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  1. Looking for a cylinder head water outlet for a Continental W5 from a 1923 Star. I removed a few years back and can't seem to find it. Thanks, Shawn
  2. Looking for the right rear quarter - bolts on - for a long term project. Can pick up at Spring Carlisle show. Thanks in advance, Shawn
  3. Found this as part of a clean out. Any ideas what it is? There's a hook on the top an it may hang? Looks automotive. Inside the hole is a cavity that goes to the top of the piece.
  4. No luck yet trying to identify this. Any ideas? Numbers on the tag are: 3454141 or 23-54-218
  5. Any ideas on the year and application. I think it may be a low line Chevrolet or Pontiac? Thanks in advance. Shawn
  6. Any ideas on the year and application. I think it was for a Studebaker. Thanks in advance. Shawn
  7. I've got 3 parts I found - looking for some experts to help identify: 1)Master Cylinder - no identifying numbers. 2) Trico Windshield Wiper Vacuum motor - 6" across from one mounting bolt to another. 3) Brake Drum - 13" width on the reverse. 5 lug. Box says 06101. Thanks in advance. Shawn
  8. NOT MINE - Thought this would be interesting to some in France - looks like a reasonable price for an amazing car. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/1938-lincoln-zephyr-v12-coupe-no-reserve_C1548A781A/
  9. So they may not be OEM - I had some versions of #2 that did have the #s but were thicker and went to large 1970 Ford cars. The rest I didn't have OEM #s or likeness. They did all come from the same Ford dealer inventory.
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