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  1. I have has this one for a long time.
  2. Thanks for the pictures. I may be interested in the Jewett just let me know if it is for sale.
  3. Myers Early Dodge 734-856-1207
  4. Just noticed this when I got into my 99 Chevrolet Pickup.
  5. A couple of pictures would help to identify the year.
  6. I had a fuel problem on my 29 Chrysler that drove me crazy for a while. Several times I blew compressed air back in the line from the vacuum tank to the fuel tank. Back out on the road it would run out of fuel. I finally found a piece of rust in the brass fitting at the top of the tank that connects to the fuel line. It acted like a flapper valve to shut off the fuel flow while driving. It sounds like you could have a similar problem with a blockage in the line.
  7. Interesting article in Automotive News
  8. Sounds like it is running out of fuel. Did you check the screen at the bottom of the float bowl?
  9. Just curious, were both tires on the same side of the car?
  10. Engine is black with silver head. Transmission is black.