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  1. Agree 100%. The last one I attended left me very disappointed. No security of parts section.
  2. Sorry for your loss. I have tried many types of prevention and some mentioned in this post sound promising. I use trail cams and Ring security devices. Both use day and night vision with great clarity. Both are motion activated. Ring has instant notification with visual capability on your cell phone. Floodlights and siren are turned on automatically. Some notifications might get annoying (spiders, moths, birds, bats, deer, etc. etc.), but if it prevents a theft it has more than paid for itself. I have found a few trespassers to be pretty bold in checking out my property over the years. Nothing stolen so far, but the videos are archived. Stay safe my friends.
  3. If you want to get a little crazy about numbers matching, try researching the Selden Patent numbering system for 1900 to 1911+/- cars. That is where numbers matching needs documentation by Factory build sheets. I spent two years trying to sort out fact from fiction and in the end it paid off very well. I like the research and documentation to verify what I have and possibly what options were included. Some people don't care, and that is fine too. Just my opinion.
  4. Been a yearly dues paying member since 1972. With all of the unemployment, food shortages, and illness I feel fortunate to belong to any club. God bless all of those workers fighting the virus. Stay healthy and safe.
  5. Just paid $1.15 at Costco in Eden Prairie, MN.. Sweet
  6. I like the post 35Packard. Kind of the same situation. In '72 I just graduated from college, bought a small house, first child was born, started a new job, life was hectic. The only cruising for me was 70 miles of highway driving in a '70 ss chevelle once a week to pick up a class I missed as a freshman. My cruising days were pretty much over.
  7. I wrecked my favorite car back in 1966. The car was a 1956 modified Corvette. Two months before the accident It was repainted with a beautiful Maroon paint job and equipped with a duel quad, solid lifter, 327, and 3-sp tranny. Unfortunately I T-boned a station wagon that went through a stop sign at roughly 35 mph. Never had a chance to touch the brake. The accident looked a lot worse than it was. All of the fenders and door skins were scattered in the road, the hood went over the wagon and the only item in tact was the trunk lid. I broke a rib on the steering wheel and a had various bruises and cuts, but I considered myself very lucky. We did not have any camera shots of the accident, but the car looked good in a late '65 photo.
  8. Sweet, wonder what happened to the other 42. I learn something new everyday. Thanks
  9. Have not seen or heard of that one. I have a picture of a hand built '83 that used "82 and '84 components. Nicely done, but not a production model.
  10. Would love to see a 1907 to 1912 Brush two cylinder auto. They were advertised for sale, but were never produced according to most records and owners. An example was evidently found in Australia, but verification left me wondering how only one example survived all these years. Brush made two cylinder motors for industrial use and also for the early Overland autos. Would also like to see a1983 Corvette and not an '84 model built in '83.
  11. Bought my first old car in 1963 while I was a junior in high school. I saw an old car in the back of a barn, so we stopped to ask if it was for sale. An elderly lady said it was her son's, but he was stationed in Germany. She said that he was not returning to America which I found surprising, so I asked again if it was for sale. She asked how much money I had on me and I said about $10. She said "I will take nine for it and you keep a buck for gas". That is how it all started, the bug bit. When I got discharged from the Navy in '68 I wanted a fast car not an old one ('70 Chevelle cowl inducted beast). I did get serious with the old car purchases in the '70's however. Early Cad, Brush, Ford T's and a couple of A's. This was when cars sold cheaply, not like today.
  12. I would have better luck identifying the tree.
  13. A three car garage with six early cars in it does not work well. Can't even see the other Model A or Corvette. Down sized by selling two of them. Will have to wait a little before the rest go up for sale. Built a 24 x38 garage at the cabin, but before I could put a car in there, the space got filled with outdoor toys and a boat. Stay healthy and safe my friends.
  14. Can you guess who won't be driving?