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  1. Looking for front license plate holder if they had one. I have not seen any pictures of them. What do people do to mount a plate up front? Thanks for any help.
  2. Here in Oregon you can not pump your own gas. Exit 210 & I 84 there is a Chervon that a attendant pumps your gas & cleans your windows. We have lots of bugs out here, those attendants get a work out cleaning windows. Yes the smoke here in Pendleton gets pretty bad from the fires down south
  3. Is the truck a Six speed? Being wood spoked wheels I would say it's 28 or older. I have 2 29 Six speed specials not fire trucks both with steel spoked wheels. Looks like a fun project.
  4. My 29 Seagrave ladder truck weighs in at 17,000 No light weight. Make sure you have enough truck & trailer to pull this & stop.
  5. Was this for real? I emailed morning, noon & night for 2 days with no response. Then its gone. Dose anybody know anything about the car? Thanks Jim
  6. Do you still have the plugs? I think they are worth more then $5 but not much more. Are you firm on the price?
  7. Dose anyone know where I can find this starter bendix spring. It measure 2 & 3/8 across & 1 & 1/2 long. It goes on a 1929 Seagrave Fire truck. I had it running today. This truck is for sale. Thanks
  8. I can't find much on the internet about the krit car company. How many cars were produced? How many are out there? I'm looking at a 13 touring. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the info., I am going to check with Terry.
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