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  1. I agree Stutzman is great but my last two wheels cam from wood by Kevin in Washington he claims he can use several kinds of woods and finish one are great fingers joints are tight $130 to my door can't beat that
  2. Hope this helps On my 1912 Metz yes not same but same issue I measured the hub and spindle and actually found a metric ball bearing that is sealed no issues so far Had to make a spacer fill in distance for the old seal I get the timken # if the helps let me know
  3. Kevin's wheels in Washington Noah Stutzman There's more last two cost me 125+ shipping
  4. I have tried it roll cars around But never had tube or air in it that would truly be scary So I vote NO I have since learned use rope wrap the rim
  5. Yes Grey area in most states But it's not a stock factory item But motocycle regs allow aqurylic plex and other clear plastics as a wind breaker Going with aqurylic for the time being has higher rating on safety then safety glass
  6. Hi all thanks in advance for advice what's best to use laminated glass Or aquirlic or plex or ?????
  7. Besides safety laminated glass what other choices do you have
  8. Anyone making ingredients repops still Looking for a brass one but would settle for aluminum one
  9. Buzz68

    Metz for sale

    Deal pending
  10. Buzz68

    Metz for sale

    Was giving it some thought part with my metz to many prodjects and room and hard to find time. I was told when I bought it and title says it's a 12 but thinking it's more 13-14. Older restoration and currently wheels and magneto being rebiult so pickup where n I left off Send a note if your interested
  11. What a prodject I was considering it off and on but the trans be a be stumbling block why I just could not pull the trigger Mark honest guy but can't wait see the finish line
  12. New ask offer Can be used either mag or bat coil sell new at $400 This never been mounted asking 300 Will listen offers
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