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  1. I don't think that they were going for historical accuracy Early episodes also had the Nazi's with Thompsons
  2. TV shows like macgyver were pretty bad for that sort of thing, there was an episode of it that was probably 90% the same clips used in man in a suitcase. The other thing that with a lot of shows now we can see them in high definition is that you can read things that previously you wouldn't have, so it exposes a lot of stuff as well
  3. Is anyone aware if there is/was anyone making a hose for a grease gun with an alemite pin on one end and 1/8" on the other? I have an adaptor that converts zerk to the alemite pin and it adds too much bulk and generally makes a mess- so would like to be able to grease without using an adaptor
  4. Could be Holden pistons, not sure if they ever crossed over in size with buick
  5. Might help people if you take the back cover off and take a photo of the impeller (your price is very fair though but shipping could be expensive given the weight)
  6. I cant' remember where I read it but I vaguely recall someone talking about being able to get natural floating cork from a fishing supply place (for nets) - never tried so don't know how practical it is
  7. Early cadillac motors are much much more complicated to work on than the Buick, you’re just as likely to hit some other problem with it thats more of a hassle
  8. Our state is still running 80's era mainframe, the last attempt to replace it was about $110m before they gave up Like a lot of things they're a victim of their own success where they worked well for so many years they had low investment which eventually catches up with you
  9. It's interesting that here has been the total opposite from pretty much all the states, they added far more online so that you didn't have to go into see anyone any more. The renewals on our equivilant YOM plates you just submit a photo with proof of your membership to a club and within 48 hours they process it
  10. I believe it's at the back of the shop manual - due to lockdowns I can't get to my copy and the v63 book that is digitised has the page that it would be on missing
  11. I read that as consumption during the testing not 1000 miles
  12. would have been a pretty niche vehicle, the one that’s a shame that didn’t get a go was the territory (might have needed some styling tweaks for the American market) but they drove nearly as nicely as an X5 for a third of the price. I suspect that had far more to do with risk of cannibalising domestic products
  13. Interesting on that sheet is appears consumption of 1 pint of oil is considered acceptable
  14. If it’s like the Cadillac (which I think the 20 is) you’ll hear a clunk and it won’t crank if it’s not in alignment. Release pedal and try again if that’s all that’s happening
  15. Also, it’s normal for it to sometimes not to mesh - is it happening consistently
  16. Not quite sure why the generalisation was necessary, we constantly have threads on here about why aren't more young people involved in the hobby and comments like that really aren't helpful. Without going into my career, I can assure you I didn't spend my twenty somethings just showing up for work and smiling which has allowed me to do many things in life already. To be honest, it probably has far more to do with the fact you can earn far more elsewhere in better conditions that makes it difficult to find good people.
  17. Most interesting stuff around us growing up was HSV clubsports and things like FPV utes with the odd Monaro thrown in. Last 10 years the types of cars around here has changed very significantly - a lot more euro’s, M cars, AMG, RS are very common around here. Italian exotics you see every couple of days as well. Mustangs were popular when they were reintroduced but demand has dropped off. Not much American around these days with the exception of Tesla’s
  18. There is a couple of us around that age but we are certainly the minority What sort of vintage cars are you into?
  19. The GM parts books from the 20’s certainly identify RHD parts Most people with RHD cars would be well aware of those issues
  20. I'd probably suggest jacking the rear wheels and then working either backwards from the gearbox or forwards from each wheel and verifying the function of each components (axle, diff, prop shaft, u joints) . I'd liken your problem to having a hole in a pipe, everything beyond that break isn't going to do much
  21. Surprising, I thought car places had done reasonably well out of the covid restrictions (outside of sourcing parts) as lots of people were at home restoring stuff
  22. Not sure but I doubt it given the rapid pace of development, would be quite outclassed by then One thing that does make it hard 100 years later to understand their decisions is what the data and product roadmap was telling them at the time.
  23. I wonder if some of it was based on power output, if they already had the Cadillac motor producing more power they probably didn’t need the Chevrolet and Oldsmobile motors. Though given how independent the manufacturers were I don’t know how thought went into handing over designs when they were rationalised
  24. Brilliant news, looking forward to the video
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