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  1. OK Randy: It doesn't look that bad. How does it run? At the right price EVERYBODY in Dodge wants it. And the right price is???????????????? And, where is the car located? Mitch
  2. OK Riviera People: A 65 Riv got knocked out yesterday in our area. NO PICTURES ON PURPOSE. A drunk driver ran into the back of it. Fortunately....minor injuries. I have little use for that behavior. STAY SAFE! Mitch
  3. OK Riviera People: I attended the 1994 Solvang, CA Fall meet. There was a guy who brought down a 70 Riv just like this one, super clean and very lo-miles. Tragically, he passed away during the meet in his room. He was only in his early 30's too. It was so sad looking at the car and knowing that it's owner was not coming for it. I wonder if this is the same car. It could have easily been thrust into BCA people's ownership. Mitch
  4. OK Riviera People: While we're on the subject of parts books....I have most of the books that cover the years I collect. 60, 63-64-65 Riv and 66 Wildcat and Le Sabre. Just a question here....would it be advantageous to possibly have a new thread on the form on " how to read a parts book" or something along those lines? I really don't know how to look up specific parts and sometimes I just don't try because i get pissed off that i can't figure it out. I probably could help many with that info....including myself. Mitch
  5. OK Chip: Just the bumper. if there is generic stuff that fits a Riv, maybe. Mitch
  6. OK Buick People: I REFUSE to ship. I'd rather shovel ...than ship. if I shipped I could sell a lot as I have thousands and thousands of Buick and Riviera parts. If someone wants to help me hustle parts I'll make them one helluva deal. Occasionally I hustle a few Riviera parts on Craig's list . People call me, we discuss their needs and when they're ready they come here to my house. I show them what I have, they give ME a price and so far NOBODY'S LEFT WITHOUT A SMILE ON THEIR FACES. To remain competitive I suggest people research their parts needs on the internet. Some even do it with their i phones right on the spot. Many car people i know say I give the stuff away. I do. I have the money, the buyer has the parts at a great price, everybody's happy and on to the next adventure. Mitch
  7. OK Riviera People: I've put a ton of these together and STILL can't get the fastener spinner right. It has an arrow somewhere. The 3 position emblem is a pain. The one with the detente at 8 'o clock is much easier to assemble. Mitch OK Tom: I believe it. I have seen plenty of 63-66 Electras with spinner wires. I guess they were dealer or owner installed. Now, why the switch to the shorter 4 fastener spinner/8 fastener center piece for 1964? Could it have been an engineering thing? Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: I've put a ton of these together and STILL can't get the fastener spinner right. It has an arrow somewhere. The 3 position emblem is a pain. The one with the detente at 8 'o clock is much easier to assemble. Also, my theory for the change to the shorter 4 fastener spinner was that 64 Electra had skirts. just a theory. Mitch
  9. OK James: Don't forget about me. The 1960 Buick tank is identical to the First-Gen Riv except for the angle of the filler neck. I'm gonna need a few of 'em sooner than later! Mitch
  10. OK: Here's a real nice used rear bumper for the 63 Le Sabre and Wildcat. For used It's very straight and has shiny chrome. NOT PERFECT. The back-up lights are even present. Asking $150. Pick up at my house in Castro Valley, CA. Sorry, NO SHIPPING. Thanks, Mitch
  11. OK Scott: So....where are these things? Mitch
  12. OK Scott: So.....what's the next question? Mitch
  13. OK Riviera People: I run the kind Bob the Turbinator runs. Perfect! Hey, I also noticed the valve stem on the 63 wire cap is at 6 'o clock on the factory picture. I've been putting all mine at 3 'o clock. Will i get in trouble with the cops on that one? Mitch
  14. OK Buick People: It's happy. Ever go to a swap meet and see the vendor ask too much for their stuff, pack it up and keep doing the same thing? Well, cars can also be like that. Now at least if the car is not selling the seller has a legitimate reason to consider lowering the price. Yup, VERY VERY HAPPY. Mitch
  15. OK Riviera People: Ya want it? 1.Call the seller 2. Get a vibe with the seller and ask questions about the car. 3. Get the pictures you NEED. 4. Re-contact the seller ask for any more clarification you'll need and hone in on an approximate price. 5. Physically look at it, drive it, get it up in the air. 6. Be prepared to fish or cut bait. Yes, bring money (determined before the physical look) AND BE PREPARED TO WALK if it ain't right. Anything besides this protocol you're stickin' your neck waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out and if you don't get what you want it's your own fault. Crap presentations are crap because the product could be crap and priced over market....OR BOTH. BTW, if more buyers were that particular about this procedure we'd have a better, more honest market and much happier hobby. ALTRUISTIC? Perhaps, but it's a start! Mitch