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  1. Good pick up, I'm pretty sure they're shielded but I'll double check the receipt In terms of blocking the crossover, is that a byproduct of modern fuel in general or ethanol? In Victoria we're not mandated to use ethanol at all so we have easy access to 'clean' fuel at the various octane ratings? Can you just use a flat piece of metal to block it or does the intake poke ever so slightly into the manifold? I also need to fish out half a tree that seems to have a accumulated in the valley, clean out any petrol/fuel mix and then re-oil the valves
  2. There’s a lot of engineering challenges there and I would certainly recommend reading local legislation about what you would be able to register My daily driver is a bmw 125i which has a fantastic turbo engine in it but it’s not going to give you that wrx sound or anything like that
  3. Ours you just pay once and it's yours for life. We can also get 'heritage' style plates, which are proper enameled plates made by hand to the spec from the 1930's https://vplates.com.au/browse-styles/heritage
  4. Hmm, could get either Or one one for the 1912 cads out there
  5. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AEw1AB-OLjaGEv8&cid=CC7DFA2EC33D6916&id=CC7DFA2EC33D6916!157774&parId=root&o=OneUp
  6. Ding ding, we have a winner - the balloon technique showed we had a timing problem. I’m not sure if it’s something we did when we had the motor apart or if it was something previously wrong.... But, note the tense above... had...
  7. We can’t get personalized plates on collectors car registration (US$60 for 45 days including injury insurance) One of the last things I worked on was on our states personalised plates website, https://vplates.com.au/browse-styles whats good is that we have different size plates to fit euro, Japanese or us cars
  8. Infraview works well for batch jobs e.g. here's the settings screen - you can set it to negative and convert them all to batch and then stitch them together
  9. Maybe post a sample here so see if anyone has any great ideas? One of my guys at work normally writes code to do repetitive stuff like this
  10. Hadn't heard of that method before, have added balloons to the shopping list to try it out (I did get a strange look when I said I needed some balloons from the the grocery store)
  11. I've set the timing as the whole motor has been apart - I'll triple check that but I'm reasonably confident on it. I did it by the book, and have made a test light setup to check it's firing when it should be on the flywheel I think maybe drain the fuel and and get some fresh fuel might be the next step? My car doesn't have a vac tank it just uses the compressor to force fuel through
  12. Finally got some time to work on the car late last night (weddings take time... who would have thought) Still no go Tried introducing fuel via the taps, and it made no difference. The most I've been able to get out of it was a little bit of a popback via the top of the carb. Starter is turning nicely, spark appears to be strong and the float bowl is full and the throttle pump chamber appears to have had fuel in it. It does also look like the needle isn't shutting off the fuel properly, as it will continue to pour out if you dont' release the pressure - though I'm not sure how much of this is expected given that there is a catch and a pipe for this. I'm thinking either timing or bad gas - it smells pretty rubbish and at best is mixed with some pretty old fuel but it does burn in the lawn mower? Thoughts on where to go next? I haven't been able to find anyone in Melbourne yet that really knows these cars, and can give anything more definitive than 'having a go' at it
  13. More and more banks seem to be doing that PayID stuff now - I get instant transfer between my two non associated banks. The only time I even remember signing for a card purchase in the last 10 years was in the US, so things are a bit different. Even apple pay and google wallet have been a bit of a fizzer here because pretty much all of regular cards and readers already have the ability to tap without messing around in an app
  14. And because of scammers like that, it makes things very difficult for us overseas people who need to try and get parts from the states. Forums like the AACA does help build a relationship with people so that you can transact with a reasonable level of confidence, e.g someone with thousands of posts and others endorsing them is unlikely to be a ripoff merchant. Thankfully cheques have also nearly totally died out here, so it's generally a bit easier/faster to see if someones trying to scam you. For some reason my work still issues cheques for refunds....