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  1. check distributor base timing, and is Distributor advancing properly? check counter weights and pivot points and springs. Might be sticking. Best wishes
  2. wonderful, the reason behind the naming of so many things is very interesting.
  3. Happily received it Tuesday, This will be 56 years in a row !! I just love the time luxuriating in the entire atmosphere there. The group we camp with ranges from 80 to 97, and it's wonderful ! These forums, the people here all have enlivened my feelings and knowledge of the hobby. I will never know most of the persons who represent them selves here but I know they are everywhere at Hershey.
  4. From memory: The louvers on Hood side panels appear to make this Terraplane. Hudson hood side panels had doors.
  5. Second car, has similarities to 37 Buick. Most likely a GM car
  6. if you start a seperate thread, you may already know the convertibles were leakin lenas, said Kukla Fran & Olie.
  7. My response was to his description of the tank he has. It does have some differences in outside appearance from my tanks. If someone has documentation of make and model with years used that could be helpful. There could have been more than one model of Tank used in a given year. There could have been changes by owners, even on low mileage vehicles, deemed to be original by some today.
  8. Four screws to hold the metal top on the vacuum tank was used on Essex cars thru 31 and likely 32. // The system works as a two part system. the outer tank is the reservoir for the carburetors operation. fuel is supplied to it by the inner tank thru the flapper valve. /////// The inner tank is the Vacuum reservoir and controller of fuel delivery. ///////////// The inner tank has the float and it is connected to the two little "L" shaped rods which open and close the vacuum supply and opening to atmosphere. The lower flapper valve is important to seal the inner tank so vacuum can be applied to gas line to tank. Normally the gas level in the outer tank will help seal the flapper valve. ///////////// The top inside of the tank top, needs to have the check valves cleaned, I use carb cleaner spray. thay Please remove fuel inlet elbow to top of tank, check there is no filter gauze or other obstruction below it. Next, carefully check sealing surface of flapper valve, It must seal, you may be able to remove clip holding it and reverse the flapper it self. In addition, there is a small vent on the top of the tank. This must not be blocked by the gasket material, it vents the outer tank to let fuel feed to carb. //////////////// Without personal observation it may appear you are sucking fuel back into the tank from the carb feed line, or just not drawing enough into the tank. good luck
  9. Can not seem to enlarge it to be able to read.
  10. The Mill and Drill for the space frame was very interesting to watch. After Mill and drill, many of the "pads" that had been machined were of varying thicknesses. This was the method of equalizing the finished frame for fitting body and other components. ///////////////// A side light from the Fiero Plant floor: personal experience and observation. When attending my first meeting, and walking in a wide walkway to attend a meeting and view line operations, I was showered with sparks from a welder some 45 feet away and behind me at a 45 degree angle. Wearing wool slacks and a cotton dress shirt I was a mass of holes on my left and back side. Now being aware of the possibility of needing more clothing on subsequent visits I observed the welder from a distance . The operator seemed to note single walkers about to pass by, and rotated standing position and repositioning the spot welding gun, would appear to shower the single person with sparks. there were some chuckles about it in the meeting, but ...................... ////////////////////////// At Cadillac, we had a Superintendent bent upon starting his own company to install larger engines in the Fiero, nothing came of it that I know of.................Differential issues were an issue, along with others.
  11. Did your car originally use the "corrugated" style of asbestos insulation? Looks like cardboard box material. Often using metal bands with fold over tabs to hold insulation in place?
  12. We have a delightful group, every one is invited to attend and join us.
  13. Started crusin Woodward in a "51 Kaiser, 54 Buick Century, then Pontiacs 60, 63, 65, 68, then Fords. In '91 gave wife a '91 Stang GT convertible, use it every year. I think the '60 Poncho with tri power, munci 4 speed and 3.90 was the best! Our anniversary is the 19th, so the cruse is a good reminder...............to get the car ready................!
  14. In all cases the width of tire rim is important. The bead to bead measurement is sometimes listed for vehicles by model and engine. The info I have has a range from 2 3/4 " to 5" wide for tire seating. so what is your measurement? I will see if It will help you.
  15. still waiting for Mickthecat to supply more info on his wheels, bolt hole diameter, width of tire seat area. Perhaps it will help id them. /////////// Peerlis 27 to 29 80, 81 used 19" x 4" 6/6 " Essex for 1929 used 20" wheels with 6 bolts on a 6" circle Hudson for 1929 used 19" wheels /////////////////////// Other vehicles using 6 bolts on 6 inch circle for a 19" wheel. DeSoto, Durant, Graham, Nash , Pontiac, Hup, Peerlis, Essex, and others. ///////////////// Some differences are: width of tire rim ( bead to bead) 2 3/4 " to 5" snap rings vs non snap ring wheels Number of spokes, for inner and or outer rim Fully adjustable spokes vs welded to one of two points There are lots of variations
  16. In 1929 both Hudson and Essex used the same bolts to hold wire wheels on to drums . Essex six ( 6 ) bolts and Hudson seven ( 7 ) bolts. Some other vehicles may have used pins, but they usually have flush mounted contact surfaces . ///////////////////////// I have and have had both types of Hudson and Essex wheels and others. ///////////////// Still waiting for the dimension of the bolt circle of the 6 bolt holes. The list of vehicles
  17. By looks the "center hub" looks familiar to me, very similar to 1928 and 29 Essex plus others. the diameter of the bolt circle looks like 6 holes on a 6 inch circle. Is that correct? Many cars used 6 bolts, but diameter of circle is the clincher here. If I recall correctly, Wolverine is one that used 72 spokes with 6 bolts on a 6 inch circle on a 19 inch wheel. With proper dimensions of bolt circle I maybe able to ID your wheel. But my info does not always provide number of spokes.
  18. I took 25 pictures of a 1927 Chrysler model 50 at Hershey last year. A friend has one to restore, the car at hershey had a Kingston vacuum tank.
  19. I plan to be there in wifes 91 Mustang convert
  20. Vacuum brake or clutch or trans shifting item. Looks smaller than many I have had, the adjustable inner clevis would fit over a specially sized tube riding inside the bigger clevis end. Adjusting mechanism on center rod-clevis for adjusting operation. The connection to what ever system it was intended for is via another clevis connection.
  21. This year will be # 56 for me. So Many memories, it is therapeutic !! We plan to have ages from 80 to 97 camping in the motor home. The youngest one is the holder of #56 years in a row.
  22. July 1962: After being stationed in the orient for two years, I was leaving North Island NAS using the ferry boat the "nickle snacher" which left us off at the food of Market street in San Diego harbor. I saw the most beautiful convertible, light purple incolor, with white interior stopped at the light and then drive by..............................!! When I learned it was a previous years old car................... I could not believe what Ford did the following years for styling.
  23. There may be a tool to use the two holes in the rim, but the tool I use is a split rim tool. Go to EBay, enter "vintage split rim tool", you will see several for sale. (None are mine) Two of my automobiles had 30 by 5 tires which translates to 20 inch rim by 5 inch width. 6.00 may be to wide for your rim? the movable screw portion is usually placed 4 or 5 inches away from the split in the rim. the other two legs are spread apart to spread the load on the rim. rotate handle to cause the rim to be drawn in toward the center, just enough to release it from the tire and permit it to be spiraled out of tire. The split rim, using the tool, can be rotated (screwed ) into the new tire, watching for the valve stem placement. The tool can be cranked to force rim into position so you can use movable locking pivot to engage. Not a hard job at all, good luck.