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  1. Basically I only had to do the trunk floor, spare wheel area. The rest was fortunately fine. Right now it is up to the point that I need to do the paint job and assembly. I left the floors already on primer (a regular tough primer plus enamel simulating the original brown-red primer). One of these days I will get to it!
  2. Well... basically the same, just gathering more dust, stored, while I find the time and the proper shop to finish the restoration. I still need a few parts also.
  3. Yes, your car is without a doubt a 1931-32 8-35 Victoria Coupe. Gorgeous car! Congratulations! Here is a link in the forum that tells the differences between 8-1 and 8-35: https://reoroyaleforum.net/thread/77/differences-8-31-35-48 Here is the link on the known Victorias: https://reoroyaleforum.net/thread/27/8-35-victoria-coupe By the way, your car is listed there, but apparently we have two different chassis numbers for it. Perhaps you can help us clarify. Victor
  4. For your information there were two models offered by Reo as Royales for 1931-32... a shorter 8-31 and a larger and a bit more luxurious 8-35. That is, 131" and 135"wheelbase. It would be interesting to know which one you have. There are about 15 Victorias known, in different conditions. Victor
  5. Is there any chance you can post a picture of your car? There is a very active groupe doing parts reproductions and particular details for Royales. You may be interested in being part of it. Victor
  6. Thanks for adding those pics! Very helpful.
  7. Great! Thanks a lot! Victor
  8. Thank you, Leif. I will look up his info. Victor
  9. To my email? No. Can you try again? vmilke at nutryplus dot com
  10. Ok... thanks! Anybody out there with pics from a correct Buick jack tool kit from the era? It would be very useful. thanks, Victor
  11. Hi Marty: Any chance you kept a picture of the jack? Thanks, Victor
  12. I guess you are referring to this one:
  13. Thank you! I would appreciate those pics! vmilke at nutryplus dot com Thanks again, Victor
  14. Every time I get a chance, I let some of my friends travelling with me drive the cars. Unfortunately, I don't have brass cars, (except for a 1915 model T if could be called a brass car) which I agree may be more delicate. My 1937 RR 25/30 is quite a shock for most. They think it it should be a fantastic car, as somehow the marque's mistique makes us believe... and when they see it rides like it does... Haha. The Phantom III is another story, and I also let that one be driven. I once let my mechanic and friend drive my 1915 Ford T speedster ... it was his first time driving a T... and we were on the open road with quite some traffic. He managed well. Like it has been said many times, it all depends on who you are letting drive! You have to be picky and choose only the smart and careful guys. Victor
  15. V.Milke


    Glad you directed me to Hemmings, Jeff, as there is another Elcar listed that I did not know of. It appears as 1925 Elcar Model 8-81 5 passenger Deluxe Sedan, and VIN as 1363439415Z, which seems rather off to what I have seen before. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/elcar/unspecified/2434808.html Beautiful car. I hope if finds a good home... perhaps any one here?
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