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  1. certjeff1

    Regulator bench setting machine

    I'm with Jason. I always ask for the cutout or regulator when we do generator work. It is easier and you have fewer variables when you make any regulator adjustments on a generator test bench. As long as your guy has a test bench he can spin the generator with then he can run the generator and regulator as a set and make any adjustments. I'm not saying you can't make adjustments on the car. But when someone is not familiar with making adjustments you could end up costing yourself a regulator. And Standard Motor Products does not just hand out replacement regulators for free.
  2. certjeff1

    Starter rebuilders

    Thank you guys for the endorsement. If we can help give us a call 1-440-439-1100.
  3. I have installed many alternators and alternators inside generators on classic cars over the years. There are many reasons people make the choice that they make, cost, look, reliability and functionality. There are some things you should know going in. Because early cars idle at lower rpms then the cars that come equipped with them from the factory you will need to get a smaller diameter pulley then that of your generator otherwise you will have the same no/low idle charge rate. Also alternators have a very distinct whistle to them that generators do not have. It will over power the normal sound of your engine. The whistle changes based on electrical load and rpm. Many people complain thinking there is something wrong. Lastly alternators require more belt tension than generators. This can cause problems with other belt driven items such as water pumps if they have soft bushings inside rather then bearings. You can only tighten them so much. With alternators inside generators you have to watch how they are constructed. If you simply press a smaller alternator into a generator you can create a internal cooling problem. I think one of the hot rod magazines did an article on this years ago. They had a high failure rate on hot days. Also with this design you have a very small group of alternators to choose from and this creates a parts availability issue. I had one that used a 1970's Isuzu design inside it. Not many parts available for it anymore. You can go with a Powermaster brand they have limited applications but used a common GM alternator design. I know there are a couple of companies out west that if you send your generator they will convert it, but have not had any dealings with them.
  4. certjeff1

    Need pulley for generator

    Take your time. If you can get the correct part you are better off. But at least this gives you an option and you can always keep up the search. You can never have enough parts for these old vehicles.
  5. certjeff1

    Need pulley for generator

    Including shipping I would like $25.00.
  6. certjeff1

    Need pulley for generator

    Yes it is 17mm. I tried the pulley on an armature it feels good and tight. No that hole does not go thru. Not sure why that is there.
  7. certjeff1

    Need pulley for generator

    Looked thru my pulleys. The closest I have is for 26-28 Chevys and Pontiacs. It is smaller in diameter by about 1/2". From the back side to the center of the v is just over 1/2".
  8. certjeff1

    Mesh vs Carbon brushes in starter or generator

    The mesh is correct. Remy was the only company I have ever seen use mesh. I have a total of 20 of the mesh type brush and 4 of the solid copper brush. Jeff
  9. certjeff1

    Starter Drive

    I come up with starter Delco-Remy #726-C and it used 16789 Bendix. I bought over 1000 NOS and NORS Bendix gears last year and that is not one of them. But I would recommend Van Bergen and Greener to rebuild your if it is rebuildable. My family has used them for over 70 years. Jeff
  10. certjeff1

    Need pulley for generator

    Steve I have looked thru several of my original Delco-Remy parts manuals and none of them show a pulley part number. Which tells me that the vehicle manufacturer supplied the pulley not Delco-Remy. I do have an assortment of pulleys. I might have something but can't promise. Jeff
  11. certjeff1

    Generator & Starter brushes

    Mike According to my Remy catalog it shows the brush having a braided wire lead with a flag terminal with 2 holes. Is this what you have? Jeff
  12. certjeff1

    Brushes for starter motor

    Paypal invoice is on its way. My company name is Certified Auto Electric.
  13. certjeff1

    Brushes for starter motor

    Yes paypal works. Just need email address.
  14. certjeff1

    Brushes for starter motor

    For customs purposes how do you want me to list these? I can do gift or commercial sample.
  15. certjeff1

    Generator & Starter brushes

    I recently purchased several thousand generator and starter brushes. I have over 300 different part numbers covering Atwater-Kent, American Bosch, Bijur, DeJon, Delco, Delco-Remy, Electric Autolite, Ford, Gray & Davis, Leece Neville, Northeast, Owen Dyneto, Remy, Wagner and Westinghouse. These are NOS Ohio, Pyramid, Standard, Gilfillan, and Kem. I have taken them out of their original packaging and stocked them in bulk as we have some numbers with over 300 quantity. Still making my way through all of my purchase. I even found a pair of brushes for the 1912 Cadillac motor/ generator system that I am restoring for a customer. I have catalogs for 1920 applications and up. With some info for earlier applications. I will sell individual sets and bulk. You can post to this or PM or call 440-439-1100 8A-5P ET M-F.