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  1. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    1933 Rockne-10 Grille wanted

    another try ...
  2. Antöne can help me out with a Wiring and routing diagram for 33 Rockne? thank you! Joe
  3. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Wanted best repro wiring for 33 Rockne

    Who does the original style "textile" insulated Wires?
  4. Gentlemen, i decide to install a new wiring Harnes in to the 33 Rockne. Any recommendations where i can buy a perfect one like original? thank you Joe(rg)
  5. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Jack for a 1933 Chevrolet Master Coupe

    ask I bought my jack from him, he should have a heap higher than 6ft of Jacks 😉
  6. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Engine Crank Handle

    Thank you for these Information Gary !
  7. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Engine Crank Handle

    This crank handle (NFS) has been under the seat of my '33 Rockne for a minimum of the 61 years I've been able to trace it; with no reason to believe it was replaced in the prior 25 years. It looks easy enough to reproduce from a length of 2cm stock. Thank you Brad and Tinindian will ask Studebaker archive for help. Maybe they have a blueprint of it to make a repro from. THX for you help!
  8. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    1933 Rockne-10 Grille wanted

    thank you, i will call them Thank you !!!
  9. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    33 Rockne Wrenchs

    who can help?
  10. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    33 Rockne grease gun

  11. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    33 Rockne grease gun

    What brand are the Grease Gun in a 33 Rockne tool bag? Steward warner? What ### ? Whats the correct tip for a 33 to chose? THANK YOU ! Joe
  12. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    33 Rockne Wrenchs

    What brand are the 3 Wrenches in a 33 Rockne (or Studebaker) tool bag? Joe
  13. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Engine Crank Handle

    I am curious is it possible to find a Engine Crank Handle for my 33 Rockne? Are these handles interchangeable for different models/ cars or do i have to look for a very special one? Thank you Joe
  14. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Richard Quinn

    get well soon Richard!
  15. Rockne33DLXRoadster

    Vintage Tools for completing the tool bag wanted

    Thank you. Looks good to me. Pls. PM me your Paypal Thank you Joe