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  1. for most things… especially with ebay and such… it is just a matter of finding the right buyer at the right price.
  2. maybe it’s just the modern gas evaporating? this modern gas ain’t worth a sh….. bit.
  3. how about kramer’s 4 door chevy sedan with THAT new york license plate? that’d be fun to have…
  4. that 1955 t bird has a california dealer plate on it. maybe frank was just out for a test drive.
  5. with the excessive hours i used to work as a truck driver and now with my retirement travels between arizona, socal and baja california i haven’t joined a local club. maybe someday. lone wolf for now. 1981. i bought a new 82 honda civic wagon with a/c. maybe paid 5k for it? (my first new car.) had a nearly new wife and family.
  6. just my experience with a turbo 400. my 67 Cadillac 429 and th400 was a switch pitch torque converter. it had serious issues. I had to have the transmission rebuilt and used the guts and torque converter from a 69 cad th400. The case is still a 67. (but with the 69 guts and converter). works well. been 35 years now. btw i use type F atf in it. i was originally was going to simply swap the 69 th400 onto the back of the 67 429. but the bell housing bolt pattern was different. cadillac went to a new bell housing bolt pattern in 1968 with the new 472/500 engine. (dang. cost me an additional $400 bucks then.) but it works out over the long run.
  7. on my 52 buick i took the easy way out. push button in dash. hooked to a pair of those small air horns/tiny compressor. super loud… would wake the dead. (just had to remember where that button was located.) of course the best single location is the steering wheel center horn button. second best is the horn ring. IF my memory is correct… on my 59 hillman… (maybe it was my fiat…) came with a factory stock hole in the hollow steering shaft just forward of the rearmost steering column shaft support. had a few winds of a very flexible fine braid wire that was wrapped around the shaft about four turns. enough to easily play out as you turned the steering wheel lock to lock. simple…and fairly easy to replace if needed. gave the ground to the horn. i don’t think it even had a relay.
  8. brushes n bushings. usually all it needs.
  9. that reminds me. I need to take out that cheap KRACO AM/FM cassette out of my 68 Chevy wagon and replace it with a standard a.m. radio that I took out of another Chevy many decades ago. But first I should get it modified at least to plug my iPhone into… (or maybe use one of those Bluetooth adapters.)
  10. all i need is a cheap $40 cover that is made for a suburban. my paint is original but in really bad shape. hard to find now… now that i could use a replacement. the first lasted ten years.
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