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  1. Yes, that's a Lucas headlamp shell and switch. I'm envious, there hasn't been a garage sale near me for weeks.
  2. The Romanovs' had one of the most impressive collections pre WW1.
  3. Possibly a Garford. Edit: 1907 Studebaker-Garford.
  4. It's a Reo, I think, but more likely from 1913.
  5. This one looks like it is a 50HP Pope-Toledo from 1907.
  6. It's another Panhard, just a different model to the other one, possibly earlier.
  7. I think that's a Willys-Overland in the middle, 1915-ish?
  8. I'm not sure, I'd just download the PDF and print it from there?
  9. Similar to these; first is a 1915 Willys-Overland, the second a 1913 model 69, but not all the Overlands seem to have the same fan assembly and there seem to be variations.
  10. Overlands were the most common car I can think of that had that type of fan, and I think that's what it's off.
  11. This helps narrow it down. It's listed in this Delco document as being for a 1914 B36 or B37 Buick. MG stands for Motor-Generator and it's referenced on pages 9 & 10.
  12. Is it possible to show a photo of the point assembly and distributor cap area?
  13. OK, I'll send you a Personal Message with more info.