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  1. Thanks for the response Matt, I have the Cadillac Motor Car Company build sheet showing the license number (Selden number) and motor number with a shipping date 6-13-04 to Theo Jonas Dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I looked into the identification process in England, but it was very costly and the auto is not restored and running, so I searched through the U.S. company build sheet verification.
  2. What about an original 1904 Cadillac that needs a total restoration. It is 95% complete, not running, needs wood replacement, new wheels and tires, etc., etc.. The values have been like a roller coaster, but to the right person, it might be desired project. Some great comments from the previous posts, and I agree with the changing times and lack of interest by some age groups. Being in the early 70's age group I feel very fortunate to have grown up during an era of great change in the automotive industry. Those days may never return, but we can preserve what we had. No offense, but keep them original.
  3. I live in MN. also, and the best and cheapest device that I have used was a five gallon pail with a small amount of peanut butter in the bottom. They will jump right in, but die trying to jump out. Had 10 dead ones in 4 days. Also had an old drop spreader that must have had some left over grass seed in it that worked very well. Went to use it in the spring and it was full of dead mice, no peanut butter, but the seed must have attracted them. I tried moth balls once, but that kept me out of the garage for months.
  4. Picture of 1904 Cadillac Model B with the round front plate and rear step plate.
  5. The round was also used on each side of the front seat on the1904, Model B, Rear entrance tonneau. The rear entrance in 1904 was in the center of the back body panel and did not use either style of plate. Franklinman is correct for the side entrance models.
  6. Don't give up on young people not being interested in our hobby. There is plenty of interest, but look at todays prices compared to back in the day when us old timers could buy cheaply. Our interest was early 1900's to the '70s primarily. Young people today want '70s and newer. Your "A" is a fine auto and it would appeal to me, but I am down-sizing. A young collector maybe not so much interest. Your sale reminds me of a sale that I made a few years ago to a young man that was interested in getting into the hobby, but was lacking the funds for what I was asking. After getting to know him and making sure that the AACA and Model A club were in his sights I dropped my asking price by $2K and we both felt good about the sale. Less than $8K for a restored A is a good buy. If you can't help a young newcomer to the hobby, then you are in the hobby for the wrong reasons.
  7. The early brass acetylene headlights were used by many auto manufacturers. They were accessory items in some cases, and in other cases they were part of the purchase price. I have had a few Grey and Davis lights over the years, but not a number 106. Cadillac used G&D lights for many years but the #106 is not one of them that I recognize. A picture with dimensions might help. The distance between the fork mountings would help. Good luck.
  8. Sounds like a good auction, and it is in my back yard, but I refuse to stand there and bid against a computer. I would rather look at the person I am bidding against. Old school I guess.
  9. Brush autos have a club now located in Australia. They were all one cylinder motors. The Early Cadillac Group is not a club, but a very good source for the one cylinder collector. I would ask the Horseless Carriage Club for some info on other makes and models. Good luck.
  10. How do we know what you found unless you show us?
  11. Check out the H.A.M.B., they have a good question and answer section related to Rods. You may find that having a bill of sale might not be enough for title purposes. Some states may want documentation for all parts used in the construction of the rod. Like 39Buick said, all states are different. Good luck.
  12. Thanks John. Does your 07 engine have a side water connection at the top instead of a front top and bottom connection like I have on my 12?
  13. I am sure he will include the video with his insurance claim.