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  1. Thanks Dave, I can see that the head lights and cowl lights are not Brush, but they look nice. Like you mentioned, there may be quite a few items that need to be changed out over time. I like what you have and if you can get it running and back on the road, that's what counts. Let me know if you need any info. Skip
  2. Thanks Dave, Scroll down to Jonah's post (23 replies) and see the oiler pictures that I gave him. One concern that I had was that the oil line hole may be to large on your firewall. It appeared to be larger than the washer. If that is the case, glue in a new wood plug and drill a smaller hole. The firewall thickness could be 7/8" or possibly 1". Just curious about your headlights, I had one on my Brush but it was to early. Do you have any i.d. info on your lights? Thanks, Skip
  3. I have the same set up on my '12 F Model. I mounted the stock oiler to the firewall first. The bottom jam guy is set so the top portion will insert into the tank and seat against the cork gasket. When the tank is installed the three mounting bolts will seat the cork gasket. If the seat is not tight, I have added an additional cork gasket to form a better seal. You could also mount the tank first, and measure the depth of the stock oiler and adjust the mounting nut on the oiler. I have done it both ways and had good results. Hope this makes sense. Good luck Skip in MN.
  4. Congrats, looks like a good project. I see many missing parts and the new body appears to be very close to original. I have a 1912 F so they are not quite the same. Keep posting questions and pictures and answers will follow. Many Brush owners have helped me over the years. Best wishes, Skip in MN.
  5. Hi Ladd, I was just curious concerning the 1911 year of your Model F. I too have a Model F, and I was contacted by a few Model F owners who corrected me on the year of production. I had to change my 1911 title registration based on their information. The Model F is a 1912 production year with serial numbers 15001-20000 and Liberty models in 1912 started with numbers 20001 and higher. Is your Brush restored, project, or original condition?
  6. I always thought that a vehicle that had 4 wheels and flys was a garbage truck. This must be a close cousin.
  7. First car was 1956 Vet purchased in 1965 for $1500. Would I still want it? Absolutely. The motor was a new 327 340 hp with a 3 speed tranny. Very fast, and took many long tours in it. Unfortunately I T-boned a station wagon at 40mph and never had a chance to touch the brake. A total loss, but I graduated to big block Chevelles after the accident. I still loved the solid axel Vettes however, and purchased a '62 in 1985 that I still have today.
  8. It is a beautiful auto, and the above comments (good and bad) are spot on. 1971 was a transition year for Chevrolet and the insurance industry was raising heck with emissions, horsepower, cubic inches, etc., etc.. The engine options for SS related Chevelles were many, and the days of the SS-396 and SS-454 high horse power engine options were disappearing. I agree that the after market items on this vehicle could be a future/or immediate problem. Get some sound advise from local Chevelle clubs/collectors, it may help you decide. If stock appearance, and money, is not an issue, go for it an
  9. Honey, would you mind rowing a little faster. My hind end is getting a little wet.
  10. Anybody have a usable set for sale? If not has anyone purchased new from Rootlieb? I have a set, but they are mismatched, different years I believe. Any help appreciated. Thanks Skip in MN.
  11. Your insurance card just says "fire and theft". Shall we put it back on the truck?
  12. It could be a one cylinder auto coil box. I have a Brush also, and the keyed switch on mine says Brush not Kokomo. There were many manufacturers of these boxes during the "Brass auto era". Nice box, thanks for posting.
  13. Agree 100%. The last one I attended left me very disappointed. No security of parts section.
  14. Sorry for your loss. I have tried many types of prevention and some mentioned in this post sound promising. I use trail cams and Ring security devices. Both use day and night vision with great clarity. Both are motion activated. Ring has instant notification with visual capability on your cell phone. Floodlights and siren are turned on automatically. Some notifications might get annoying (spiders, moths, birds, bats, deer, etc. etc.), but if it prevents a theft it has more than paid for itself. I have found a few trespassers to be pretty bold in checking out my property over the years. No
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