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  1. I found this at Carlisle a few weeks back and I think it is a 1941 Pontiac passenger rear fender. It appears to be NOS with the original green primer. The interesting thing about it is that it is stamped out of aluminum - not steel. My working hypothesis is that it was stamped sometime in 1942 after the materials shortages started to happen. Is this correct? Thanks in advance, Shawn
  2. I bought these at an auction. I think the NY Plate homemade plate - NY 35339. Any idea when this car was registered/ plate used? Any idea how we can research the registration/type of car that it was on? Any idea on the the moped/motorcycle plates? These plates are about 2 1/2" wide and 7" Long and are made of aluminum. Thanks in advance, Shawn
  3. I've got 3 hubcaps 2 Nash and 1 Plymouth that are from the early 30s or so. The largest Nash hubcap is approx 8.25" in diameter, the smaller Nash Hubcap is about 7" and the Plymouth is 7.25". Looking to ID/make/model to sell - I'd like to see them on a car. Its amazing what you'll find in an antique store. Thanks, Shawn
  4. Not mine - but if I had some space - it would definitely be a contender. Looks like a Peerless V8?
  5. I recently purchased a lot of NOS stainless and I'm working to identify. I think the scalloped ones are Olds and the other set says Mopar (maybe Desoto?) I've tried the normal internet research, but coming up empty. Thanks in advance, Shawn
  6. Additional pictures Forgot to mention: - Side curtains for a top - Overland? Floor boards with starter and gas pedal. - 1930s town and country horn set
  7. This is my first year as a vendor at Hershey and I'm in the Red Field RCC 71-73. I found these in RI. I think the person parted out an early Overland back in the 40s. I'd appreciate any experts helping to identify the application of any of the parts below to help match them with the new owners. Thanks in advance. Includes: - Set of 1914? Overland Wheels (3 fronts and 2 Rear). 1 has a cap. Has Perlman holders. In nice solid, dry condition. - 1929? Buick light bar with broken script - Brass era Tillerson Carb - Various brass era windshields - Hoods - Misc lenses/ and headlight frames. - Wooden Steering Wheel with lock (no key) - Couple of magnetos - Couple of sidelights - 1 is Grey and Davis 934. - Brass Headlight - Grey and Davis 50 - Couple of parts magnetos - DU6 and 7K6. - Stewart Warner Vacuum Pressure Tank #125L (5 is difficult to discern) -- Misc other bits and parts. I also have 1940s-60s NOS stainless for Oldsmobile, Chevy, Pontiac that I'll be posting pics in a separate thread. See you all there, Shawn
  8. Hi- These have been identified in the "What is it?" as 1933 Buick Artillery Hub Caps. Overall good condition for 3 and 1 is a bit crunched on the top. Looking for $250+ shipping and payment via paypal. Thanks, Shawn
  9. I found these at an antique show this weekend - the look like they are for a large early 30s Buick, but I couldn't nail down the year/model. They are big and definitely high quality. Any ideas? Thanks, Shawn
  10. I found this at an antique store and thought it was pretty cool 40s? gauge. I am surprised to see the tach redlines at 3500, maybe truck application? Some numbers on the back, but nothing discernable. Thanks in advance. I try to save these from a lonely existence in antique stores and get them in the hands of people who need them for their projects. All the best, Shawn
  11. Trying to figure out what these go to. Thanks for any insights. Bought them as part of a box lot. Thanks, Shawn