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  1. Trees starting to look a bit less dead now, my Banksia and bottlebrush tree is looking a bit healthier.
  2. Took it out for a drive today and it seems to have abated for the most part, so perhaps something just finding its new home (or ground itself off ) It drove really nicely and pulled well so not sure what it is at this point
  3. I'm struggling to pin point it even in person, I can't even think of what in the generator would click - worn bearing perhaps?
  4. Hey guys, I've got the car my 1922 Cadillac starting readily and idles nicely, however there is an occasional clicking sound. The whole motor has been apart, so I'm not sure if it's just something finding its new home or something more major I should be worrying about. Oil pressure is inline with what the book say it should be so I don't think it's that, could be a tappet but I would have expected something a bit more regular if that was the case. I can't hear any sort of pattern and struggling to think what could be making the noise https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhZpPcMu-n3MipMqYLp8f87qd5J10A
  5. Really neat looking car, for some reason I was expecting something much larger Not sure about Bendigo, I can't remember if I'm away for work that weekend or not - are you coming across for it?
  6. Hey Kelvin, do you have any pictures you can share?
  7. It's amazing the difference the four wheel brakes actually make, my 22 cad only has rears (still needs some minor adjustments) but it's worlds apart from the 26 buick with front and rears. You seem to get a bit more feel with the 4 wheel brakes and a bit more room for error - I suspect it's because they start doing something noticable sooner.
  8. Going through the paper work for my car, they had two exhausts made up and shipped and the freight only cost something like $75 - I'm not sure the shipping savings would be worth it compared to getting it from whomever does the best job?
  9. I like the body style of my 1922 Cadillac Type 61 5 passenger coupe, very large windows that open both front and back - has the practicality of a sedan (lockable storage!) but a little more style.
  10. That would be a very rare occurrence, you are generally by far better to be wearing a seat belt than not
  11. My 22 Cadillac actually kinda has bucket seats I can't think of anything in it you could easily secure to, and the seat is only connected to the car with a bunch of wood screws
  12. They’re normally much better value than the cadillacs of the era and not a million miles away in terms of quality
  13. Its crap, 30+ days to get stuff - you’re better to use a parcel forwarder They also double dip on import duties
  14. We have had stuff go to Austria before as well, that's always fun - Austria's post office even has a stamp for it
  15. On the flipside, I've had stuff from UPS take 2 days to be delivered from California to Melbourne - but you sure do pay for it