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  1. Can you send picture of the 32 horn and trumpets? 31-32 Radiator Cap , 32 Instrument Panel Decals ,’32 Special Sedan Body No. Tag ,31-32 Tail Light Assemblies and 32 bezel. Tom
  2. Edinmass, You made me smile about the LV luggage! I apologize for perpetuating gossip - I repeated what I was told - gossip. It's interesting how 'legends' start! It is making me think.... Do I like the bar lights? because they are more common? Maybe. The PAs are SO distinctive. I really liked that Cord though,and generally like Cords of the mid 30s - they look so clean but those big buckets... WOWZA! in the same vein, I just don't care for Bugattis. There is something about that grill that just doesn't 'zing' me. I like the Cadillacs a little more than Packards - a good friend pointed out that in his estimation, the Cadillac rear axle and wells are 'too far back but not so on the Packards'. I see what he means. Still. Your car is exceedingly lovely. I'm curious? what is the road illumination like compared to say a same year with 'conventional' lights? Seems to me that it may be a little lower illumination due to the increased width - but maybe too little to tell. That's too bad about the mascot. Tom
  3. While taking a fast stroll through car coral, I saw a Pierce Arrow ----- that had the headlamps not mounted in the fenders. Factory original. I've heard and read that was a very rare feature and only delivered to NY customers. It's simply a personal preference but I thought it was much 'prettier' than the fender install. Certainly the fender-installed lamps are absolutely distinctive but just not something I 'like'. That's OK. It occurred to me that it's a great thing - I'm glad not everyone likes what I do and appreciate that others like things I don't. I saw the car and looked it over carefully, amazed and thinking... " My goodness, they really do exist." Three PA experts mentioned that the 'legend' was that NY said it could be confused as two motorcycles running side-by-side and the oncoming driver might want to 'split the difference'. Regardless, a really handsome car. Not to far away - A Marmon 16.
  4. I think someone said it is a 420. The 'C' would have meant crawler which it is not. Looks re-painted as it should be mostly green with some yellow highlight. I see rear wheel weights. See if is in Texas. They sell farm equipment. They are out of KY but big here in the NE. Also try to reach out to the texas farm bureau - a local member might be able to steer you to the right folks. Good Luck and Best Wishes. Tom
  5. Tim, saw your car in Hemmings Classic car. Good looking.Tom
  6. Can someone point me to location to get a kingpin set for a 1929 series 75 Chrysler? also, can someone ( who has a parts catalog) tell me what other years/models may work? TIA, Tom
  7. Its the 1929 Chrysler. This only happens very rarely. When both tires hit a hard raised ridge, it occurs, like a railroad crossing perpendicular. Tire pressure is right on. Wheels are balanced. Tire wear proper - I have not yet checked caster. Wedges look OK - not cracked. King pin play seems reasonable. It is a straight axle, with leaf springs. Do most of you do your own caster measurement? I've never done it but it looks not too difficult.
  8. What are the causes of, and what are the inspection areas for 'death wobble'? Is there an order? of most likely to least? TIA, Tom
  9. Joe, Sounds great! mark us down! Tom and Sheri Roberts
  10. Is there a secret or at least an easy way to add a heavy oil ( say 140-160wt) to the transmission fill plug? located on the side of case ( same applies to differential hub) Thanks in advance
  11. Can someone send a photo of the lid latch on the rumble seat coupe or roadster, 1929 or 1930. Much appreciated ad thanks in advance.
  12. This photo shows the Carter BB1 main meter adjustment. Rather than a screw, it is a 1/2" nut. Has anyone ever seen this before? why a nut and not a screw? Does adjustment operate the same?
  13. Ya learn something every day! Thanks, John.
  14. It is a very early 30. I love the pennant louvres. I love the black tires. The caps look wrong, though. Looks like Imperial caps. I'm confused by the left rear sid - don't see the light. It is a 2/4 Royal Coupe. I'd think 25-30K? I'd love to see some pictures of both sides of the engine, instrument panel and the floor mat/compartment.
  15. Just looking at this thread, it is an interesting car. I'd like to see a detail photo of the running board at the rear fender. From the view, it looks strange. The 29 fender had a small curve mating to the running board. In 30, Chrysler eliminated that. It looks like it has 30 features. Another detail photo would be the spare tire bracket - looks strange - but it appears the same on both sides. A detail photo of the passenger side engine compartment would be nice. I'd like to see the distributor cap, carburetor and the generator. Mr Keiser got the model A bumpers. Mr Moak's picture of the 30 is a really, really early 30. The pennant louvre disappeared quickly. Notice the rear fender - that is a later 29 fender is nicely shows the curve. Later 30s eliminated that as I mentioned above. The caps look odd, though - more like Imperial caps. I see it has a right side tail lamp - that was most likely an additional later. Really beautiful car.