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  1. No, sorry. I haven't found them, although I have been looking.
  2. It's a Harley motor in a single-speed Harley frame. I'm not sure if the forks are Harley as well. That flat sided tank was last used in 1915.
  3. I would have thought your biggest problem was getting around the zero tolerance on importing asbestos with the Australian Customs. Bernie (oldcar) discussed this at great lengths in one of his previous threads. I was in the understanding that there have been very few privately imported vehicles into Australia in the past couple of years due to the asbestos restrictions, unless you take efforts to remove brake and clutch linings, gaskets etc. If Bernie could chip in, it would be good as he's had prior experience importing an older car into Australia in recent times.
  4. This looks like the same vehicle shown on the far right; it says it's a 1912 Robinson made by the Robinson Fire Apparatus Manf. Co., St. Louis, Missouri. Whether they made the chassis as well, I'm not sure.
  5. Michelin used to make a pneumatic tyre very similar to this in the 1930's, that was designed to run on rails.
  6. I don't really know the difference, I'm not an expert on Studebakers.
  7. Does anyone recognise what this throttle control is off? I thought it may be American, as it's marked GAS, and the packet it was in looked WW2 era, although it is a bit of a guess.
  8. To me it looks like a separate third seat behind the front seats; the body style is called a Rumble Runabout.
  9. I think this is a Locomobile, one of the early racing cars from 1905.
  10. I am trying to put together a Safe-T-Stat temperature gauge to suit a 1920's Dodge 4, for someone else. The problem is that I'm missing a few parts; I have the gauge, but I don't know what the temperature sender or the cable looks like, just so I know what to look for. Is anyone familiar with these, or know what the parts look like?
  11. NORS Autolite IGC-1107S distributor cap. Suits: Chrysler 1935 - 1948 De Soto 1935 - 1948 Dodge 1935 - 1948 Dodge Truck 1938 - 1942, 1944 - 1947 Frazer 1947 - 1951 Hudson 1948 - 1950 Nash 1939 - 1942 1946 - 1948 Packard 1939 - 1950 Plymouth 1939 - 1950 Studebaker 1942 - 1950 Willys 1948 - 1951 I can post this. $25AUD
  12. This one is unusual in that the radiator is forward of the front axle; Napier had that, but it's not one of those.