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  1. Some manufacturers were better than others, particularly as time went on - by the 20's the cadillac manuals are ok but quite often you'll just get to a point where it just tells you something vague like "remove" and it will be something quite involved (or use a special tool with no description of what it even is or how to use it)
  2. Thought I would create a companion to the photos thread for sharing period videos! I'll start the ball rolling with this recently restored 1949 film promoting a seaside holiday in country Victoria, lots of different cars from the period (mostly 1920-1939 very few post ww2 cars) What else have people seen?
  3. Cadillac's of the time used a pliar with two studs on it for the kelsey rims - I've changed tyres both with it and without it, with the correct tool you can change a tyre in about 5 minutes
  4. Alright finally got another chance to play with it and I'm still no closer to understanding what's going on Turn signals flash perfectly when the car is turned off and stay on while the car is running, things I tried today with the same result Added a rectifier (no change) Bypassed the signal-stat and connected an indicator to the flasher can using a regular switch (no change) Brake lights in the same housing work fine when the car is running (no flickering and only come on when pedal is depressed) The battery is fully charged and the voltage sits around 7.1 amp at idle and doesn't seem to jump around. I'm really at a loss what to try next
  5. I've had a number of flashers fail that were designed (supposedly) for 6v positive ground LED, the quality seems really poor for them. We bench tested one of our spares and they're pretty forgiving on voltage so you might find they work
  6. Don't know if it would work for automotive paint, but I've used peel away very successfully for work around the home - much better than the eco friendly citrus based rubbish that literally did nothing Not sure if it's branded as the same stuff in the US, https://www.peelaway.com.au/ There are variants that are also asbestos safe
  7. Yep, V63 - there's a few bits and pieces missing from the engine like the distributor cover but looks like its mostly original under the hood. I think the challenge with these cars is that they're not cheap nor easy to work on, but equally don't bring huge money when completed - so unless you're doing it for the fun of it there are probably better choices out there That bumper is an original accessory as well, which isn't common to see
  8. This is what was on the car when I imported it, but I don't believe them to be original to the car We don't have YOM plates in Australia, Victoria instead uses symbols on its plates to signify its class - My current plates have a diamond on them, and pre 1919 cars get stars
  9. The photo's certainly don't look like it's anywhere near Victoria, it's much too sunny
  10. Yep, by the 20's they no longer had cadillac stamped on them
  11. It also doesn't really matter what gas costs these days because I'm doing so few miles at the moment
  12. Nope, closest I've come to writing off a car was when I got shunted into a pile up in my Honda Accord Euro (Acura TSX) - was one of the most annoying things driving, I saw the accident in front of me and stopped in time then some idiot behind me wasn't paying attention and slammed into the back of my car at about 40mph and pushed me into the accident. That was fun with the insurance companies..
  13. We picked up our new car in early March and it has less than 500 miles on it (including a 200 mile trip)....