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  1. When are you coming to Joliet to look at the two rear axles I have and I may have some shocks and brake drums. Most of these parts came from Model 61 and 62 cars and I don't know if they will fit your Model 70. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com 815 twoonetwo 2389
  2. Order the production order for your vehicle from the museum. you can the find the key numbers and I can see if I have these keys . Robert Kapteyn https://www.studebakermuseum.org/store/Production-Order-1936-1959
  3. Looking at the above picture I do not have any of these. Robert Kapteyn
  4. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/sovereign-studebaker-1932-studebaker-dictator-coupe Give us the serial number of the car. It is under the left hand side of the frame on a tag behind the front wheel. I believe your car is a Model 62, but I am not an expert.
  5. Picture? I have a collection of horn buttons but I am not sure what you are looking for! Robert Kapteyn 815 212 twothreeeightnine studebaker@mac.com
  6. Dennis I will look for one but not until next week. Bob
  7. What is wrong with your drums , if they can be turned? I have drums for wire wheels but don't want to look for them until I hear fro you Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  8. Sorry to hear that Jerry has memory problems. We can be thankful for all the knowledge he has added on this forum thru the years. I wish him well.
  9. I have some but I do not have a part number for these. Some have 3 digit numbers on them ,check and see if your old ones have numbers.
  10. You have be more specific.Part numbers etc. I have some 1916 parts but they are inventoried by part numbers. Model number of your car? 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder. Pictures may be hard to find because these parts are missing but the parts manuals have pictures. Contact me at studebaker@mac.com if you need parts books. Robert Kapteyn
  11. I just called Studebaker and it says that their number has been disconnected and I wonder why.
  12. Herman. I am in a nursing home for rehab and will be here for awhile. I will let you know as soon as I get back to my shop in April. BOB
  13. Do you need them for Champions? 1939 and1940 Comm/Pres. use different tail lights. When the weather warms up I will look if I still have any left. I know I have rims and lenses for both Champions and the big cars. I have not been to my warehouse for over a month due to the extreme cold and I just spend 5 days in the hospital. I am waiting for a nice 60 degree day Man I am getting old! Robert Kapteyn
  14. I have this filter screen but I do not know what engine it is for. Make an offer, studebaker@mac.com
  15. I have this 1942 President air cleaner for Sale.Make offer.
  16. I don' know if this is a Studebaker filter. It is for sale.Make me an offer. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  17. I believe that this style of mirror was used on the early cars. I have other ones but I am not going to the warehouse until it warms up. I will post pictures than if anyone is interested. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  18. I will measure it. I did strip out a Model 54 and possibly the clutch is the same. Wait until it warms up.I am 84 years old and not very mobile. Due to the covid my helper has not been coming. We both have vaccination scheduled for February 9 , so we can possibly work after March 1. What model do you have , a Model 53 or 61?
  19. Which part are you interested in? Some were sold but I still have some. Which car do you need it for? Thanks Bob
  20. I am looking for a 1936 tail light lens. It says "Duolite" on it. it is one for the tail light that does not have a screw holding the bezel on. It is different from the 1937 lenses. I have a 1937 lens to trade Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com 815 212 2389
  21. Starlightcoupe Thanks for the pictures. Documenting the shock absorbers mounting and links will help others in the future. I am always amazed by the help and cooperation you give.
  22. You would have to modify the taper on these nuts but that would be easily done by using a 9/16" bolt cutting the head and unthreaded part off and locking two nuts together and chuck them in a lathe.
  23. You will need a key to turn the lock to the position where the spring loaded clip is. That is the clip that holds the lock in and you push it down when the lock cylinder is in the correct position.
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