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  1. OK Buick People: This is a beater and would make a beautiful car if you spend a LOTTA dough on it. Aside from the green interior which is not my favorite it's ...really rusty. Oh, it has a noise in the engine. No a/c? For this car a/c is a nice feature as cruising in the East in the Summer and it does NOT have it. This is one of those that if it gets thrown at you for a real cheap price you could have fun making mud pies with it and move on. Don't spend much on this one. Mitch
  2. OK Fabian: Where you at? I have several but don't ship. Mitch
  3. OK Adam: Get a harbor freight steamer. Works great. Soap? Super Clean 10:1 with 8 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Spray lightly, let dwell a bit steam off. Wipe with a microfiber. First, use a test panel to get the hang of it. WA LA. Mitch
  4. OK Jay; I have one. PM me for more info. Mitch
  5. OK Buick People: Actually....looks pretty good. It seems really solid too. The price? While I'm not interested one couldn't find a decent one for free and get it to this condition for 20G'z. Still. Drive it, look at it very closely and get it way up in the air to see the underneath. The paint? Will it pop after a 2-step correction or is it just shiny? Mitch
  6. OK Buick People: Salvage title. READ CAREFULLY..... !). Big government consumer activists wanted to protect the public from buying something that could have been tainted somehow, thus a salvage or branded title. The problem is that it only means the title was branded "salvage". It doesn't help anyone because it DOES NOT DISCLOSE (some states may differ) what transpired. It could have been a titling issue, damage, but what kind?? Perhaps an insurance pay-off due to theft....and what were the circumstances behind the payoff??? Again, unless one knows and trusts the principals invo
  7. OK Ted: I think an automotive paint store can computer match anything. Mitch
  8. OK Buick People: This is a $3,000 car. I have seen a really beautiful 60 Flattop sell recently for between 15 and 23K. Mitch
  9. OK John: i had my tank coated. it was drilled on both sides so there were 4 entry points and media blasted. Cleaned and then sprayed with an epoxy. I have cars that should look that good. No more problems. $300 in San Leandro, CA. A 1960 Buick tank is IDENTICAL to a First-gen Riviera. just the filler neck is angled differently. The problem with my tank was microscopic particulate matter getting past the fuel filter messing up the carb. Mitch
  10. OK Arnulfo: I'm saying that there is a scientific procedure used to diagnose any mechanical malfunction. This case? it could be fuel, it could be electrical and it could even be mechanical. Having a starting point and eliminate each system from there. It is NOT simple. Mitch
  11. OK Buick People: Arbitrarily suggesting things is a fool's errand that lowers the bar for all. Suggest a scientific diagnosis. Your first step if you can't do it yourself is to seek a qualified person who can diagnose this properly. After a verifiwed diagnosis you are on to the next step. The bars leaks? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. Mitch
  12. OK Dennis: Screw the lawyer. Use that "A" word (attorney) and the meter starts running and it's very hard to shut off. I'd look for someone who has a DMV service. Perhaps you can find someone locally on line or call a few local used car dealers or the closest auto auction for a lead. NOT a big deal. I was a dealer fore 30 years and there are many different ways to approach your situation. Mitch
  13. OK Mike: Send me your address and I'll send 'em out. If they work pay me for the postage, if not? Do someone a favor sometimes. Mitch
  14. OK: Does it look like the quarter panels below the body side molding look like the body guy forgot to form them? Mitch
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