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  1. OK Bryan: I believe he had it shipped from Indiana....$1200-- and got it running and got a title and did a whole lotta other things. He's got a grip on it. There was banter on the 1960 Buick Universe Facebook page that 60 Electra coupes were really rare and I believe he took a shot based on that erroneous information. I know another guy got one that is about the same and he really stepped up based on the same information source. He's gonna have it forever unless he gives it to the market and takes his shellacin'. Mitch
  2. OK Buick People: A legit original car taken out of daily service in Indiana years ago. NOT a CA car. Present owner got it running and driving. If it yard drives or is reliable I don't know. The colors? if you like...fantastic. If not? Uh oh. Mechanically? Ya really gotta look at it closely. It can be an easy 25 grand getting this thing looking and running respectable. All dolled up? Yeah baby. Now you're starting almost at the bottom of the hill. Mitch
  3. OK Buick People: Decent and for that area not a rusted out thing. Some re-done upholstery while not original is still very serviceable. Maybe a bit more than a hand full of dents and dings. Not too exciting a B-60 because of the ho-hum colors and lack of gingerbread. never the less, it's a driver which to me accounts for a lot. I'm a buyer at $3,500 today. Mitch
  4. OK Spike: I'd be comin' in from the East Bay but.....comin' in low. Any inner fenders? I actually really need the driver's inner and passenger outer. Your parts so please give me your bottom line. Thanks for your consideration, Mitch
  5. OK Buick People: I know the owner personally and am somewhat familiar with the car. It's been sitting for 40 years and what ever goes with that is what it's gonna need plus what it needed when retired from service. The body is solid except that hood and the interior is all there , ready for a re-doo. Certainly a worthy candidate to not blow completely apart but to go through bit by bit. It 's gonna take a heap 'a dough to be able to get it to go to the store and back. There's a similar car in So Cal, imported from the Mid-West with power windows and air (not really rusty either) needin' the same thing but running and driving and the seller couldn't get7K. We will see. Mitch
  6. OK Buick People: Very tidy. A 4 door Buick that's actually a pretty strong car's a legit lo-mileage well taken care of car. 401/switch pitch 400 is smooth!. The killer? NO AIR. A fun car to bomb but if you need a/c? More dough to add it on. The colors? Not exciting. A 4 door post? Not exciting. The price? This car has been for sale at least 9 months, maybe more. Price it right and it's gone in a week or less. What's right? I'd be happy at 2 grand. I may be cheap but it's still for sale and it;s still a grandpa car with not much sex appeal compared to many others on the market. Mitch
  7. OK Buick People: I just contacted my pal and he's locked it up. I believe he's pretty happy with it. He owes me big time! haha Mitch
  8. OK V8 Buick People: Another decent looking car that could use a balls to the wall detail including 2 step paint correction. The motor and tranny are the big question here. A Dynaflow that's sat like this? Anyone's guess. The motor? Also a gamble. The floor pans? yeah, they're a given as it's easy to fix for a big price. It gonna be a money pit. I'd suggest the physical look, a drive and get it up in the air. But you can't drive it. Can you get underneath it? Looking at the condition of everything cosmetic is a big deal to a prospect here. Mitch
  9. OK Buick People: Well I saw it yesterday. It's not a mint original. it is a very very nice original. The original paint could use a 2-step correction and touch up. A good overall detail and it's really sparkling. it ain't bad the way it is!. I looked at it for a pal who's out of the area. I think he's gonna make a play for it! It's really solid as a rock, it drives great and except for what you see and what a 67K mile car would need anyway it's excellent. I'll let everybody know what happens! Mitch
  10. OK JP: Looks like a nice car. I believe that an actual physical inspection and drive would be absolutely necessary. There still is a lot of money to spend on it. Would I paint it? If i wanted perfect, yeah. It depends on the owner's threshold for sure. I do the 60 so this might be outta my wheelhouse. I thing South of 20 after a good look over is the money. Mitch
  11. OK Buick People: Very tidy original. I wish the seller would spare the schmaltz though. The price? I'm in no man's land there. Mitch
  12. OK Buick People: I have an appointment to preview this car tomorrow evening. Mitch
  13. OK Buick People: Can this be a Canadian 65 Wildcat Custom seat?
  14. OK Matt: Thanks. Too bad they don't fit on a 66 BU. haha H N Y Mitch