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  1. So I got the transmission all disassembled and inspected and cleaned all the parts. Reassembled and now just have to get it back in the car. Did not find any issues at all as far as I could see. Now moving on to the next step and that is ensuring the teeth are properly aligned ensuring the valves are opening and closing at the right time because with my lack of power it has been suggested that while the car runs at idle speed that maybe its off by one tooth and then when I get to higher RPMs the intake or exhaust valve is open a bit and i am losing compression hence the lack of power when driving the car. In order to do this I had to take the front of the engine off. Going to again inspect everything but most importantly make sure the gears are aligned. Also going to remove the cylinder cap and valve caps and clean and inspect all that also. The bronze gear had black paint markings on it that correlate with the exhaust and intake valve opening and a stamped X correlating with both valves being fully closed. I do not know how they aligned with the gear on the crank before I took it apart and can only assume I need to find some way to ensure things stay in position and line up correctly when I reassemble Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Got most everything apart last night . Going to clean everything this weekend and inspect all the parts. I did notice there is some oxidation on the bronze and steel plates. Any suggestions on how to clean that off? The manuals from way back then say to use emery cloth. What should I be looking for as to what the thickness of the bronze plates should be and also the steel plates ? Scott
  3. So my 2018 winter project of disassembling and inspecting the transmission due to lack of power really turned into a 2019 spring project. Thought I would post my project as I go along in hopes others with more experience than me can give me some advice. So the transmission , at least to me, doesn't feel like it ever fully engages. And the car has always lacked enough power to drive it up on a trailer. With years of helpful advice , and getting my transmission to work to begin with , from John I have done a lot to the engine such as new piston and rings, bored, adjusted the timing every way imaginable, different plugs ,etc. So over the winter I had the coil redone and the gentleman suggested I switch to 12v . Not that its gonna give me a noticeable increase in power but it will give me a much better spark for better combustion and maybe a slight increase in power . So now with the weather finally better I was able to spend enough time on the garage floor to get the transmission out ( not a fun project on my own) . Tonight I will start the disassembly of the transmission. Basically I am just taking it apart to look for oxidation on the plates, check the thickness of the plates and look for any abnormal wear. Any suggestions from anybody would be greatly appreciated. More pictures to follow as I get deeper into this project.
  4. I have had these springs for 30 years and not sure what they are for . They measure 36" long . Two have one more leaf each than the other two so possibly two are for the front and two are for the back . PM me if you are interested . Scott
  5. Optima Red top 6V battery bought new in July . Not able to use in my car due to size . $150 OBO. Located in central NY and can deliver possibly
  6. Trying to help a friend get his 1951 GMC truck started. He had a complete restoration done 5 years ago and the truck has sat since the day he drove it into the garage 5 years ago. Last week the old gas was drained and new gas added and a new battery was put in . It is a 6v system. The engine is getting gas but doesnt seem to be getting spark and I am not overly familiar with this year vehicle . There are no visible frayed, chewed, broken etc wires. Could it be as simple as replacing the coil and if so where do I track down a coil for him? ? Any suggestions would be appreciated . Thanks, Scott
  7. Someone is selling a 1909 Brush on ebay for $64,500 in case anybody is looking for one or knows somebody looking for one . Looks like a very nice car.
  8. Caddyshack the DU1 would be the correct one for a magneto equipped Brush although I am sure others could be used . I have a DU1 on my 1912 F26 but I unfortunately lack ( I lost them) the connections to advance or retard the mag . Over the years guys have asked if there is anyone who has a working mag on a Brush to take pictures and post them but I have never seen any pictures . Apparently there are few Brush cars with mags or few guys who have them that read forums like this.The front part of your engine would need a bracket to hold the mag , internal and external gears and other parts . You also need the same valve cap plug that the spark plug goes in . My understanding , and how my car is set up , is that the engine has two spark plugs . One for starting on battery and one for switching over as soon as it starts and driving it while running off the mag . This is my understanding of a Brush with a mag . Hopefully somebody with more info than me will share their knowledge with everybody . Scott
  9. John, When you mention extra clearance how much are you meaning ? I had my cylinder bored 30 over and Egge is making the new piston. I would assume they would be aware of things like that but I guess I probably should reach out to them to confirm . Scott
  10. Skip, I have reached out to a few guys but have not heard back yet about the fact the new piston will be lighter and if that will affect things . Egge Machine is making the new piston for me and the first schematic for me to approve should be emailed to me this week. Once approved they should have the new piston to me in about 6-8 weeks. I had my cylinder bored 30 over last week . Whats your thought about having the new piston made with thicker walls so as to increase the weight ? I have the "New Style" auxiliary counter balance on my engine so since that is adjustable I am hoping that may also help . Maybe someone will read this post who has the knowledge of if the lighter piston will create issues and how to correct those issues. Scott
  11. After a lot of research and a lot of help from other Brush owners I have found a company that will make a new piston with rings for me but their minimum order is (4) pistons. Is there anybody who would be interested in a new aluminum piston ? Once I know how many pistons are needed whether that be the minimum (4) or possibly more then I will get an estimate on cost. Scott
