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  1. Thanks alsancle, could not agree more. Here is a better picture taken a few years ago.
  2. Looking for a 1912 Brush headlight fork (solid style) with tapered, threaded, mounting end. Also one Phare Solar Brass lamp as shown. Thanks, Skip
  3. It's always fun to cruise with the grandkids.
  4. I did order a new 1970 Chevelle, 396 SS, 4-speed, Cowl inducted, Cortez Silver and black.2-dr hard top back in the day. Under $5000.00 and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Might even but two with those prices. $5K today would hardly buy the wheels and tires for a new 2020 Tahoe Premier today.
  5. Not sure what it is either, but the picture looks staged. The dual drive sprockets on each rear wheel have no chains attached. That has to be one of the shortest wheel bases I have ever seen. Good luck with your search and thanks for posting.
  6. Still dreaming Dave, that is why it is on my dream list. I have a 40 ft long garage with a pontoon boat and all of my sons toys around it. It is time to down size anyway. Mid engine corvette is in my sights right now.
  7. I guess that I am stuck on early brass stuff. 3/4 of the 30's era beauties would not fit in the garage. My other choice would have been a 1912 Oldsmobile Autocrat and Limited. 706 cubic inches and 90 mph, the wow factor is there.
  8. 1914 Stutz Bearcat really perks my interest. My grandfather had one in the 1920's, but the photo did not do it justice. Beautiful lines just like the Mercer.
  9. The top right hand side of the cylinder head and the brass plate attached to the front seat, passenger side, kick board are the only two areas that would have a serial number. The brass plate would have shown the model number and serial number. The metal parts making up the chassis would only have parts numbers as part of their castings for 1910. Many casting numbers carried over, or did not change from 1910 thru 1912. Maybe previous owners might be found. Good luck with your search.
  10. Many years ago I also saw a young man dressed in fatigues driving with a bare foot on the steering wheel. Sitting high up in my Tahoe I could not see much else, so I started to report this to the highway patrol. At the stop light I could get a better view, and I could see It was a disabled veteran with severe disabilities. Luckily I did not report him. We owe these heroes so much. God bless them.
  11. 62 Corvette wheel cylinder right after I opened the "made in China" package. Where the hose fitting was suppose to screw into the cylinder, the hole was there, but the threaded tapping was not made. Checked the other three cylinders and they were all the same way. The vendor got a call and his inventory showed the same problem. I was the third shipment from him, but he had not heard from the other two buyers. He made it right, and found another source, so no hard feelings. Not the first time that ran into inferior machining. Can't be too careful these days.
  12. The Cadillac is sold. Thanks to all that responded.
  13. Very nice. Always liked the center door model. Best of luck with your sale.
  14. Thanks for all of the comments. I did not want to air past experiences concerning sales or negotiations that went wrong, I intend to present a fair price and accurate description for a rare auto that needs a new home. In my research, the London to Brighton verification process is very costly and frankly, I was not interested in their process. I did the documentation state side. The price is what it is, based on the last 10 years of comments, both good and bad. I am open to constructive criticism, and I will answer all questions as accurately as possible. If I somehow offended some people in the past, I apologize. It is a different world out there, but we have the best hobby site on earth. Thanks again
  15. Thanks Charley. And yes Ben, it was up for sale in the past and overseas deals did not pan out. So I backed off twice. Lesson learned. Values have been all over the place in the last few years so I thought that I would try it again.