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  1. I'll find out over the weekend. They will have a Dufor part No. and I think I've got a Dufor catalogue I can look up as well. I've since found that Obsolete Auto Parts in Kurrajong have "1924-28 Chrysler 58,60,70 King Pin Set" which is probably similar to what I've got, but a kit, as well as "1928 Chrysler 6 Model 62 & 72 King Pins $125 each."
  2. I have a pair suitable for the 1926 Model 58 4cyl, and the 1924-28 model 60-70 6cyl. I'm not a Chrysler person, so I don't really know if they're suitable. They came in a job-lot of other parts I bought a few years ago, and this info was on the tag. They are made by Dufor.
  3. A Stanley maybe? something like a 740? Edit, except I think they used 23"
  4. I think it is a type of spark intensifier.
  5. I found this photo, except it still isn't clear to me what the lever does.
  6. These are Doering spark plugs, although I can't tell you much more than that. I collect spark plugs, and I have/had one once. I assumed the lever at the top was to clamp a spark wire, although it could be a cut-out?
  7. New old stock 1920's American braided spotlight cable and fittings. There is a choice of two, as well as a NOS windscreen post bracket. $35USD each. $14USD shipping. I can post these, and I accept PayPal.
  8. Yes, I think that's i.
  9. For that square key, it probably is. The Australian Falcons, Fairlane's and LTD's used various parts off the US cars, things like hubcaps, LTD interior lamps, and certainly the engine parts for the V8.
  10. Thank you both, There were a few Galaxies sold here (Australia) in the 60's, and a very small number in the early 70's. That square-head Ford key is the same as what was used in the Australian Falcons in the 70's and early 80's.
  11. Does someone know what these fit? I think they must be American Ford? Car or truck? The code on the tag is FB0949, if it helps?
  12. Ivan, I understand MacPherson Robertson had two twin-sixes. A roadster -- I think that's your one --, and a California Hardtop. There is also this tourer, so he may have had three. I read that sometime in the 20's he visited the Packard factory. Also, a newspaper photo of a line up of MacPherson Robertson's Packards.
  13. Brushes have an oiler like that. If you watch this video,at the 0.35 mark. The glass is different, but the rest is similar. I don't know if that's a Brush oil tank.
  14. They were sold as the Holden Gemini over here. They have a following and are still popular.
  15. The motorcycle on the left could be either a post-1920 Henderson or Excelsior, going by the single coil front suspension :Edit an Ace is another possibility. The one in the middle is a post-1920 Harley; the first year of the high mounted headlamp was 1920. I'm not sure about the bike on the right, it's a bit hard to tell, I think it's a pre-1920 Excelsior with that coil front leaf spring, although it isn't clear enough to say for sure.