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  1. Had a nice day out with the local club. my Hupp and my brothers 1912 Adams
  2. Hi Bob, Yes I looked at the axle and found that it was square, so my axle has no front or back . The correction has been made at the spring / axle connection with a steel wedge. thanks Simon
  3. Well, after much procrastination, I have made some wedges as I found the castor was 1° forward on my Hupp. I made them so it has 4° back Caster and it is now a different car to drive. You can drive without your hands on the steering wheel and it will go straight even over bumps. Thank you all for your feedback greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for the replays and messages
  5. Hello, I am looking for a American Bosch magneto switch, as per picture. Any condition considered. thanks
  6. Hello, Show us your Hupp, Here is mine 1909 Eng #152 Chassis#521 I have finally had the line work done. So it’s almost completed.
  7. Thank you Hup 1910, your information is fantastic, I will look at all that, and double check my front to back measurement.
  8. Well after some miles on the car, my felt seal has given up. So with my thinking cap on, I have made up a seal plate that has a small amount of adjustment to keep it central to the maggy cog. I used a high strength glue to hold the seal in place on the plate.
  9. Hello, has anyone have a oil breather cap for sale? To suit model 20 Thanks
  10. thank you for the leads, the main gear I am now after is the output drive gear (transmission direct drive gear and hub part #241 1/2) I have two and both of them the teeth are just worn out and have become very noisy due to the messing of old and newish . what about rebuilding the teeth back up?
  11. Hello, I’ll be looking to buy or get made a set of gears for my model20. Any leads, ideas welcome i wont need the reverse gear. it appears that the previous owner of my car failed to harden the selector gear well enough and has now made quite a mess. Just when I thought things where going well. thanks Simon Australia
  12. I was thinking of something like that also
  13. Now that i have put a seal on the front at the flywheel and magneto drive, i do believe i have a bit more oil coming out of the breathers, either way its a lot better. I have backed off the drip rate slightly also as i am not losing it every where.
  14. So far so good, i have only been out for a short drive, but about 2 drops on the ground verses a pool of oil, so a good step forward
  15. thank you for your input guys, Very good point on the toe in (why didn't i think of this...) I have an very old mechanical old school toe in checker, and she is toed out by 3mm from square, and i would assume it would need about a 1mm of toe in. so my next question is, looking at my drag link, it may appear that one end may move, but i don't want to start trying to move something that shouldn't be moved. is there any adjustment? thanks Simon Australia