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  1. I'm up for the challenge.. Haven't driven much in the past few years so maybe I need a challenge as an excuse. Odometer reset to ZERO. Ready to drive........after she gets a bath and a quick checkup of course. thanks After a cleaning and some transmission fluid, I got 40.2 miles completed for the challenge. Hoping we have nice weather later in the week to catch-up with everyone else.
  2. Thanks for giving us the info. Will keep try and remember it for sure. Thanks Bill
  3. Edges aren’t sharp. i was thinking some sort of sifter for a powder? You would tap the handle gently with your finger to get the powder to fall through. But with only one hole, not much would fall through. ???? thanks
  4. Excellent Thanks very much Bill
  5. No brass tag. Not original to my car. I remember reading somewhere that the BB-1 was an aftermarket carb that was used on many cars. An upgrade to the original Tillotson carb on the Whippet.
  6. My Willys Whippet has a BB-1 and it works well. I haven't driven great distances yet but after getting the vacuum tank problems worked out I haven't had any problems. My engine is only 35HP and 134 cu inch though. Good Luck
  7. Found this tool in my father-in-laws tool box along with a lot of old files and saw blades. It's about 5" long and has a small hole in the bowl. It is stamped COX-3 on the metal. Any ideas? Thanks for looking Bill
  8. The specs for the bow are in the Buick Skylark manual. I only have the manual for the Electra (48000 series) I'll look in the shop today to see if I have any specs that might pertain to your car. Bill
  9. Are you sure it's no longer available? Isn't Kwik Poly Hoof repair the same product. It sure sounds similar. Marketing difference? https://www.nctoolco.com/shop/hoofcare/hoof-repair/kwik-poly-kit/p/556 Good Luck Bill
  10. Just noticed...... your intake and exhaust manifold are on the passenger side. Mine are on the drivers side.
  11. Have you looked at BIGDUCKCANVAS.COM I ordered samples from them for a project. Nice selection and reasonable prices I thought.
  12. Looks like you and your Dad put a lot of work into it. I have a 65 Buick Electra that I bought when I was a junior in high school for $200. finally got is back on the road in 2012. I retired 2 years ago and bought the Whippet as my retirement project. It was living in Rochester NY and the gentleman I bought it from and his Dad owned it since the early 70's. I have replaced 3 pieces of wood under the top and removed the canvas fabric. The leather back of the seat is stapled to the same wood that the top staples to. So I'm working on getting the seat springs, then hopefuly work on the new top. You can see from the last photo that a large piece of the canvas top was missing when I bought it. I'm only 5'10" and have a difficult time getting into the car. I usually leave it down to make it easier. Can't visualize how a 6'4" person can climb in. Lots of work to do on it too. But, that's the fun of it. Bill
  13. Nice looking Whippet. Mine is the same color but I have different bumpers. Does your back window zip open? It sure looks bigger than mine. I plan on using canvas the same color as yours when I have a new top made. I stopped by Snyder's today and left my seat springs so they can make an exact duplicate. Price was $250 for a complete new seat spring with frame. Some of the old clamps are so brittle I felt it was a fair price to pay. Now I have to decide if I take the seat back off and run it down to him. In addition to working on the seats, I'm looking for an engine for it, or at least one that I can have rebuilt. I have a model 96A in it now but it's developing a knock. It threw a rod (2 owners ago) and he replaced the rod and had the block welded. I'd like to get a different block to have rebuilt. Not sure I trust this one. The search continues. thanks
  14. I've got a few springs that are twisted and bent on my front seat. I'd like to replace them so the seat doesn't have a soft spot in it anymore. There are atleast 4 different size springs used in the seat. How and where does one buy new coil springs and how do I measure them? Compressed? Uncompressed? Number or coils? Diameter? Snyder's Model T Supply is only 45 minutes from my house. I know they started out as a seat spring business. I plan on calling them next week. Thanks Bill
  15. In 1966 a one-year-only Wildcat "Gran Sport Performance Group" package could be ordered by selecting the "A8/Y48" option. Two engine choices were available. The single carb 425 CID/340 hp V8 was included in the base package price with a 360 hp (268 kW) dual-carb set-up available at extra cost. Initially, this 20 hp (15 kW) upgrade remained a dealer-installed carb-intake modification bolted to stock MT-coded engines but eventually these "Super Wildcats" could also be obtained direct from the factory with MZ-coded engines. Rounding out both the base and Super GS packages were dual exhaust, heavy-duty suspension, posi-traction and updated rear quarter-panel "GS" badging in the new, initials-only format employed on all post-1965 Gran Sports. A total of 1,244 Wildcat GSs were built by Buick during the model year. Of those, 242 were convertibles and the rest were hardtops. A mere 22 (consisting of an unknown mix of both body styles) were Super Wildcats. per wikipedia..........