  12. That is the address I have sent multiple emails to with no reply.
  13. Who is the person to contact to join the Brush Owners Association ? The contact email I have been trying gets no reply . Thanks,Scott
  14. Bob Lamond has asked me to post here his recent email to fellow Brush Owners so that this gets his request out to possibly even more Brush Owners who should have their Brush included in his 2016 project . Please pass this information on to every Brush owner that you know. "G’day fellow Brush Owners Yes this is a donation request - a request for 2 to 4 hours of your time this month - to prepare and send me - by 30 November 2015 - a page on your Brush – A 4 page – FORMAT – top 50% high resolution photo of your Brush, preferably with you in or by it, bottom 50% as follows - first line in bold Times New Roman 16 - an example -1910 Brush D24 Eng. No. 12,151. Owner Robert (Bob) A Lamond second line in bold TNR 14 - an example - 267 Upper Piambong Rd. Piambong 2850, AUSTRALIA, , 61 0409712101 -If you want privacy I suggest name and email address.Remainder of the page in TNR 14- not bold - justify text - leave one line space from second line - your knowledge of the history of your Brush including say a photo prior to restoration, knowledge of original owner, major expeditions, problems you have solved, long runs etc. etc. Your Donation will help us produce - in 2016 “The Brush Runabout Everyman’s Car 1907 to 1913” as a tribute to Alanson Partridge Brush and his Brush Runabouts, - it will contain A P Brush history, Brush models history and historic photos, Models and historic literature, Historic Expeditions, a Catalogue of all surviving Brush cars. This Catalogue will contain a photo of each car, preferably with the owner pictured, plus the car’s unique history. BACKGROUND – Hi my name is Bob Lamond, Brush Enthusiast, Australian, two 1910 Brush, one with 1907 2 cyl. Brush Engine and one 1917 T Ford roaster - I volunteered to prepare this Volume on an honorary basis and provide the initial finance, as an infinitesimal payback for 37 years enjoyment driving my 1910 D26 in, around and across Australia. I received enthusiastic responses from Brush owners in Australia (23), John Guy of The Brush Owners Association USA and Editor of The Brush Runabout, John C Meyer 111, Editor of Horseless Carriage Gazette,Charles Stokes Creator and Editor of the Un-Official Brush Owners Club and every Brush owner I have contacted in my world wide research. My initial contact with several museums has also been positive and cooperative. John C Meyer 111, Editor of Horseless Carriage Gazette has copied me with a list of 450+ one time Brush owners and around 160 engine nos. he compiled over time up to August 2015. They have confirmed my believe that “IT’s TIME” for we Brush owners to honour A P Brush & our Brush Runabouts in this manner. I welcome your commitment and ask you to forward me any historic photos or model information you may have. Copies will be available to Brush enthusiasts and Museums/Historical Organisations throughout the world the only cost being printing and postage. Initial estimate of printing cost is AUS $37 I have completed the rough draft of the first 4 sections of the Volume - APB history, Brush history and historic photos, Models and historic advertisements & literature, Historic Expeditions - John Guy of TBR is sending me a stick of all the accumulated records and photos and, after updating my draft material, he and Andrew McDougall, Aussie Brush owner will do an edit. After edit I will condense them to our plan of around 40 double-sided pages. This Volume will be a fantastic historic record of the Brush Runabouts for the future – with your help it will be supercalafragelisticxpaladosios ! ! Cheers Bob Bob Lamond 0409 712 101 “Solbakken” 267 Upper Piambong Rd Piambong 2850 Australia "