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  1. I found my set which I was told that they are Buick, but they have been changed to a 12 volt headlight. Interested? I can send you a picture if you are. Dave
  2. I will. Need anything motor related to 1930 Cadillac?
  3. have you found any 30 headlights yet? I do have a decent unrestored set. Please E-Mail me at drbrommerich@gmail if you are interested. Thanks, Dave
  4. Thank you both so much for this information. The 29 that I bought did not come wheels. Thank you again, Dave
  5. What is the difference between a 1929 model A wheel and a 1930 model A wheel please? Thank you! drbs
  6. I have a 1929 LaSalle transmission complete with the air compressor.Please text me at 507-458-6329 or drbrommerich@gmail.com and I can send you a picture tomorrow.
  7. blue one folds down and the white one is stationary. $350 each. Call or text Dave at 507-458-6329
  8. Sorry, I do not know if they do. May be possible to replace your engine and tranny th mine. Dave
  9. I have a 29 LaSalle trany and a 31 LaSalle V-8 with 2 good cylinder blocks if that would help. Call or text Dave at 507-458-6329
  10. I believe I have one from a 30 Cadillac if that would be the same. Please call or text me at 507-458-6329. Thanks, Dave
  11. I have a nice original set in good unrestored condition. Call or text Dave at 507-458-6329 and I can send you a picture
  12. I have a 29 LaSalle trany and a 31 LaSalle good motor that needs rebuilding. I don't know if these would fit. Call or text Dave 507-458-6329. Thanks
  13. I took a 29 Model A coupe body and put it on a Pete and Jakes frame with a new 48 in. front axle. Could some one tell me what would be the largest 15 in. tire that I could put in the front with out rubbing please? Thank you. Dave
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