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  1. OK OIB: I used Falcon Globol. Very good. Mitch
  2. OK Eric: RearEnd Spealisties, 1040 Di Gulio in Sunnyvale. 408-988-3619. EXCELLENT ! Mitch
  3. OK Riviera People: I'm with Tom here. 225 70'z are there ticket! A wee bit lower to the ground (almost an inch in body height) and a wee bit more meat on the ground. WINNER! All I want's a decent white wall for looks. The original stripes? I don't trip on that. I got mine at America's Tire for $277 for 4 carry out. I mount 'em myself and Costco balances them for $5 per tire. Mitch
  4. OK Buick People: That thing is very tidy! I love the gloss on the paint too. Mitch
  5. OK Pete: A 4439 with a C, F and G7. Mitch
  6. OK Riviera People: I've seen the plastic caps and I'm gonna use one in the future. Just Dashes is very expensive. Good? I have seen some 1960 Buick dashes they did that looked like crap. There is another outfit on Scandanavia that does 'em and they seem to get great reviews. Mitch
  7. OK Carl: Tom's correct on the heat. Replacing the cylinder is easy and rather reasonable on the price too. Now, sometimes they need persuasion and that heat can prevent destroying a perfectly good fitting and brake line. Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: The yummiest 65 Riv I've seen recently was the one Steinfeld drove with George Wallace going for coffee. Perhaps that car is 40 grand. Maybe. Mitch
  9. OK Buick People: NO INSULATION FOR MITCH ! Why, you may ask? Mice and wahtz. We're in the country and those little rodents love the insulation.. Mitch
  10. OK JIM: The Dutchman's done about 8 1960 Buick water pumps for me. Mitch
  11. OK Buick People: I'm really disappointed in the fact that nobody mentioned that it'll buff out. Mitch
  12. OK Riviera People: I clearly remember in 1995 when the industry went to 134. Many guys started hoarding R-12. Now? it's readily available cheap because the need for it for cars in daily service had all but vanished. Mitch
  13. OK Charlie: I'll take all of your B-60 Parts. Make me a great deal and I'll come over give you the cash and get 'em outta there. Mitch
  14. OK Randy: It doesn't look that bad. How does it run? At the right price EVERYBODY in Dodge wants it. And the right price is???????????????? And, where is the car located? Mitch
  15. OK Riviera People: A 65 Riv got knocked out yesterday in our area. NO PICTURES ON PURPOSE. A drunk driver ran into the back of it. Fortunately....minor injuries. I have little use for that behavior. STAY SAFE! Mitch