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  1. No, they were accessory items and not furnished at the factory. The headlight forks and side lamp brackets were furnished by the factory according to their parts listing.
  2. The notches in your hubcap are there for tightening your hubcap with a spanner wrench that fits into the notch. My 1904 caps had similar notches. I would have guessed your cap was 1908/09 era. Very nice cap, thanks for posting. Skip
  3. I was pheasant hunting in Iowa and my 1980 Ford Bronco did not have any clutch at 30 mph in a very remote area. Was with my young son and I was quite concerned and did not want to shut off the truck and be stranded in no mans land. Pulled over and just turned off the ignition while still in gear. The pin and cotter key were missing from the tranny connection and nothing in the tool box would even come close to working. There was a telephone pole with a dozen or so nails in it, so I removed the largest nail and was able to reconnect the clevis to the tranny using the nail as the pin. Drove 140 miles home and was never so thankful. Just another weed in the garden of life. Skip
  4. Lived in Hawaii while in the Navy and loved it at first, but then I realized that I was always driving in a circle to nowhere. Give me lakes, rivers, forests, green grass and I will call it home. When you live on an island and they have an interstate highway designation, it's time to move.
  5. I typically don't name the autos, but this one had a couple of names that I can't mention when the fuel system got eaten up by ethanol gas. And, when the master brake cylinder failed and leaked fluid all over the carpet. The names were quite close to words used back in my Navy days. In the mid '80's someone called it "Casper" and that kind of stuck. When I asked, why Casper, he said it was like a ghost. Here one minute and gone the next. It's fast, but not that fast.
  6. Definitely '26/'27 Ford T wire wheels. Appear to be in nice condition. I have 2 full sets of wheels as shown in your photo with standard T wire wheel hubcaps, and a beautiful set of late '27 wire wheels that used the larger AR style model A wire wheel hubcaps. Thanks for posting.
  7. That radiator looks exactly like my '12 Model F. Only problem is that it is an all steel radiator and outer shell. Painted body color. Earlier styles were brass however. Check with a magnet if in doubt.
  8. In my community the answer to congested traffic lights is to remove the lights and install "round abouts". It is like a dog chasing its tail and some people really have problems with making a turn on a round about. I know that truckers just love them when they have deliveries in the city. Really takes some getting use to.
  9. That 2021 Corvette would be by you so fast that you wouldn't have time to react to a wave.
  10. Liberty and Model F Brushes were made in 1912 Model year. Some may have been made in late 1911 but were still called a 1912 model. Serial numbers were used for registration and the Selden Plate patent numbers were discontinued before 1912.
  11. Tires that old and cracked have little value, other than period correct for display purposes. Tires that old are not safe for any road application. I would list for "best offer" and hope for a taker. Good luck.
  12. Hi Adam. Could you verify if there is a Brush logo or a star shaped logo on your step plate(s). Thank you. Skip in MN.
  13. Any photos out there of an original Liberty step plate? I have only seen one, and that was at Homer Edmiston's auction many years ago. That step plate had a Brush logo, very similar to early Cadillac step plates.
  14. Don't think it's an "A" model, but definitely a "BC" model.
  15. Model D, Rectangular steel with tall (4") sight glass on the dash Model E, I have seen both. I am not sure if they were carried over from the D Model. Model F, Round Brass tank with (2") brass sight glass on the dash. Skip
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