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  1. Just a friendly comment, Wow, what a terrific listing, are you sure you only have two spaces to put it on?
  2. A "V" shaped trailer hitch bracket, to mount on center of rear bumper. I have one on one of my cars. There also were bumper mounted " straight bars with ball" that attached to the straight parts of rear bumper. You decide if suitable for your needs.
  3. Perhaps the gromets had fabric strings to provide a shield for clothing to keep away from rotating wheels. This was often used on bicycles
  4. My F150 has has a AC 120 volt charger. the 400 watts is enough to help charge my moped batteries while driving to dinner. take your own cord and a 3 way outlet to expand the service when using the provided charging stations. I did it before. also mark and highlight your battery pack..............avoids some one making a mistake.
  5. Hans1 My 58 th year in a row. Was there last year and met friends. Will be camping with my friends, one who is 99, will be 5 months short of 100 at Hershey. Met him there about 53 years ago. I am usually out the door of motor home at 8 and return about 7pm. Just love looking every where, and seeing folks I have met.....................
  6. mounting bracket is for an Essex will fit 1927 and 1928, and may go back to 1923. dodge used two mounting bolts.
  7. I think I know just how you feel......I have tried to post tow times..........they can be seen for a little while, but others can not see them..............so I just dont post. Too frustrating, and my grands sons are 700 miles away................
  8. For my self, 58 th Year in a row, as I was there last year and met friends. One of my camping buddies who is 99 will be at Hershey and only 5 months after Hershey he will be 100 !!! Working on his 1960 Triumph car, it is likely done by Hershey. I look for forward to it every year !!!!
  9. I have soldered several floats like this, no real problem However the "inner tank cylinder" is improtant, I do not see a flapper valve at the bottom of it in the picture. The outer tank cylinder is the gasoline resevour. The inner tank cylinder feeds gasoling to the outer tank. The float operates the sources of vacuum and atmospheric sources to provide the gasoline to the inner tank. The check valve at the bottom provides the closure to allow the vacuum to permit withdrawl from gas tank. If there is enough gas in the outer tank, this helps seal the lower check valve, if tank is empty, then the lower check valve must seal to allow vacuum to withdraw gas from remote gas tank. Soldering the cracks by first using fine sand paper then a soldering gun,with a simple wiping motion and using lots of rosin solder paste has provided good results for me. Best wishes, It should work until you can find the tank others think is correct for your vehicle
  10. SS4R fits many, many cars. too many to list
  11. I have 13k + miles on an Escort, and 15k + on a F150 Lariat. Escort is for short trips of 70 miles one way and the the F150 is for longer trips of 300 to 900 miles one way. I do not see wanting to charge up every 300 miles or so, and then waiting for others to relinquish the plug for my turn to charge.
  12. thank you very much for your work taking all these pictures, I really enjoyed them.
  13. can not read the model number, please clearify.
  14. DR 943-A Jewett 25-26 New Day distributor may fit and interchange to several others DR 637 A Jewett 26-27 Jr 6-40 Paige 27-28 6-48 Paige 27-28 6-45
  15. wickwire starter springs: Seagrave 1929 - 1941 starter- DR 374 / 443 / 483 / 578 USE SPRING NUMBER SS8R ///////////////////// OLDFORD MAY HAVE THE CORRECT SPRING, AS YOUR PICTURE SEEMS INVERTED
  16. just an idea, ship him some boxes with labels, If he can drive to a truck stop then he can drop them at a pick up point.
  17. It is emailed, hope you get it Hans
  18. l used my phone to take a picture of my friends very old photo. Then copied the image and pasted it to the AACA site. We did receive an answer to the model, and could see it our selves. I tried to send a messige with picture to PFindlay, but do not know if he received it. Some of the suggestions, to help me, apparently are beyond my current skill level.
  19. Gentlemen: I am sorry that the picture is not visible to all. I will try to learn another way to enter the picture. I do so enjoy looking at all the other entries and will try to find a way. TO PFindlay, I WILL TRY
  20. Thank you, now my friend Jim knows what kind of car his father took his mother out in.
  21. nice siren, 6, 12, or 120 volt?
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