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  1. That's my great uncles Duer parked in front of his house in Chicago. I'm in possession of the car today, here she sits in my garage.
  2. Northwest Suburban Storage. 847-949-1030 I picked up their flyer at a local swap meet last year. I'm not familiar with them. I think their in Mundelein, IL Jerry B.
  3. Carriage painting a series of practical treatises on the painting of carriages and wagons published 1911
  4. I turned my Farm and Fleet battery into a retro looking battery.
  5. Blains Farm and Fleet has them on sale $39.99. Locations in Wis. ILL. and Iowa. Mine lasted 5 yrs. I'm on my second one now.
  7. This is black and white silent film from the 1920s giving examples of safety tips to avoid accidents when around trolley cars.
  8. Greetings everyone, I'm asking this for a friend who is looking for a 1956 Continental A/C relay wire diagram/schematic. Anyone have a suggestion where I could find one for him? Thanks in advance, Jerry B.
  9. Can anyone I.D. this horseless carriage and year? It looks very similar to a belt drive 1907 Duer. Last picture is the Duer, I'm not aware of Duer making any other model except for a light delivery wagon. Thanks, Jerry B. 1907 Duer
  10. Thanks, I think that nailed it.. Jerry B.
  11. Need help to I.D. this light switch? What car this is from? I would like to find matching knobs/switches for a project. Thanks in advance, Jerry B.
  12. Here's a local newspaper article from 1970 about my fathers "barn find". Can it be called a barn find if he knew about the car when he was 7yrs. old? I helped him remove the parts from the barn attic in 68 the year he inherited the car. Jerry B.
  13. Not much different today after a spring thaw on our pothole filled streets in Chicago. J.B.