to throttle it right down with no excess gas coming out the tub
  13. I found it very enjoyable, and I do wonder if Jay ever looks on forums like this given there have been a few of us hoping for him to do a video on it. I prefer his pandemic editions in that you see more of the car rather than some guest Given the condition of the body work, I wouldnt' be surprised if they'd had to replace the wheels as well.
  14. I understand hotrods have their appeal, but what I don't understand is why you would advertise the car below as a "1926 Buick" - is it done because of preferential registration treatment? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1926-Buick-Roadster/164796455150?hash=item265ea258ee:g:IzsAAOSwNzRf3CHl I suspect many members on here will have a similar opinion as me on this car, but I'm more interested as to why it would be being represented as a "1926 Buick"
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