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  1. OK, I'm pretty sure it's a V8 Cole, either 1916 or 1917.
  2. I'd like to know what make of vehicle the OP is. I do know it isn't an Oldsmobile or a Haynes of any year.
  3. The bus at the front is a Fageol, and I think this model was referred to as the Safety Coach
  4. Holden actually made a lot of LHD vehicles, including utes from the EK (1961) onwards, for the export market. This photo is a 1966-67 HR LHD ute.
  5. That's a nice photo; it's a Panhard Levassor from about 1903. They have a very distinctive bonnet/hood. It looks like the car isn't drivable as it's missing the chain-drive and the mudguards are a bit too close to the tyres.
  6. I'd say it's a Marmon; the rear hubs give it away, although it may have been a bit customised.
  7. This is a Swift. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Swift_Motor_Co:_Cars
  8. Those headlights and the rear shock absorbers look very American, however, those are RAF wheels, and were typically used on pre WW1 Mercedes. I'm not aware of any American vehicle that used RAF wheels.
  9. I'm confident it's a FIAT, although I hadn't considered it to be a 510 until now.
  10. It's a 501 FIAT, 1922 I think with those headlights.
  11. The car on the right is an Audi type D.
  12. I missed this post, and I agree it looks to be something built by Clark.
  13. I'm not an expert, however, looking online, at least some of them used a flat-head Chrysler. http://docthrock.com/clarktug.shtml
  14. I think it's a vehicle built by Clark, sometimes called a Clarktor. There are a lot of similarities, and whether the rear section is original or not? I don't know. But, there are a lot of similarities; the engine, hubs steering column. https://military-vehicles-for-sale.com/wwii-clarktor-6-aircraft-tug/
  15. I can help with a distributor cap. I'll send you a personal message.
  16. It's very similar to a Dennis, but I think this one is a late 20's Leyland. They have those distinctive louvers along the upper edge of the bonnet/hood. Attached is a photo of a similar model.
  17. There was the exact same type of V4 engine posted on prewarcar.com a few years ago. I don't know if it was identified or not. https://www.prewarcar.com/unknown-4-cyl-engine
  18. I believe this is it; a 5 Ton General Vehicle Company truck from 1911.
  19. There were three cars built by a UK company. It was covered in detail on prewarcar.com a couple of years ago. There are links to further articles, and to this brilliant video: https://www.prewarcar.com/a-sub-compact-cadillac-for-the-prince-of-siam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rMgxEN3Kfg
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