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  1. I've got 3 parts I found - looking for some experts to help identify: 1)Master Cylinder - no identifying numbers. 2) Trico Windshield Wiper Vacuum motor - 6" across from one mounting bolt to another. 3) Brake Drum - 13" width on the reverse. 5 lug. Box says 06101. Thanks in advance. Shawn
  2. NOT MINE - Thought this would be interesting to some in France - looks like a reasonable price for an amazing car. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/1938-lincoln-zephyr-v12-coupe-no-reserve_C1548A781A/
  3. So they may not be OEM - I had some versions of #2 that did have the #s but were thicker and went to large 1970 Ford cars. The rest I didn't have OEM #s or likeness. They did all come from the same Ford dealer inventory.
  4. I found these in a purchase of a closed dealership. I believe they are Ford, but could be Jeep or GM. Any ideas? I labeled with #s to help you keep track. Not sure what the bracket is for, but it was in the same box. There are a number of versions of #2 with some being relatively thin 1/8" with others being closer to 3/16" not sure if they fit different applications. I think #1 fit's an emblem, but I can't seem to place it. Thanks in advance and Happy Wednesday, Shawn
  5. There is a nice article in The March-April 2020 Edition of the HCCA Gazette Magazine of using a MC sized tank. Page 44.
  6. Thank you so much. Very helpful! I'm always trying to get old cars back on the road again.
  7. Ok here's the #s for the above and some others: 930209, 959782, 933607, 938737, 938736, 935809, 938326, 937906, 999737, 939358, 939380, 666413, 644339, 928998, 956331, 942049, 942748,942271, 942573, 994897 Thanks in advance.
  8. I recently bought out part of a jeep dealership and I'm trying to identify some of the parts. I tried Jeep Parts Wiki, but came up empty. I know there's a number of Jeep Genius' here. Thanks in advance and happy Friday. Shawn
  9. Thanks - that does look like it - including the 2 buttons on the top
  10. Here's a few more pictures. Front view, underside and top.
  11. I picked up this hood as part of a haul out of Rhode Island a few years back. There were a lot of Overland parts, but I'm not sure what this is from. Both sides of the hood are present. Note the handle and the buttons on the top section that may help with identification. Here's some dimensions: Length of top section: 37" Width of top Section Front: 17 1/2" Width of top section Rear: 22" Width of lower section: 12 1/2" Thanks in advance, Shawn
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