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  1. Hello, I have recently purchased an in complete breeze carburettor and looking for the following parts, air valve assembly mixture screw/pin needle and seat assembly.
  2. Thank you Benoit, I appreciate you taking photos for me. Yes it appears to be a home made spring, but it could be the correct one, who know. I will check out the other forum.
  3. That is a fantastic looking unit. I would be very interested in what springs it uses in the air valve. As mine has none, and from reading the info you supplied there was two springs.
  4. Thank you Benoit, this help me regarding how they set up the spring rate on the air valve. thanks again
  5. I am unsure what’s it off i have looked through a number of books and internet with very little information. the throat size is 1”1/8.
  6. Hello, Looking for any info on the pictured carby below, year, fitment, any parts around. Any info greatly appreciated.
  7. Slide your clutch assembly back on and see how your movement is in the rear main, as the clutch need to be in place also.
  8. Yes Thank you Craig, I am very aware of the Australian Adams. CordGuy, I believe there is the remains of one in NZ? no motor tho.
  9. Hello All, We are trying to find my information on "Adams Manufacturing Company" 1904-1914 this company made some great cars even with compressed air start. There is a little info on the internet, but we are looking for catalogues or information in books etc.any info UK Veteran club only know of 2 x 10hp cars and 1 x 16hp car left running.
  10. This is what it looked like after being printed, prior going into the polisher.
  11. Hello all, I am lucky to have a good friend that has a multi million dollar 3D printing machine at his work. i supplied him the drawings from the USA Hupp club for the breather cap, he came up with this. it was printed in Nickel - aluminum - bronze alloy, all I have to do is make the retaining clip.
  12. if the clutch is slipping, the engine will rev up. by the brief description, it sounds like your clutch is biting/shudering which can happen, but have a look at your oil level and weight on oil. Mine did a simallar thing and i went to a slightly heaver oil 90wt, and it is very nice. the only problem i have uncounted is i have to wait a few seconds before selecting a gear due to the plates sticking together when its cold.
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