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  1. OK Matt: Thanks. Too bad they don't fit on a 66 BU. haha H N Y Mitch
  2. OK Buick People: I have 2 boxes with moldings. Part numbers... 1 12521988 and 1 12521999 What do I have? They look like fender trim that surrounds a marker light for a late 80s-90s Buick. Anybody need them? $25 for the pair plus the ride in the GM boxes sound good? Mitch
  3. OK Buick People: I got braggin' rights as I am THE poster boy for being out of focus. Mitch
  4. OK Buick People: Who the hell would purchase something for that amount of money without actually looking at it, driving it and getting it up in the air? Are there that many with such faith? Mitch
  5. OK Art: A few of the guys has success with placing epoxy in the cavity underneath the button. I believe a 1960 Buick Universe facebook guy is working on a laser printing re-pop. Mitch
  6. OK RCP: Ask someone on the 1960 Buick Universe facebook page and get a pretty quick answer. Mitch
  7. OK Paul: I'm getting my ducks in a row and after they are lined up will make you an offer. Please, no one shoot my ducks. Mitch
  8. OK Paul: I have an engine and transmission....from a 65 Riv. Maybe Mitch could make a play for it?
  9. OK OIB: I used Falcon Globol. Very good. Mitch
  10. OK Eric: RearEnd Spealisties, 1040 Di Gulio in Sunnyvale. 408-988-3619. EXCELLENT ! Mitch
  11. OK Riviera People: I'm with Tom here. 225 70'z are there ticket! A wee bit lower to the ground (almost an inch in body height) and a wee bit more meat on the ground. WINNER! All I want's a decent white wall for looks. The original stripes? I don't trip on that. I got mine at America's Tire for $277 for 4 carry out. I mount 'em myself and Costco balances them for $5 per tire. Mitch
  12. OK Buick People: That thing is very tidy! I love the gloss on the paint too. Mitch