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  1. I think everyone is ahead of me. I just recorded 329 total miles so far. It had been over a month that I was able to get out and drive the Electra. Between the heat, rain and life in general, there just wasn't time. I did get a chance to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with a group of 21 friends and family in Ireland a few weeks ago. Totally priceless. Today I went to an AACA (Western Reserve Chapter) meet at DeBonne Winery in Madison, Ohio. About a 45 minute ride from my house. Almost 200 cars braved the cloudy skies and dodged a few rain drops to get there. I think everyone had a great time. Debonne is very generous to our chapter by providing trophies and a huge tent for us to hold our local meeting after the show. Here's a few photos. thanks
  2. Could you supply a link to this post? I can't locate it by doing a search " Exclusive AACA Parts Program " Thanks Bill
  3. I haven't heard any news one way or the other...yet. Bill
  4. Be sure the flex plate is on correctly. I believe it is balanced and if not installed correctly your engine will have the shakes. Bill
  5. Got a few miles in this evening. I spent the last few days working on my son's truck and got a bit of time where the weather was above 50 degrees and it wasn't raining. I'm up to 164 miles so far. I think that's more than all of last year. I stopped at the town hall to get a quick photo. the sky looked great. This is beautiful downtown Gustavus, Ohio. I drove by a few of our famous landmarks and will post photos of them next trip. And the odometer turned to 50,000 miles. Thanks for the 2019 challenge. Bill
  6. I'll call today's ride my "Shame Ride". After reading about everyone else's additional mileage I HAD to go out for a drive this evening. I worked around the yard all day but at 5:00 p.m. I heard the whistle blow and put the top down. Other than stopping for picking up some refreshments for this evening at the IGA, I didn't go anywhere special. Got some highway time in and some back road driving. After all it's 4 miles for me to go around the block where I live. I'm up to 109. Next drive I'll probably turn the odometer to 50K. And all of today's drive was with the top down. Great driving for sure. Bill Thanks all edit- Hi Doug - I see you have a 28 Whippet Cabriolet in your collection too. Great little cars.
  7. I'm up for the challenge.. Haven't driven much in the past few years so maybe I need a challenge as an excuse. Odometer reset to ZERO. Ready to drive........after she gets a bath and a quick checkup of course. thanks After a cleaning and some transmission fluid, I got 40.2 miles completed for the challenge. Hoping we have nice weather later in the week to catch-up with everyone else.
  8. Thanks for giving us the info. Will keep try and remember it for sure. Thanks Bill
  9. Edges aren’t sharp. i was thinking some sort of sifter for a powder? You would tap the handle gently with your finger to get the powder to fall through. But with only one hole, not much would fall through. ???? thanks
  10. Excellent Thanks very much Bill
  11. No brass tag. Not original to my car. I remember reading somewhere that the BB-1 was an aftermarket carb that was used on many cars. An upgrade to the original Tillotson carb on the Whippet.
  12. My Willys Whippet has a BB-1 and it works well. I haven't driven great distances yet but after getting the vacuum tank problems worked out I haven't had any problems. My engine is only 35HP and 134 cu inch though. Good Luck
  13. Found this tool in my father-in-laws tool box along with a lot of old files and saw blades. It's about 5" long and has a small hole in the bowl. It is stamped COX-3 on the metal. Any ideas? Thanks for looking Bill
  14. The specs for the bow are in the Buick Skylark manual. I only have the manual for the Electra (48000 series) I'll look in the shop today to see if I have any specs that might pertain to your car. Bill
  15. Are you sure it's no longer available? Isn't Kwik Poly Hoof repair the same product. It sure sounds similar. Marketing difference? https://www.nctoolco.com/shop/hoofcare/hoof-repair/kwik-poly-kit/p/556 Good Luck Bill