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  1. Hi Jimmy If that is the same as the 1930 DeSoto, that bottom eye bolt bolts through the hole in the axle to the left of your pointing finger on the picture. Rick
  2. I am interested in two of the spare tire clamps. Two of the six across the middle. You can send me a PM with price and shipping to Surrey, BC, Canada. I have a 1930 DeSoto CK coupe, so the should be the right ones. Maybe a side view with a measurement would be great just to confirm. Thank you Rick
  3. Hi there I would be interested in 2 of the spare tire hold down clamps. You show them on the 16th picture down. The ones I need a hole in them for the clamp down screw. I could drill a hole to make them work. could you send me a side and bottom view picture with a measurement and price. Thank you so much! Rick VanOene 1930 DeSoto CK6 coupe
  4. Hi Gary I have a 1930 DeSoto CK6 and used a newer Mopar thermostat that was the correct diameter and drilled a few 1/4" holes in the disc to allow for some initial bypasss circulation. Works great!
  5. Here are a few. The 1930 DeSoto pieced together for a picture in 1971 and again completed in 2016 with my wife. Some cars I should never have sold--a 1951 GMC 5 window pickup truck, a 1960 Pontiac Laurentian 2 door hard top, a 1955 Chev 2 door post.
  6. Hi Horner You asked how I know this information. I am the one who had that rad shell done since I could not find an original for my 1930 DeSoto CK6. I did find one later, so I sold the one for sale to Bob. He also had the rad for that shell, which was originally from a 1930 Plymouth U. The rad was cleaned and tested.
  7. I guess there are all kinds of opinions about rumble seats and their usefulness. Of course a 4 door closed car made more sense for travel sheltered from weather. Why have an open car? Yet as a collector they have more value than a closed sedan. I have a 1930 DeSoto CK6 coupe with a rumble seat. What a special treat for the grand kids to go for a ride in grampa's old car with the rumble seat! I have installed seat belts and only drive slowly on quiet roads. Kids love the attention they get. It is so special to them! My grand daughter said after a short trip "Grampa, 35 people waved at us". The back window cranks down so we can talk to each other. Isn't the intent of the old car hobby to enjoy it. How do we get the next generation interested in this old hobby if our cars are just for show? have actually crawled into the back and found it very comfortable. Does anyone know of a second DeSoto like this one?
  8. That was originally a 1930 Plymouth U shell. The top and bottom were reworked to look like the DeSoto shell. It will fit the Plymouth radiator and has a high quality triple chrome plate. Rick
  9. I am not sure what size your impeller is, but if you are interested, I have one that is 2 7/8" across with three blades. Rick
  10. Take the water pump to a reputable machine shop. Remove the pulley, pull the shaft out of the housing, lathe out the shaft in the impeller so that the cast does not break. Machine a new stainless shaft, and install the impeller with the pin through the shaft. Install a new bushing and graphite packing and you are done. Unless your water pump is a basket case, this is the way to go. Rick
  11. ckowner

    1930 cf fuse size

    The only way to find the problem is with a DC voltmeter. Go by one of the wiring diagrams posted above and work your way through the circuits. If you don't understand electricity, have someone who does help you. The old Dodge / Chrysler wiring diagrams are fairly simple and straight forward. There is not much that can go wrong with a clum switch, short of falling apart or filling with steering box grease.
  12. ckowner

    1930 cf fuse size

    I have a 1930 CK, and the fuse holder is mounted with a rivet to the back of the ammeter. This is a poor design as the rivet connection becomes loose after many years of warming and cooling. Eventually the connection fails and the heat from the failed connection melts the fuse internally. I have by-passed the original fuse holder with a modern one. I have also installed a fuse panel for the individual circuits. Headlights/tail lights/dome light etc. Having a 16 gauge wire on a 30 amp is not safe!
  13. Hello Isaiah There are complete kits available for the DRT-08 carb. I purchase mine on ebay. The reproduction choke standpipe is made of aluminum. I boiled my housing in a water and lye mixture till the threads of the old standpipe remains were free to turn and unthread. Rebuilt the carb. It is on my car now and seems to work well. Rick
  14. Hi Darrell That definitely looks like a 1929 model K. It could have been registered as a 1930. The 1930 DeSotos had a wide profile radiator shell. The 1930 Model CK had small lights on the fenders which were exact miniatures of the headlights. The " CF" which was the 8 cylinder model had the parking lights on the cowl. I see your cowl moulding and those lights are missing on the car you show. If you say you are told that it is a 1932 what does your registration/title show? Your front bumper is not correct and your hubcaps do not appear correct either. If those are 19" wheels, I have a set of NOS hubcaps for that car.6- 6 1/2" opening DE caps Rick 1930 DeSoto CK6 rumble seat coupe
  15. I've looked through their catalog and did not see it. Do you have a page # or part #?