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  1. Wanted carburetor linkage from firewall to carburetor,for President.
  2. Hi Gary, I’m needing the carb. Linkage to accelerator linkage on the firewall ,including to manifold for our 37 Pres.any leads appreciated. Thank you, Steve
  3. Hello Dave , That is an interesting history of your car . Thanks for sharing . My car is a green color . I am still looking for the correct year head . Thamk you, Steve
  4. Hi Dave, Do you remember what year you sold your car ? Steve
  5. Hi Dave, What do you mean by a weld in the center ? steve
  6. Looking for a cyl. Head for 1937 Studebaker Pres. 8 Starting letter on Head is Q thank you, Steve sgfrappier@yahoo.com
  7. What letters are for the Date Code / Year on the Studebaker straight 8 Head and Block
  8. Hi,I have the same one,nice car,on the firewall is a stamp code,also is a code at the left side frame ,behind front left wheel.What does yours say,also stamp on left side of engine near generator.Have fun. Steve,from Michigan sfrappier@sjschools.org
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