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  1. This came with a bunch on old farm tools. It looks like Four Model T spark coils in one container. Is this from a truck, tractor, or other heavy equipment ? It looks like it was factory made, and pre WW2 vintage. Pictures show top, bottom, and 2 end views.
  2. Thanks for your help. It looks kind of big to fit under a car dashboard, but the Chevy trucks of that era had plenty of room down there
  3. Anybody recognize this? All metal, no plastic. Found it at a yard sale this summer, along with a couple of others.
  4. I found this yesterday in a small lot of old logging equipment. I think it is a Model T steering wheel. It is 17 inches in diameter. Is this so, what year it is from?
  5. Hello, Tom, Thanks for your detailed response to my question. These tail lights came with 1 1/2 lenses, and 1 socket. The lenses have a single bullseye, and the socket is also a single one; hence, they are 1939. I asked the auctioneer if he knew where these came from; it would be nice to find a 1939 LaSalle out in the woods. Quite a few Caddys and LaSalles were saved back in the 1950's by hot rodders of the time, because of their transmissions. I'd love to see a picture of your 1940 LaSalle commercial chassis; I have always thought that the 1940 LaSalle was one of the best looking cars of the 1940's.
  6. I just found a pair of these at a Maine country acution. I suspect they are 1939 and 1940 LaSalle, and possibly some models of Cadillac of those years. Their part numbers are 923230RH, and 923229 LH. I am showing the Right hand one in the pictures. Are they for LaSalle? If so, would they be for a sedan or a coupe; or would they fit BOTH sedans and coupes ?
  7. Thanks, pont35cpe. It's nice to also see what the knobs looked like.
  8. My 79 year old friend is cleaning out his garage. He has some radios he salvaged back when he was a hot rodder in the 1950's He thinks this is from a 1935 Olds, but I suspect it might not be. Any help will be much appreciated.
  9. Maybe Marmon? They had some cast bodies.
  10. These came in the trunk of a 1986 VW Cabriolet parts car. The man who had it, worked on VW, Audi, and BMW, but also occasionally worked on Asian cars. Anybody out there recognize them ?
  11. I bought this trunk at a yard sale in a rural Maine town, at a large railside building that had been a general store from about 1880 through 1960. The sellers, who seemed to know little about old cars, said it was from a Packard. I suspect it isn't Packard, as it is of fairly light construction. I know from an old photo that this store sold Hudsons in the 1936. So, it might be Hudson, but I think it probably is an aftermarket item. Its dimensions are 38 1/4 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 16 1/2 inches high. Inside, it has a plywood insert on the bottom. The latches are marked " USA / EXCELSIOR / STAMFORD / CONN. " Any insight will be much appreciated !
  12. Thanks, drwatson, for your advice. It is a Wells Gardner 5X. Mr Google directed me to https://sites.google.com/site/identifyingcarradios/home/radios-1/cadillac. This was for 1937 models of Cadillac and LaSalle. No mention is made if LaSalle had a different face plate. This car radio site has a huge number of radios pictured, BTW !
  13. I guessing this from the 1930's, but not sure of the year. My friend found this Cadillad radio in an old garage in downeast Maine. The top of the aluminum control unit case is marked "AC RK PLUG CO. FLINT USA". Either the stamping die was damaged, or low spots on the case prevented the missing letters from showing. Also, would this same radio have been used on LaSalle, or did they have a Lasalle logo on them?
  14. Thanks, 58L - Y8 for your information, and enhancing the photos. My grandfather said the CS cost $12,000, which was an enormous sum back when gold was abiut $20.67 an ounce. I am contacting the Belfast Historical society, to see if they have any photos of the Taliaferro family with their cars. These 4 pictures were snapshots that my grandmother probably took. Can you tell me where to find the Crane Simplex link? Hello, C Carl; Well, we all can dream of being given a great car like this ... but perhaps it is still exists in a carriage house down South. The Taliaferro's was one of those old colonial families of Virginia, and possibly it has been preserved by them. My Grandfather enlisted in the Army in the fall of 1917, and was lucky enough to see no overseas duty. He saved up his chauffeuring and Army pay, and opened a garage in Belfast in 1920, which he operated until the end of 1945. He worked on a lot of the cars of the gentry, as well as rumrunners, and his share of farmer's Model T jalopies. But, he and my grandmother (who was an upstairs maid for the Senator) used to recall thir happy days "before the War". Hi, JimKB1MCV; Thanks for your link to the Seal Cove Museum. Yes, I have seen this CS numerious times. There was also a gray touring car, (which may have been a Crane or Simplex, but was similar) , when Mr Richard Payne was still alive. Mr. Payne was pretty eccentric, but his focus on those big pre WW1 cars paid off in the end. Your grandfather saw a bit more of the world than mine did. Driving those big monsters on the roads of the day was not an easy job. Then there was the routine maintenance, and the cleaning and polishing. Those old time chauffeurs certainly earned their pay.
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