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  1. Hi Rick The Carter BB1 comes in different sizes. The one I have is 3" center to center on the mounting bolts. The one you need is also a BB1 but with mounting holes 2 11/16" center to center. I do have a Stromberg UR23 that fits that manifold. Will email you pictures Rick VanOene
  2. Hi Rick I have a correct manifold for a Chrysler CM6. It is in perfect shape. $100.00 plus shipping best regards Rick VanOene
  3. Having owned my 1930 DeSoto CK rumble seat coupe since 1971 and finally completing it about 5 years ago, I figured I could claim this title. It is Canadian and one of 600 total Canadian DeSoto production in 1930
  4. I believe the 1930 Chrysler 66 engine has a timing gear rather than a timing chain. If this is your case, I believe these are unique. The 1930 DeSoto Packet truck engine also uses timing gears. This reverses the rotation of the camshaft. Rick
  5. I have a 1929 Chrysler 65 complete front bumper if interested. Rick
  6. ckowner


    Hello Mars I have looked through my stuff and realized there are two different setups. The one has the bracket following the outside of the socket and then bending in, the other enters the back of the socket and bends out. Looking at what you already have, I would suggest that you repair the one you have or make a new one, which seems like a fairly simple thing to do. I don't really want to steal that part from a complete headlight. Good Luck Rick
  7. ckowner


    Send me a picture of the one you are looking for. I probably have several. They are attached to the headlight socket and move it forward or backward. Rick VanOene
  8. Hi Jack i've been to the Portland swap meet once back in 1987 or 88. Semi retired now. Can you send me a PM with your info. My wife loves to travel, so we might make the trip earlier. Interestingly the Canadian DeSoto CK models had 18" wire wheels, 5 on 5 1/2 while the American cars had a 19" wheel 5 on 5 1/2. and 6 on 6" with 6 1?2" hub cap holes. My theory was that the Canadian roads were not as developed and a smaller tire added to lower gearing. You can see my car in the restoration forum. I have only ever found one car like mine and it is also a Canadian built but a rusted basket case being turned into a rod. Two serial numbers higher than mine. Registered as a 1931. looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards Rick ps: for anyone else interested, I have a complete set (6) of never used '29/30 6 1/2" "De" hubcaps for sale
  9. Hi Jack Are those 18" wheels with a 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern? 6" hub cap hole? If so I would be interested. My 1930 DeSoto CK (CDN) has the same wheels. What do you want for them. Rick VanOene Surrey, BC
  10. Hi Thierry Judging by your instrument panel picture, the car you have is a 1929 model "K". The model "K" had a slightly longer hood and a narrow profile radiator. These parts are much easier to find than a 1930CK. Production numbers for the 1929 were much higher. I believe that the 1929 DeSoto K and the 1930 Chrysler CJ hood and radiator shell are interchangeable. Both cars had the same louver pattern and narrow profile radiator. The model K had cowl lights on the chrome trim where as the 1930 model "CK6" had lights on the fenders. I believe the tail light bracket on the 1929 model K mounts on the left fender, whereas the 1930 tail light bracket mounts on the frame over the bumper bracket. Apparently not too many parts between 1929 and 1930 are interchangeable Hope this helps Rick VanOene 1930 DeSoto CK6 Delux rumble seat coupe
  11. A lot of good advice has been offered. Looking back, I would suggest to get a starter project that is near complete. I have a 1930 DeSoto CK coupe that was picked up in 1971. Very incomplete and low production numbers. It took many years of searching, letter writing, and finally the internet and ebay. Lots of patience, determination finally money will get it done. Many parts can be made and substituted. That is great for a personal hobby, but maybe not great in the eyes of perfectionists.
  12. Thanks for the compliments Marc. I have been complimented on my patience, but somehow I never felt that myself. It was always a challenge to get to the next step. Rick
  13. There is no Model # stamped on the top. The space is blank. The 1929 Chrysler 65 was a large 6 cylinder car. The float and mechanism are good.
  14. Attached are some pictures of a 1929 Chrysler 65 Stewart vacuum tank which I will sell. $130.00 plus shipping from Canada