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  1. Hello, has anyone have a oil breather cap for sale? To suit model 20 Thanks
  2. thank you for the leads, the main gear I am now after is the output drive gear (transmission direct drive gear and hub part #241 1/2) I have two and both of them the teeth are just worn out and have become very noisy due to the messing of old and newish . what about rebuilding the teeth back up?
  3. Hello, I’ll be looking to buy or get made a set of gears for my model20. Any leads, ideas welcome i wont need the reverse gear. it appears that the previous owner of my car failed to harden the selector gear well enough and has now made quite a mess. Just when I thought things where going well. thanks Simon Australia
  4. I was thinking of something like that also
  5. Now that i have put a seal on the front at the flywheel and magneto drive, i do believe i have a bit more oil coming out of the breathers, either way its a lot better. I have backed off the drip rate slightly also as i am not losing it every where.
  6. So far so good, i have only been out for a short drive, but about 2 drops on the ground verses a pool of oil, so a good step forward
  7. thank you for your input guys, Very good point on the toe in (why didn't i think of this...) I have an very old mechanical old school toe in checker, and she is toed out by 3mm from square, and i would assume it would need about a 1mm of toe in. so my next question is, looking at my drag link, it may appear that one end may move, but i don't want to start trying to move something that shouldn't be moved. is there any adjustment? thanks Simon Australia
  8. Hello again Huppers, after finally get a few miles up on my Hupp, I do find it wants to “dance” across the road a bit once we start to get abit of pace up. Has anyone else have a similar issue.? i have seen a Hupp have a modern motorcycle steering damper fitted just under the rack, this may help a little. I have also thought about friction disc shocker for the front? Was such a thing fitted and if so what would I be looking for? thanks Simon Australia
  9. Well I welded in a piece and then remade the hole and made a new fet seal, test run tomorrow and finger cross a lot less oil everywhere.
  10. Thank you guys, I will make a piece to weld into the the guard and talk to my bearing guy about a floating seal which is mounted solid on the outside but has a slight amount of movement for the inner to keep square the the maggy shaft. i have placed a seal into the front of the engine which was a good move, as I no long leave a nice pool of oil on the ground when stoped.
  11. Thanks, yes I believe it has been cut out for easy removal/ installation. Which intern it leaks quite a lit of oil from this point.
  12. Hello I am looking for info/pictures on the magneto gear cover and how it is sealed around the magneto shaft. i do have a cover but it has one semi circle cut out for mounting, so obviously it leaks a lot of oil. Thank you
  13. Wanted complete or parts to a Breeze side draft 1/14 suit Hupmobile model 20
  14. Thank you pm sent, I have hunted all over the place and can't find any info on a updraft breeze only sidedraft. And I can't find any info on the casting company either