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  1. BTT - Any new ideas on this fender?
  2. BTT - down to $150 - Can deliver to Hartford/Boston/Springfield/Bennington/Albany area. Thx
  3. I've been able to narrow it down that the 2.322 looks like to be for a Generator, but still looking.
  4. Yes - thanks for the reference to the Wiki - I hadn't found that site before. Unfortunately it didn't come up. I know there are some serious Chevy geniuses here at the site and I have confidence someone will know
  5. I bought a box with a few of these in them. Here's the info: Group # 2.322 Part Number: 506309. Part Description: Plate. Any ideas what this is for an the application? Thanks, Shawn
  6. Here's a picture of the back. Says TRICO OR51. There's a 46 also on it.
  7. I have a 4 Wiper Transmissions/Bezels I'm looking to identify. Thanks in advance for the help: Has a Trico # of CPO51 LH Has a tag that says 1934 Mopar Has a number that says : P-89737-1 LH No number - tag says 1934 mopar, but it looks like 1937 Chevrolet to me.
  8. Yes that makes sense - the person had a number of 78/79 Dodge Magnum parts cars. Thanks for the identification. Shawn
  9. Trying to figure out what these parts are for a friend. See pics below. Thanks in advance.
  10. Could use some help identifying the applications for the two items below: 1) Rear View Mirror - Oval and about 5 3/4" in length 2) Dash Clock - Glass/Crystal? is 3" in diameter, with overall diameter of 4 1/8". No makers marks or labels as far as I can see. It has a slanted base that suggests to me that it is automotive use, but could use confirmation. Is the bottom hole a mounting hole for a brass screw? No minute hand is visible. and this is Heavy. Weighed in at 2lbs 5 oz. How does one tell the difference between automotive and marine on the dash clocks. Thanks in advance, Shawn
  11. I pulled this out of a barn, no numbering just "The Simmons Mfg Co" and a few patent #s. Any ideas on an application. Looks like it was never on a car. Thanks, Shawn
  12. I have a bunch of NOS Oldsmobile trim from the 1940s -60s - please PM me some pictures and I'll see what I have to match up.
  13. Thanks for the notes .I'll see if I can get some better pics of the hardtop and the steering column next week and I'll post. Here's a rear pic of the bumpers to help ID the other one.
  14. I'm helping the estate executor advertise - PM for email address of executor. Car is located in Amsterdam, NY, about 20 miles from Albany. Barn Find 1940 Buick Super 4 Door Sedan - has been sitting for 35+ years in dry storage. With 57k original miles, the sedan is very solid with little rust. It appears to have been only a summer car. Original mohair interior is in surprisingly good condition and looks like it would come back with a nice detail cleaning. The front seat is really nice and reflects the low original mileage. Comes with 2nd engine in the picture. Not sure if the original engine is locked up or not. Dent in the passenger rear fender, rest of the body looks straight. Rear Buick trunk light lenses are not present. Owner passed and being sold by estate. Estate is entertaining offers in the $6k range. PM me and I will send the email address of the estate executor for you to communicate with. I'm not the owner of the car. Engine to be sold with the car only. Looking for a custodian to put this beauty back on the road to enjoy. Estate also has a 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 4 door sedan with the 455 engine. Black exterior, Black vinyl top and black fabric interior. Hasn't run since 1999. Pics forthcoming. Body is rust free except a hole in the front bumper. Interior looks mint.