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  1. OK Buick People: Lotta things right , lotta things wrong. Wrong? The price stinks, it's really in need of a lot of work, a crem de la crem Cherry , red loaded 63 Electra convert isn't worth all that much. Right? It looks like it ain't rusted. it is a loaded red convert with buckets and a console. To make this really pop is gonna take oooodles and toodles of dough Mitch
  2. OK Turbinator, formerly RRB: So what are these sets going for? What's a complete set of trade-in's worth in trade? Mitch
  3. OK Riviera: Looked like Yvonne's old car but hers had power vents. Mitch
  4. OK Canadian Wildcat: I would pay $1,000 for a good running 425 in Northern California. So, what's good? I can hear it running. It has almost no lifter noise, no rod noise, no piston noise. It has almost no blow by when hot and changing the open/close on the PVC valve. I could take a compression check and the compression is high and even. A core? Almost free because it's gonna cost 6 grand to build......... if it can be built. The tranny? A Turbo 375, 1964 only. The 64, 65 and 66 401/425 hooks up to your Turbo 400 switch pitch. The tranny? 65/66 is best. I know because I have dozens of these cars with good and bad engines and.....I have repaired and rebuilt 4,. Mitch.
  5. OK John 😧 The 340 has poor oiling. It's a wimpy and small engine for a big and heavy car, not much power. Add hills and the a/c on and it's really gutless. Today? Add Father Time's shadow and it's not lookin' too good. Buick realized this in 1968 and responded with the much improved 350 which stayed for a very long time. I base my experience from have a new one and currently having 4. And....the Skylark? Lighter car with a 300 trans= a lot peppier. Mitch
  6. OK Brad: I have 4 66 Le Sabres so I think I can chime in with some experience. Power Brakes? Excellent as hell when operating as designed. Not hard or expensive to bring them up to the highest factory standards. The rear end? Take it to a QUALIFIED" shop where they specialize in rear ends. Have them put it up in the air and get an inspection and evaluation. Go from there. The motor? A 340 with the 2 speed trans is actually much peppier than the 400 package which is a 4 barrel and a turbo 400 transmission. It is NOT a great motor so keep the oil clean and run Marvel's Mystery Oil in the crankcase. Mitch
  7. OK Riviera People: The gas tanks are starting to fail in droves. Corrosion that clogs the fuel pump and carb....allowing tons of fuel in the crankcase. I'm seeing it a lot! Mitch
  8. OK Pat: 225 70'z on a First gen Riv is THE ticket! A lower profile and a little more meat on the ground. So many molest these Rivieras by messing with the suspension when just changing to this size can eliminate the mess. Mitch
  9. OK Riviera People: I got blasted by the best for sayin' this. There is NO SUCH THING as new old stock. It ain't new if it was made 50 years ago. It's UNUSED OLD STOCK. Like several people cautioned, don't fall into that stupid trap. $1,600 for UNUSED Cathedrals? Not on my watch. Mitch
  10. OK Tom: I have a super loaded 63 Rive.....with NO tint. I wonder what happened there. Mitch
  11. OK: Factory a/c in this cream colored Riv is a fool's errand. Too much work and you'll be hog tied and want to bail quickly, Grampa's car or not. If a/c is that much of an issue there are several outfits that install aftermarket that works great. Options on this Riv? Just buy a loaded one as there are plenty out there. I have 3 63 Rivs loaded . They're out there. You can have Grampa's extreme poverty Riv and a loaded one. Mitch
  12. OK Riviera People: First-Gen Rivs for sale grow on trees in many areas. The problem? Most are obscenely overpriced. The ones priced at market disappear quickly and that's why one wouldn't see it listed for sale. Mitch
  13. OK Mike: Are you on the 1960 Buick Universe Facebook page? Mitch