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  1. I don't think the finger grips on the outer rim would be on the correct side for a T model.
  2. It's definitely a Daimler, possibly the 22hp from about 1903?
  3. It looks like a Dodge, but I think it's earlier than 1921.
  4. I think the sloping grille is just the angle the photo is taken. The giveaway for me is the headlamp which is a typical 40's Ford Prefect/Anglia/Fordson (tractor & truck).
  5. The second car is a Model R Hupmobile.
  6. Thanks, that's the info I was after.
  7. No, not that one, the type with a hub like a Buffalo, I think they are #3 size?
  8. Does a House wire wheel hub for a Model T Ford have 8 lugs or 10?
  9. If you've got the front axle, it's sometimes stamped on the top face.
  10. It could also be a Clement-Talbot; the Bayard-Clement-Talbot-Darracq relationship can get confusing.
  11. I agree it's a Talbot, although I can't help you with the model/HP.