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  1. The new owner is my wife. She told me i can not sale it, because she loves the Rocky. Then i get a Kiss as payment. I think it was a fair deal?
  2. Gentlemen, I thinking about selling my 1933 Rockne 10 DeLuxe Roadster (Convertible) Registry (Larry Tholen) reads, its the last one left in the world. As you know, its a life time oportunity. Honest seller, many of the Guys here know me in person. Condition: Survivor, unrestored, beautilfull, everybodys darling. Zero rust, original shiny Nitro Paint, original roof and liner, original seats (Vinyl). Car has some very little athentic patina but its rated 2+, the Lady loox much better than 84 years old! Startix still in use, worx perfect. Wire Wheels, neuer Coker Tires made in NewZealand Car drives and is used for shows and Vintage car Rallyes Lots of spare parts: NOS Glass taillight emblems (both: Rockne and Studebaker Rockne), whole engine mith Head and Gose neck, NOS carburator, silencer, Hub caps, Spare Wheel holder and Wing Nuts, vintage Fotos, Dealer Broschures (engl. and german) , NOS Emblems (both: Rockne and Studebaker Rockne) Memorabilas, Rockne Parts books (no Reprint!), Knute Rockne Memorabilas, Books and Collecting items, some Radiator Caps (Flat and Flying R), whole front axle and brakes, steering parts, NOS Timing Chain, Fuel pump, water pump, spark plugs, LH tail lights holder with license plate holder. Did some TLC as original 33 Headlights (restored and rechromed), (at the pictures u see the wrong installed lamps, have to take Fotos with the original ones) 2 Original style Taillights (unfortunately Repro). The only original thing still missing is ignition coil with Key switch. Rare Fender position lights are turn Signals now, made some amber Acryl cast inserts instead of the white glass lenses. Glass lenses come with the car. Two taillights now with additional turn glas signal lamps below. Most people say they are original but they dont. Did a good Job.... Periodic correct turn signal switch in steering column with separate wiring to lamps. 1934 Winkers with electro/-clock switch still in the car. Included correct original Jack and periodic correct Tools in cotton bag. Runs perfect. Passes hard Local safety Inspection without any issue! Roof opens and closes perfect. Multiple Show Winner, 2nd. at nation wide Concours 'd Elegance, 2017 Located in Germany Car is in Europe since 1934. Origin from Netherlands. Maybe one of the cars shipped in crates to Europe in 1933/34 after bancrupcy of Studebaker? KM/H Speedo, Miles speedo comes with the car. always garaged and long distance trailered. To do: Water gauge glas broken (original replacement comes with the car) Fuel gauge not working (line leak), after repair gauge needs refill. Maybe replace the wiring ? Its over 80 years old...... Wind shield Frame needs some Work and rechrome maybe. Reason for selling it: no time to enjoy it Foto documentation on request, Safe Container Shipping to US no Problem, i can arrange. Where should i offer it for sale? Ship it to US for auctionating? What will be a reasonable price for it? best regards Joe Disclaimer: Wifey dont comes with the car. NFS. Even not for $10Mio! video:
  3. Do you know herpes? The problem is, once you have it, you have it forever. Just like me, when I'm looking for a grill for my 33 Rockne .... 🤣
  4. There was a Guy selling a very rough 33. it should have the Radiator in it. When i find the add i will forward it to you. Maybe DB (David Babcock) have one for sale to you? I have a whole 33 spare engine but unfortunately no goose neck on it. FYI, my car cames from NL too, was bought in 34 from a Guy who owned a company named steelglas.
  5. The Blue Print you can get at studebaker Archive in South Bend, IN, Andy Beckman. Just curious what kind of Rockne you have? I have a 33 DeLuxe Roadster in Germany. Maybe i can help with messurements and Fotos. Joe
  6. Antöne can help me out with a Wiring and routing diagram for 33 Rockne? thank you! Joe
  7. Gentlemen, i decide to install a new wiring Harnes in to the 33 Rockne. Any recommendations where i can buy a perfect one like original? thank you Joe(rg)
  8. ask I bought my jack from him, he should have a heap higher than 6ft of Jacks 😉
  9. This crank handle (NFS) has been under the seat of my '33 Rockne for a minimum of the 61 years I've been able to trace it; with no reason to believe it was replaced in the prior 25 years. It looks easy enough to reproduce from a length of 2cm stock. Thank you Brad and Tinindian will ask Studebaker archive for help. Maybe they have a blueprint of it to make a repro from. THX for you help!
  10. What brand are the Grease Gun in a 33 Rockne tool bag? Steward warner? What ### ? Whats the correct tip for a 33 to chose? THANK YOU ! Joe
  11. What brand are the 3 Wrenches in a 33 Rockne (or Studebaker) tool bag? Joe