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  1. still waiting for Mickthecat to supply more info on his wheels, bolt hole diameter, width of tire seat area. Perhaps it will help id them. /////////// Peerlis 27 to 29 80, 81 used 19" x 4" 6/6 " Essex for 1929 used 20" wheels with 6 bolts on a 6" circle Hudson for 1929 used 19" wheels /////////////////////// Other vehicles using 6 bolts on 6 inch circle for a 19" wheel. DeSoto, Durant, Graham, Nash , Pontiac, Hup, Peerlis, Essex, and others. ///////////////// Some differences are: width of tire rim ( bead to bead) 2 3/4 "
  2. In 1929 both Hudson and Essex used the same bolts to hold wire wheels on to drums . Essex six ( 6 ) bolts and Hudson seven ( 7 ) bolts. Some other vehicles may have used pins, but they usually have flush mounted contact surfaces . ///////////////////////// I have and have had both types of Hudson and Essex wheels and others. ///////////////// Still waiting for the dimension of the bolt circle of the 6 bolt holes. The list of vehicles
  3. By looks the "center hub" looks familiar to me, very similar to 1928 and 29 Essex plus others. the diameter of the bolt circle looks like 6 holes on a 6 inch circle. Is that correct? Many cars used 6 bolts, but diameter of circle is the clincher here. If I recall correctly, Wolverine is one that used 72 spokes with 6 bolts on a 6 inch circle on a 19 inch wheel. With proper dimensions of bolt circle I maybe able to ID your wheel. But my info does not always provide number of spokes.
  4. I took 25 pictures of a 1927 Chrysler model 50 at Hershey last year. A friend has one to restore, the car at hershey had a Kingston vacuum tank.
  5. I plan to be there in wifes 91 Mustang convert
  6. Vacuum brake or clutch or trans shifting item. Looks smaller than many I have had, the adjustable inner clevis would fit over a specially sized tube riding inside the bigger clevis end. Adjusting mechanism on center rod-clevis for adjusting operation. The connection to what ever system it was intended for is via another clevis connection.
  7. This year will be # 56 for me. So Many memories, it is therapeutic !! We plan to have ages from 80 to 97 camping in the motor home. The youngest one is the holder of #56 years in a row.
  8. July 1962: After being stationed in the orient for two years, I was leaving North Island NAS using the ferry boat the "nickle snacher" which left us off at the food of Market street in San Diego harbor. I saw the most beautiful convertible, light purple incolor, with white interior stopped at the light and then drive by..............................!! When I learned it was a previous years old car................... I could not believe what Ford did the following years for styling.
  9. There may be a tool to use the two holes in the rim, but the tool I use is a split rim tool. Go to EBay, enter "vintage split rim tool", you will see several for sale. (None are mine) Two of my automobiles had 30 by 5 tires which translates to 20 inch rim by 5 inch width. 6.00 may be to wide for your rim? the movable screw portion is usually placed 4 or 5 inches away from the split in the rim. the other two legs are spread apart to spread the load on the rim. rotate handle to cause the rim to be drawn in toward the center, just enough to release it f
  10. looks like Hudson or Essex, I believe they both used Bosch distributors. I cannot look up numbers yet, but point system and condenser image sure line up.
  11. I don't know, but you must have thought Mercedes Benz, as I did. The design is just too similar.
  12. Mr Pulfer always carried his little book of Car makes with him, saw him and his book many tines at Hershey. Did get some emblems from him occasionally. Years ago at Hershey, rummaging thru piles of literature, I found his little book, With his name etc and with his notes on colors and had written descriptions. I had forgotten about the string he had thru the book as a loss prevention step, until I saw worn hole in it when purchasing it. He was a neat little gentleman.
  13. Over riders, were sold for many cars, they look very tall, likely for a truck
  14. The three grill pieces look like Buick 1937, I think 1938 horizontal bars are thicker
  15. Certainly an elegant looking automobile!
  16. 1925 Hudson had a two-door, shorter looking body. However silver band on front of cowl is a question to me. Hudson did have headlights with one or two silver bands on them, I think based on model trim level. This one has one band on headlight.
  17. 1932 Essex, not the 1932 Essex Terraplane.
  18. fuel proof model airplane Dope, has been my mainstay for years.
  19. The chart provided is helpful: However we should add #16 gauge wire. It is 12 amps maximum. It is the most common form of extension cord, and is a fire risk when you fire up your 1500 watt heater. You should ask why the industry uses it in power strips that are rated for 15 amps or 1440 watts. Do yourself a favor, and only 12 gauge extension cords.
  20. The cute little coupe is a 1932 Essex Terraplane. Note there is no crank hole in the lower grill. It was forgotten in design, but crank jaw is on motor.
  21. Stewart Warner vacuum tank. Essex 1929-31 and likely '32. This float is for the tanks with the smaller stamped steel top cover, not for the large diameter potmetal covers. If you have a price, I am interested.
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