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  1. Wow, what happened. Yesterday I could see them here, now???? I am confused. I must not know how to do this.....
  2. Fred can not open my pictures on this site? I can see them, will one of you let me know if they are visible to others? Fred, I have also sent the pictures to your email.
  3. Thank you carbking, just could not get to my books to look them up.
  4. 10-160 1 / is this visible? what is the number on your carb?
  5. did you receive the pictures?
  6. There were two useful recharging stations that a friend used. But he plans to bring an extra battery pack to avoid sitting around at charging station. Just leave one on charge and travel on. I think there may have been three charge stations provided, he used one midfield Chocolate field near food isle and another charge station at Giant Center close to bridge With the possible increase in use of E mobility vehicles / Perhaps additional charge stations could be provided, we may have stranded persons unable to move. This will be 58 years in a row AT Hershe
  7. 1927 Essex front wheels used both 21 and 20 inch tires. 12 spoke 8 hub flange bolts the view of wheel with center hole, view is of inside or brake drum side of wheel. Essex used no front wheel brake drum, and I do not see brake drum mounting marks Jackson wheel rim retainers used under lug nuts. Therefor I suggest Essex 1927 ESSEX FRONT WHEELS second series,
  8. The disolved sugar does indeed "cook" in the internal areas with latent high heat, carb, fuel line, fuel pump......... Bought a nearly new Ford '57 Taunus from a Junk yard in '63. It had been "suggared". Would partially run using pepsi bottle with gas slowly poured into carb. Took off carb, soaked it in hot water and other things more volitile. Carb kit, and cleaned fuel pump and drained gas tank. Got it running and used probably 40 gas line filters to keep stuff from getting to carb, or so I thought. It became a very reliable second car, until distribut
  9. definately not a 30, 31 Essex.
  10. I just called Tom, can you picture them beside a ruler? His belting is 1 1/2 inches wide, will it fit in the opening. Perhaps picture one of each of the smaller and larger one's side by side Thank you Hans
  11. Thank you I forwarded your response to Tom Legbandt, who I put the request in for. My question: Would you have a pair of your items?
  12. Since you live close, take a car friend or two to get multiple views/' opinions on condition.
  13. The 2 door car in the foreground, appears to be a 1927 ESSEX. Rear brakes, no front brakes, cowl light on A post, shape of Head light bucket, single belt line on body only-not on cowl or hood, louvers on hood side. and Gas cap location. Just my thoughts..................!
  14. they still accept my credit card
  15. If you check it to see if it works, could be worth more that way.ship. Many list things as un tested, so you could be ahead of that type of salesmanship.
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