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  1. I also have one. I also have wheel hubs and a torque tube and front and back bumpers. drbrommerich@gmail.com Thanks, Dave All the fluids have been drained years ago.
  2. Drbrommerich@gmail.com or call or text Dave at 507-458-6329. Thanks, If I remember, the trany is the same, just different linkage
  3. Is this a Packard grille? If not, any idea? thank you. Call or text Dave at 507-458-6329
  4. I have a either 30 or 31 block available if interested. drbrommerich@gmail.com or call or text Dave at 507-458-6329
  5. Still wondering what it is!
  6. I got this from a person who had high end cars and he died many years ago. This piece was in his garage. What do you think it is? Thank you so much. Dave
  7. One works good and the other one buzzes like its stuck. Not quite the same, but close. Original. $150 plus shipping. Call or text Dave at 507-458-6329
  8. What do these fit and is there a value to these? Thank you, Dave
  9. I have one from a 30 Cadillac
  10. I had a opportunity to buy some LaSalle parts and I was going to keep them as spares. Thank you for your info. Dave
  11. What would be the issues to make a LaSalle cylinder block to fit a Cadillac engine?
  12. Thank you so much. How about the cylinder heads? Would they interchange? Dave t
  13. Could someone please tell me if a starter and generator from a 30 or 31 LaSalle V-8 will fit a 30 Cadillac V-8? Thank you so much in advance for your information. Dave
  14. I found my set which I was told that they are Buick, but they have been changed to a 12 volt headlight. Interested? I can send you a picture if you are. Dave
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