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  1. After having to replace the pts. and condensor setup in the Buick, she's up and running well. I managed to meet up with the local aaca chapter who was sponsoring a 'social distancing" cruise. Since I live in the middle of god's country, I had to drive about 30 miles to get to where the meet was starting. We met at a local truck stop near the intersection of Rt 80 and drove through Newton Falls, Ohio. The town with zip.......44444, and and a great covered bridge. Finished up with an ice cream stop. I drove a bit over 100 miles all told, with the car running great. I think that makes my total around 160 miles so far. Got to work on that, for sure. I'm not pleased with how the car is steering though. Too much wandering in the steering. I've got to get back under it and check it out. Bill
  2. Do you need - or do you have a proportioning valve? Just wondering because I installed one when I switched from single to dual MC Good Luck Bill
  3. Here's the plate for my 28' Whippet On my 1965 Buick Electra 225 I was able to find the key chain tags for this car. I can remember my Mom and my uncle having these tags in the 60's I think the registration expires in 2050....or something like that. And I have to carry the antique car plates with me too.
  4. Thanks for all the work it takes to write up this post. And thanks to all the experts you have helping you. Hopefully this fall I will have my Whippet running again and can concentrate on making a new top by using your info. thanks much...and stay safe. Bill
  5. My shop consists of 3 buildings. The right section is for cars, center section for woodworking , and the left section is the newest (2019) and is my potting shed and gardening area. My Chevy Colorado sits outside these days. I do any welding or cutting outside but have enough room to work on both cars easily. 1965 Buick Electra 225. This was the first car I ever bought (1973) and I kept it all these years. It was 8 years ago today that I painted it and got it back on the road. I just purchased new tires for it in March and then the 'stay at home' orders came in. Can't wait to put some miles on it. I rebuilt the A/C system this past winter and waiting for it to warm up a bit to finally recharge the system with 134a. Always projects to complete. My retirement project - 1928 Willys Whippet. My woodworking area. Happy Easter to All and Stay Safe. Bill
  6. I understand that we are just talking out loud and the real decision is and should be by the BOD and the local chapter. But I have to ask if anyone has considered canceling this year and bumping everything back by one year? That would make 2021 National Meet in Cleveland, 2022 in Charlotte, NC etc. I totally understand the logistics involved in making those changes for the 2021 and 2022 meets since they are already in the works. And the amount of work the 2020 Cleveland NEO BCA Chapter would have to complete would be monumental, but I would think the $$ losses would be minimal if deposits made can be maintained, trophies can be used, etc. ..... and having another year to finalize the details should make changes easier to be accomplished. Not to mention that the Charlotte committee would have tons of work to do also. I realize that to make this work, a lot of details would have to fall into place and luck would have to be on our side. The membership wouldn't miss out on the great meet that is planned by the NEO chapter and especially those planning to participate can still look forward to the meet....just a year later. So before you totally trash my idea, please think about it for a short time.
  7. My Mom would buy a new car every 3 years as I was growing up. She needed a dependable car to get to work and drive her 5 kids to church and to visit relatives. I remember in the mid 60's, she and my uncle drove to Detroit to pickup their new car from the factory. She kept it for 3 years and then bought another station wagon.
  8. Mac's Auto Parts sells this one: https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_model_a/model-a-ford-turn-signal-beep-flasher-6-volt-3-prong-type-a-great-safety-item.html Good luck Bill
  9. I'm late to the game again....in 2020 I just purchased my new tires and had them mounted last week.........and the Buick is safe to drive again. After working on the A/C this winter and checking and/or replacing all the hoses, belts, brakes, connections, bulbs, fluids etc. I took it on it's maiden voyage this year. Just around the block to blow off any dust. I put a bit over 50 miles on it and had no problems. Can't wait till I have a chance to drive it more. Even though I've never had to call for a tow for the Buick since getting it back on the road in 2008, My wife wants me to not take it too far until the lock down / stay at home policy is over. After all I'm not even sure if the tow trucks are up and running. Happy wife - Happy life Good luck to all. Bill
  10. On Ebay now https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-1972-Buick-Twilight-Sentinel-1-981467-NOS-May-fit-other-GM-models/153846633894?hash=item23d1f955a6:g:uooAAOSw5eReVvWL Good Luck Bill
  11. I haven't noticed it at intersections with sensors but maybe I'm guilty of staying a car length or two behind at a stop sign or traffic light. I always leave myself an out in case of an angry or road rage driver in front of me. Bill
  12. I found a reprint (1977) of an article written in 1929 that addresses some of these concerns. I thought everyone would enjoy reading and commenting on how wooden spokes were cared for. Page 3 even has the magic recipe. Enjoy Bill
  13. How can you have a " a nearly one owner '31 Chevy Deluxe" Is that the same as an 'almost two owner'? Nice looking collection. Bill
  14. I've got the same set of Tunemaster hand helds. I paid $85 for them back in the late 70's. But yours look a lot nicer than mine. Have come in handy over the years. Good Luck and let the adventure continue.......
  15. I used ColdHose Products. Their info is below. They quoted me a price before beginning work and had a fast turnaround time. This is not the typical A/C repair weather so I didn't expect to wait weeks and weeks. I'm waiting for better temps and then I'll charge the system with R-134. Good Luck