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  1. Are those for V-8 engines?
  2. I have two just like this picture for $275. They were never used. drbrommerich@gmail.com
  3. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The carb was a new standard two barrel I bought at the parts store. I have one more adapter almost completed, I just moved to a new location and I will look for it shortly. Someone contacted me about my carburetors for a 1928 carb. I am selling them for $150 each plus shipping. 507-458-6329 Thanks, drbs
  4. I do agree! I still have a 1930 in all original condition with the original carburetor and it runs excellent. If anyone is interested in buying a extra carb, I have apx. 15 that I would like to sell, 1928 through 1932. Dave
  5. My mechanic made a adapter for my 1930 353 V-8 and he used a Chevy down flow carb and the car has been running good now for 5 years with no issues
  6. Thank you! I will give them a call tomorrow. Do you know if there is any way to patch this?
  7. Could some one tell me what is the best way to fix or repair, or how do you replace the rounded roof right above the door on the side on a 1929 coupe? On both sides of the car you can see pinholes through them. I can order the lower body panels, but I can not find these yet. Thank you, Dave
  8. who do you think would give me a value? No one is saying yet. Thanks, Dave
  9. George, There is another person that is quite interested in this engine also. I will contact you next week. Thank you. Dave
  10. George, I will call you later this week. Thanks, Dave
  11. I would like to sell this Ford airplane motor. Could some one tell me what would it's value be please? It is froze up. Thank you. Dave
  12. I am looking to sell this motor. I do not know anything about it. The motor is froze up. Could someone tell me what a fair price would be? Thank you. Dave
  13. Could someone tell me the value of this motor? I would be interested in selling it. It is froze up. Thank you, Dave
  14. I have a complete 1931 V-8 engine and transmission