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  1. OK Buick People: A fantastic car to either blow way apart and go through or....just upgrade and make it a super driver. The upgrade? Although this car has been well maintained it's probably gonna need some serious money thrown at it mechanically it if it's gonna be a super driver. An up close lookie-loo, a stiff test drive and get it way up in the air!! Mitch
  2. OK Buick People: If the price was as nice as the car I wouldn't be making this comment as I'd have it at my house. Mitch
  3. OK Buick People: I love this car. I could do some color sanding and a 2-step paint correction and this baby would sparkle! Mitch
  4. OK Chris: If memory serves me....you are a pretty fair mechanic and you went through the motor. Mitch
  5. OK Tom: A similar phenom. A B-60, my main squeeze takes a specifically different rim than all other years. Safety lip, alignment pin holes and 4 vents are the combination that differentiates them from every other year. Yes, 46-60 are interchangeable with the 5 on 5 bolt pattern on many different models. That said, many of my B-60's have Buick rims of different years and not the originals. How such a mix-n-match happened is, like the balancer bolt....anyone's guess. Mitch
  6. OK Riviera People: Glen ran CARS nicely for years. He turned it over to someone who ran it into the ground. I guess he got it back and his son Logan was incharge. A decent outfit but it can be jittery at times. I know Logan and sent him a slug of B-60 people from my Facebook page the 1960 Buick Universe. I'd love to see Glen, Logan and James Kerr (also a super guy) figure out something as they are strategically located and for the most part know their stuff. Buick people are in a minority in relation to Chevrolet and several other brands and the more support we can get the better. Mitch
  7. OK Riviera People: A 425 should be 1-1/8". Yes, but who knows if it's been changed at one point. 401's are 1". I always carry the 1-1/8" socket in my mobile tool kit as well as the 1". Comes in handy!! Now, if my skill set wasn't so bad I'd be in great shape. Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: Here's how I did mine. I got a roll of wood veneer from a pal who just remodeled a high end kitchen. I cut it to fit the metal backing piece, sprayed 3-M glue on it and stuck the wood on. Got some dark Minwax and stained it. Well, at first it looked good but not excellent. It turned to crap after a while. Second try. This was for a pal's 65 Riv, NOT MINE. I got a sheet of veneer from a high end wood store https://www.macbeath.com/ . It's probably more than a pair of kits now with lumber stupid as it it today. It has the 3-M glue and stick-um on the back already. I cut it to fit and stuck it on. This was a 65 so it needed the stripes. First I stained it my favorite shade and after it dried i went to the detail supply guy and got a roll of Cal Custom striping tape. I mimicked the original dimensions from the busted up pieces and applied. Next was clear, let dry, wet sand with fine grit sandpaper like 1500 and polish. WA-LA A 63 and 64 have the black paint on the stainless surround so that wasn't an issue for a 65 which is bare metal so I polished the surround with Wenol metal polish and a microfiber towel. It looks very good. The plan? For my 65 Riv I always wanted a "Motorama" style interior so all the vinyl is gonna be done in leather, cut pile carpets and a plush style headliner. Well......that's the plan someday. ANY SUGGESTIONS on how to help me achieve my goal? I have a "vision" but it's kinda cloudy. haha Mitch
  9. OK: I love this thing. Hey, maybe I'll make a play for it. Still, a lot of unknowns. Rust? It is from Michigan. The engine/tranny....it is old. The interior needs a lot spent on it too. The paint? Still a 4 door post 4719. I actually have a pal who might look at it for me. Mitch
  10. OK Buick People: What does Mitch say? Look at it in the flesh, take it for a good stiff test drive and get it waaaaay up in the air. And, be prepared to walk away if it ain't what you want. Mitch
  11. OK: If this ain't all messed up underneath it could be close to the truth. ALWAYS........A close and personal inspection, a good stiff test drive and get it waaaaay up in the air. I like it if it's solid because one can nibble on it and make it a fantastic and reliable driver which someone can really enjoy. Mitch
  12. OK Buick People: Ya know the seller musta got this one stuck up his a$$ big time and he's lookin' to bail. I love this car at the right price, but that price point with an honest legit presentation may not happen. Many times sellers who are stuck wind up trading for something. Who knows what the fate of this 60 LeSabre is gonna be?
  13. OK Zack: I run 225 70 15's on all my First-Gen Rivieras. Mitch
  14. OK Whimpy: A really straight Riv with beautiful gaps and paint knocked down balls to the wall.....and those Turbine caps? Nothin' better. Mitch
  15. OK BCA People: Looks pretty spectacular. I'm in Nor Cal and have NEVER seen this one before. It musta been kept in the garage. The price OF 25 large? Let the market speak !! Mitch
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