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  1. Thanks, 58L - Y8 for your information, and enhancing the photos. My grandfather said the CS cost $12,000, which was an enormous sum back when gold was abiut $20.67 an ounce. I am contacting the Belfast Historical society, to see if they have any photos of the Taliaferro family with their cars. These 4 pictures were snapshots that my grandmother probably took. Can you tell me where to find the Crane Simplex link? Hello, C Carl; Well, we all can dream of being given a great car like this ... but perhaps it is still exists in a carriage house down South. The Taliaferro's was one o
  2. Your first picture is what is the probably one of the first "hatchbacks". When I was a kid, a local house painter had one of these that he hauled his ladders and staging in.
  3. My Grandfather, Will H. Dickey (1890 - 1972) of Belfast, Maine was chauffeur for Sen. James Taliaferro from about 1914 until Sept. 1917, when he joined the Army. Mr. Taliaferro owned a mansion (still standing) in Belfast, which he used as a summer place. He hired Mr. Dickey to drive for him. Come winter, the cars were shipped on a flatcar to Florida. They had the wheels removed, and were strapped down. Mr. Dickey oversaw this operation, and rode the train with them to Jacksonville, where they were reassembled. The Crane Simplex has a Jacksonville plate on it. I don't think Flor
  4. My neighbor, Joe Staples (1917 - 2007) hotrodded an Essex sedan in the late 30's. He shoehorned a big Studebaker six and tranny into it, and added some leaves to the springs. The spring hangers were outboard from the sides of the frame, and the steel body was light weight and tough. He said that was a pretty popular conversion back in the day. 20 years ago, I was given a 1930 Essex frame that was sitting on an old stone wall. I put it on eBay. A fellow drove all the way from Florida to Maine to get it ... he wanted to a make a period rod out of it. So if t
  5. Is that a Chevrolet banjo steering wheel on your 1926 Pontiac?
  6. I've read that the styling of the VW Beetle was derived from the Airflow coupes. Your pictures seem to bear this out! Great car.
  7. I'm still curious about what this is from. The nail holes suggest it was mounted on a wooden frame, which would rule out Plymouth and Dodge. GM would be a likely candidate, but there were 100's of makes in the late 20's thru early 30s that had wood framed bodies.
  8. I think it was mounted on the top of the headlight pod of a late 1940's Chevrolet truck, to hold the turn signal. I had a pair of these about 15 years ago.
  9. Thanks for your comment; when it stops raining, I will go out to the shed and see who made it.
  10. This was found on a long - abandoned Maine farm about 20 years ago. The rubber is black , but has weathered white. It is marked 34 X 5. It weighs about 100 pounds, probably would be a better lawn ornament than a restoration part.
  11. I suspect that this was made about the time that Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic, which was in May, 1927. He was hugely popular at the time, and this may have been sold to commemorate / exploit the event.
  12. Hi, Deliveryman, Sorry, but it sold this almost immediately after I put it on ebay a few weeks ago. I used the proceeds toward a nice car hauling trailer that a fellow 8 miles down the road had for sale. Turns out that he has a nice (original paint) 1930 Chevy sedan in his garage. It runs, but needs new wood in the driver's door. He wants to get it on the road. Nice to see a genuine barn find 90 year old car; and he had some great stories about it. If you can use a 1937 Chevy banjo wheel, there are a couple of them on ebay right now for under $400.00. One
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