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  1. sh*t. my youngest daughter now has a tesla that has a flat land range of four hundred miles.
  2. since my split from the wife my food costs have dramatically decreased hugely. I might average $10 a day. and that’s including adult beverages. so I can’t really build up fuel credits at the store in kingman because I spend about half my time at my grandmothers cabin in Southern California mountains. (and no such credits.)
  3. paid $2.89 at Costco North San Diego. or was it ONLY 2.79? still wayyyyy tooooo much
  4. kingman az. $1.74 and up for regular unleaded. i’m driving the cad a lot more with cheap gas.
  5. maybe the manual window crank mechanism is broken like the right one in my 41 cadillac. or if a power window... hardly works like the ones in my 68 impala.
  6. are they similar to other GM power windows?
  7. i find 'floating' works well for me with a non syncro trans.
  8. i commend you for your dedication. all the challanges of a vaccum fuel system explains why the previous owner of my 23 buick “lost” the top portion of my unit. i’ve been using an electric fuel pump with a regulator set to one psi to run my car.
  9. i ordered a genius charger. i have an old optima 6 volt battery to hopefully get functioning again along with a couple of old dead 12volt regular batteries.
  10. good time to try a 50-50 mix of acetone and atf. supposed to penetrate better than anything else. (i have not tried it.)
  11. I am ready for the self driving car. I want to crawl in the backseat take a nap.
  12. 6? healey 3000 for peanuts back in '68. i probably would have destroyed it had i bought it.
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