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  1. This motor has been repaired and is running. It will be available at Hershey. Asking $3200.00 The Buffalo carb was removed before I purchased it.
  2. Looks nice! Only a few people would know that it's wider. Good luck with your project. Brush cars are a lot of fun to drive!
  3. Original fire wall is 29 3/4" wide by 19 3/4" tall and has brass trim around the edges. The brass trim can be obtained from Universal Tire. Hope this helps.
  4. Rear hubs are machined for the brake drum
  5. The cross shaft has 2 flats machined into it and is part of the shifting mechanism.
  6. B and BC had square end fenders long running boards, wood cross supports for running boards, and flat top on fire wall. The 10 hp model D had first counterbalanced engine, round ends on fenders, perforated metal running boards , stamped metal cross braces, and rounded top fire wall. 1910 model year
  7. Brush engine timing with piston on top dead center the dot on timing gear should be on top. Both valves closed at TDC. What type of oil are you using in your transmission ? You should be using 30 weight. Motor oil. Goog luck with your project! Cheers Paul
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