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  1. caddyshack

    Sears High Wheeler id help needed

    Dave, I assume that you have researched the high wheeler extensively. I don't own one, but the web site is loaded with great info. From the site info and your number 2684 I would put it in the 1910 Model P range. There are only two places for a serial number; a brass plate mounted in the back body panel and the left side of the front cross member. This is a great web site and I learned quite a bit. Good luck with your search.
  2. caddyshack

    New brush owner needing basic familiarization

    Cole, another site that will have lots of good info is brush The owners manual may not be for your year Brush, but the info is pretty basic for all models. Good luck.
  3. caddyshack

    New brush owner needing basic familiarization

    Welcome Cole. This site is probably as good as any other site when it comes to quality information. The AACA library will have Brush info on file, and there are still a few members around that I am sure would help you get started. The Brush Owners Club is no longer active in the U.S.. Australia has started a new International Brush Club, but I am not a member. In order to help your needs, you will want to post information about your Brush (year, motor number, body style, mechanical needs general condition, etc.), and your location. There may be someone in your area that would help. Let us know, we are here to help. Nice photo by the way.
  4. caddyshack

    License plate bracket and tail lamp for a ???

    Ford 1917 to 23? roughly. This set-up (electric bulb lamp) was used on a starter equipped auto. A non-starter equipped auto would have used an oil lamp with a red lens and clear lens facing the license plate
  5. I like the cycle with the sidecar on the left.
  6. caddyshack

    Homer Edmiston Auction

    I agree with Chris. I was there also and never saw any Maytag items. Not to say I could have missed an item or two. That was one of the best auctions that I have ever been to. Way to much stuff for a couple of days bidding. And people stuffing the good stuff under junk. All in all lots of fun and scored pretty well on the Brush and early Cad stuff.
  7. caddyshack

    newbie/1939 buick eight special

    Welcome Thad. There are some pretty standard winterization to follow, but for your 1939 Buick you might want to post these questions in the Buick forum to get advise from similar owners. I typically pull my batteries out in the winter and store them in a heated area. Antifreeze, if used, should be checked or even changed to suit your worst winter temp. Check the other Buick forum site and good luck.
  8. caddyshack

    Best Vehicle Tarp for Barn Storage

    I agree with the no cover comments, but I would also suggest to cover any windows that have direct sunlight on the vehicle. Many years ago I had sun damage on a Model A door due to a window on the wall that was not covered.
  9. Don't know about any listings, but according to McCalley's book 308 Model T's were produced in calendar year 1908. They are considered 1909 models however. The two pedal cars were said to have been used on the first 500 to 800, 1909 models. It was a carryover from the Models N, R, and S. I have heard of the Model T registry many years ago, but I was never a member. Hope this helps.
  10. Many articles have been written about the Fisher Body symbol in the past few months. And many replicas or models have been produced over the years to commemorate its design. In 1973 the American Silversmiths Guild, Inc. in Paramus, New Jersey, produced 1000 units to celebrate General Motors Corp. golden anniversary. The Napoleonic coach was hand crafted to perfection by master silversmiths using sterling silver and 24 caret gold over sterling silver. The doors open and close, the wheels turn, the stairs fold away in a hidden compartment in the undercarriage and the coach has a working spring suspension. These coaches were made primarily for General Motors dealers. A year later, the horses were crafted. And, a year or two later the queen, king and two carriage men were added to complete the set. There is a certificate of authenticity with registration number included. A few coaches have sold at auction over the years, but not many complete sets have come up for sale. Asking $12,000.00 If you are interested in purchasing the set, contact me for further info. Thanks
  11. caddyshack

    Subcategories - Parts for sale & What is it

    The AACA Library is full of "what is it" topics. These should be in the "Photo and Video Forum" where there has been a "what is it" area for many, many years. Just mild venting.
  12. caddyshack

    A fender?

    Looks like a spare tire well that would be part of a front fender. The hole was for water drainage. Nice piece.
  13. caddyshack

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    Back in the mid 1990's I went to an estate sale with the intention of finding a nice extension ladder that was posted on the local posting. They were allowing 10 people in at a time, and I was in the second group of 10. Well, when I entered the home two ladies were looking at two brass lamps on the fireplace mantle and they were discussing whether or not they were railroad related. When they concluded that they were, and put them back on the mantle, I grabbed both of them and could not believe the attached price $25 each. Long story short, 1904 era, bail handled, all brass, cowl lights in perfect shape. Looked for 20 years for something to put on the 1904 Cadillac.
  14. caddyshack

    Winter storage - gasoline

    If it were me, I would pull out the batteries in both cars, leave the tanks full of non-ethanol gas, and check the shut-off valve on the Model A. The T-bird I am not familiar with, but check the entire gas line for any signs of leaking. I am not sure if the T-bird has rubber hose connections like some Chevies have. I have five cars stored every winter in an attached garage and a couple of hours checking connections, fluids and batteries is time well spent. I did have an ethanol related issue that ate my Corvettes fuel pump rubber diaphragm and caused a gas leak years ago. But I will never use ethanol gas where there are rubber gaskets or hose connections on fuel lines. Good luck, the above responders have good suggestion.
  15. Hi John. Very interesting coil box, any idea of the year? Can't say that I have seen one like this before. I have a '12 F model and mine came with a switch that says mag and bat, only problem is that it is not set up for a mag on the engine. Any idea what B.1 and B.2 are ? Two batteries maybe? None of my books show either coil box. Nice items, thanks for posting.