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  1. OK Riviera People: Lotta price folks out there. Premium cars and their ego wants an over premium price. NO MATTER!!! Ya want it? Contact the seller. Ask questions and get a vibe with the seller. Get dialed into what the seller really wants and if it's in your wheelhouse...... See it in the flesh. Drive it. Physically look at it and put it in the air. If the seller is legit he will accommodate you on every point I've said. if not? MOVE ON. Come to purchase? AND BE PREPARED TO GO HOME EMPTY HANDED if it ain't what you want for what ever particular reason! This eliminates all this bogus hocus pocus. mitch
  2. OK Riviera People: Chip's about got it. And painful it is. I'm 67 and I'm seein' old white guys, the people I've known, droppin' like flies. And these folks? The car people who loved the cars we love. The market has become very limited for many many cars. I think there are a few things temporary holding up prices.... but eventually they will tumble due to supply increasing and demand decreasing due to the following......... The cost of restoration is through the roof and the number of people who work on these cars has been dramatically dwindling for quite some time They are still popular for now but Father Time is feverishly working on it's admirers and his shadow gets it all The fed has a 10 year T-Bill at 2 3/4% for a while and it's going up not down. There are many other things that are in competition for investment So there you have it. So in the meantime....enjoy the ride. Mitch
  3. OK Bob: I put in 4 quarts with the fresh filter and let it warm up. Then I check the oil and usually top it off with the quart of Marvels. The Marvels, fresh oil and driving these things as often as possible is the best recipe to keep 'em up. Don't forget that carb too because now the gas tanks are dropping like flies and that contamination eventually gets to the needle-n-seat allowing lotsa gas to get into the crankcase which is disastrous. Mitch
  4. OK Riviera People: I also thought that. Too good to be true? Mitch
  5. lrlforfun

    65 Riviera Value

    OK Coast: A dark green 65 Riv has been the subject of some bogus offerings recently. Hope it's not yours and hopin' you're legit! Just sayin'.... miktch
  6. OK First 64: DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY AND WITHOUT A DOUBT ABOUT.....a fool's errand. A 64 core is cheap and that's what you need. 65 and you'll have a Franken-Riv. Mitch
  7. OK Riviera People: That dark green 65 Riv? SCAM. And the guy doin' it is beatin' a dead horse. Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: I've been slammed by the best for sayin' this. New Old Stock? How can it be new if it's 50 years old? SO DECEIVING! Why not "Unused old stock"? It hasn't been on the car, it's old and it's been layin' around for who knows? I know I can't change the world but i gotta put my 2 cents in the ring. Mitch
  9. OK Daryl: I have the twin to your 65 Riv. Gold with a standard interior, power windows and a/c. Trim rings on the wheels? Hey, why not? It's a novel idea that doesn't chop up or molest anything. Oh, I also have had several C-2 Corvettes but that ship has sailed for me. Mitch
  10. lrlforfun

    Parting 1960 Buick

    OK Buick People: I'm parting a 1960 Buick. I need to get the parts car body count down and I'm open to anything. Please let me know what you need! NO SHIPPING so please don't ask. Everything is in the San Francisco East Bay and local pick-up ONLY. if you have a pal in the area I'm willing to work with that but NO SHIPPING. Thanks for your consideration and................Happy New Year!!!
  11. lrlforfun

    66 Buick Wildcat convertible

    OK Skeeter: The numbers? Well, I guess if one likes statistics....ya know, like in baseball. For 66 Wildcat purposes the 425 was the first to fall as they had less meat in the blocks. I have 4 425'z .30 over and many 425'z that are clunked out. The 401 was much better but at this point in time many of them are klunked out. Always stick 6 grand in the budget sooner or later for a re-build. And believe it or not, THAT could be a low figure at this time. I base my statement on years of experience with these old heaps and my current ownership of more than i care to disclose. Mitch.
  12. lrlforfun

    64 Riv 425

    OK OIB: When I had my car lot I'd tell my customers a few things. First, if you knew what went into a hot dog you may never even want to see one again. The other? If I had a crystal ball we wouldn't be here having this conversation. 1. Just because everything is new doesn't mean it won't break down. If you had 50 64 Rivs in your fleet that were in daily service and the motors were rebuilt vs the motors not rebuilt you'd have some scientific data, otherwise you're only flyin' on your feeling of fear that you're gonna break down in the worst and most dangerous place under the worst conditions. 2. Everything new or rebuilt is NO guarantee you are gonna not break down or be trouble free. Refer to my crystal ball comment. 3. If I were going to have a shop do work I'd choose a local one. If it needs to go back you're local and not 500 + miles away. 4. The forum's consensus is to perhaps check on a few things that ACTUALLY lower odds like belts, hoses cooling system service, etc. 5. If you love the car and don't care about spending 20 grand rebuilding is your dough, and your fear that is propelling you. 6. Trippple A is a cheap and excellent investment. Being on the road with these old heaps and having Plan B makes every trip much more enjoyable. Mitch
  13. lrlforfun

    First Gen Riv Bumpers

    OK Riviera People: I happen to be an expert on First-Gen front bumpers. Yes, 63 and 64 Front Bars and lower vanances are identical, 65 are different. You can tell the 65 bar from the slight dip on top to clear the headlights. The valances on the 63 and 64 have a PAIR of holes on the side flange. Only one on the 65 and it is totally a different fit. All the guards are the same, they're marked R and L. All this is common knowledge. A secret? Make sure the bumper fits perfectly before going off half cocked to the plater. Many have been poorly repaired and replated and don't fit very well. Many get replated and the bends are off. Been there, done that. Next. It's a 2 man job installing them. When you're ready....first have the nuts and bolts slick as a whistle so you can move them with your fingers in the alignment process. Next. have a pal who REALLY understands how the bumper is supposed to line up. I have seen guys put tons of dough in First-Gens and the chrome doesn't line up and it looks terrible. Mitch
  14. OK Riviera People: I really need to get nasty here. Carb King nailed it. A diagnostic procedure is the only way to begin fixin' anything. The question is ALWAYS...."what is the diagnostic procedure"???????? I'm sayin' it and I'm owning it....anyone who suggests anything except this doesn't know what the hell they are talking about and lowers the bar for all. Mitch
  15. lrlforfun

    64 Body Lines

    OK Riviera People: This silver car seems like it's been for sale for way too long. I guess the price ain't even close to right. Mitch