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  1. My work is in a very well to do suburb, so we don't have any shortage of italian and german exotica (would see a newish ferrari at least once a week and AMG/M/RS daily) In terms of old stuff, generally limited to older british stuff like rolls royce's or bentleys
  2. I do like Hemmings because their website is at least tailored for old vehicles with things like the search categories.
  3. Most of Melbourne and Sydney are $1m+ for standalone houses these days - lots of crap apartments being built at the moment that have major problems
  4. I fund my hobby doing pretty much exactly that, I work in IT and do a lot of my work via my mobile. Then again, not many people in there 30’s have 97 year old cars 🤔 It certainly hasn’t been a quick process, but I’ve learned a lot. I’ve done all of the assembly work at home (machine work I don’t have the equipment for) including new rings, checking all the bearings and replacing a damaged top cover (that holds the Cam)
  5. I wonder how much of it is driven by lack of generational changes, for the average vehicle are they really that much better than 10 years ago or just incremental. Where as even 2009 compared to 1999 was a much bigger difference
  6. I rely on the old mans x5 50d - about the only not totally agricultural thing you can buy here that has the towing capacity to take the 22 cadillac(it's something like 4200lbs) we don't get any of the pickup options at all so it's pretty much a hilux or ranger with nice markup.....
  7. My 1922 cadillac has this feature and it just describes it as being a rubber hose, not sure there was anything special about it
  8. The carb might not be the most useful, but I think someone might want the the aircleaner - I vaguely recall seeing someone asking about one a while back
  9. I believe the carb itself did change between the models, the brochure for the type 61 references that it was “improved” - I think they claimed 10 mpg somewhere. I guess if you used an earlier manifold you’d just end up with two open holes at carb that you’d probably want to close off with blanking plates to stop anything getting up there. I don’t know if the manifold design changed at all to increase efficiency between the models, I doubt it though
  10. Not many people in the directory had many parts, most were in a similar situation. In the accessories book they mention that you could buy the exhaust preheat for older cars so it’s possible they do bolt up. I’ll double check when I’m home in a couple of days
  11. Good luck with the search, I have a type 61 and had no luck tracking one down when I needed one. I’m guessing most of the good ones have already been salvaged because of the way the porcelain coating goes. I ended up having to get mine welded where it was cracked. From memory you’ll be looking from a type 59 through to v63 - anything earlier had water preheat and not exhaust preheat so it’s likely incompatible.
  12. Peelaway is expensive but normally works pretty well
  13. We should go back to steam, no need for any transmission
  14. Not a fan, we've had it on some of our work cars and I'd take a well sorted automatic over it any day for my daily