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  1. Mike, Do you still have any of these tags for sale? I would like three. I will contact you directly. Victor
  2. V.Milke

    Barn Find!

    I hadn't been in the forum for a while. Gorgeous car, congratulations! Take stutzl6 advice and call him. Nobody I know knows these cars better than John!, and he is very kind on sharing his knowledge! Victor
  3. Good to hear from you, stutzl6. I wouldn't know for sure what car is under the cover, but I guess you are right! The profile appears to be that of the 4 passenger speedster. Curiously, the only pics I have seen of 1928 and later Stutz in Mexico is one sedan and a few phaetons... I haven't seen one of a speedster yet.
  4. Well, Edinmass said that "You can tell by only one clue (refering to 1931 vs 1932).........AJ, you own one, so you should figure it out"... and I never found out. So, AJ, did you? Just curious...
  5. That could be! Thanks for the information!
  6. Thank you, Marty! I will make sure to check which one I have and get the correct one, to have a complete and correct set. Victor
  7. Hi Tom, and thanks a lot for your help. Now I know what I need to look for. It appears I have one and I am only missing the other one. Victor
  8. Thank you guys. Here are pics of what my 1934 has now... I not sure if any of them is correct but I would be happy to have them at least matching... and of course very much so if correct for the year/model.
  9. Hi, My Buick series 50 coupe, 56S, has different headlight lenses. I am assuming one of them broke long ago and was replaced with whatever similar lense they found. What is the correct lens the cars used? Can anybody shed some light? Thanks! Victor
  10. Hi guys: My 1934 series 50 coupe has this radio head which I haven't seen in similar cars. Can anybody help me identify it? Are the knobs correct? I am hoping it is correct, of course, but I prefer to know... and then find the rest of the radio as I only have the control. Thanks, Victor
  11. So, guys.... I still need to find out if this radio head is original. Any ideas?
  12. Thank you guys. If I don't locate the components at a reasonable cost, it will have to remain as is, just taking care to make the emergency brake operational.... but I would love to have it as original, even though it will be a user and not a show car. Thanks again! victor
  13. Hi guys: I am looking for the brake components for my 1934 Buick series 50 coupe. I am not even sure if they are the same for the rest of the senior series, 60 or 90. Are they all the same among the senior Buicks? I am guessing not the cables, but the rest... would it be? The thing is, I have a 1934 Buick series 50 coupe on which, some past owner decided to adapt hydraulics and even discarded the emergency brake hardware, so I am needing the parts to convert it back. Any chance anybody around here may have those parts? Thanks, Victor
  14. Edinmass: I am curious... among a group of Royale owners, there appears to be no concensus on what is the difference of 1931 and 1932 models. Some say the door handles... I have no clue. Can you elaborate on that? Thanks, Victor
  15. Me too! Any information on that? Thanks, Victor