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  1. Ya learn something every day! Thanks, John.
  2. It is a very early 30. I love the pennant louvres. I love the black tires. The caps look wrong, though. Looks like Imperial caps. I'm confused by the left rear sid - don't see the light. It is a 2/4 Royal Coupe. I'd think 25-30K? I'd love to see some pictures of both sides of the engine, instrument panel and the floor mat/compartment.
  3. Just looking at this thread, it is an interesting car. I'd like to see a detail photo of the running board at the rear fender. From the view, it looks strange. The 29 fender had a small curve mating to the running board. In 30, Chrysler eliminated that. It looks like it has 30 features. Another detail photo would be the spare tire bracket - looks strange - but it appears the same on both sides. A detail photo of the passenger side engine compartment would be nice. I'd like to see the distributor cap, carburetor and the generator. Mr Keiser got the model A bumpers. Mr Moak's picture of the 30 is a really, really early 30. The pennant louvre disappeared quickly. Notice the rear fender - that is a later 29 fender is nicely shows the curve. Later 30s eliminated that as I mentioned above. The caps look odd, though - more like Imperial caps. I see it has a right side tail lamp - that was most likely an additional later. Really beautiful car.
  4. rubber. With the bowtie embossed pattern.
  5. An interesting question and discussion. Like any and ALL situations, the reality is it can not be reduced to a simple answer ( as much as we as a species continue to hope). Design and style changes as a function of engineering, customs, politics, socio-economic pressures, taste, etc. One does not preclude or exclude the others. A good example today is the extraordinarily rapid retreat of manufacturers ( in US) from sedans to SUV and trucks. And how much of that is due to generations embracing electric or hybrids? GENERALLY, in the 20 and 30s, more engineering budget was spent on styling. Compare that to the current past say 20 years where the majority of the engineering budget is on reliability and longevity - and many styles and marquees look much the same. Think of it like this: R&D ----- a synonym for - rip-off and duplicate - the most sincere form of flattery.
  6. The Canton Chapter did a Founders a while back(2015) - would be great to repeat, really good tour Sugarloaf Mountain club did a Vintage out of Fredrick and one day was driving into Washington DC - wonderful tour. Port Clinton Ohio area would be great area. Lancaster PA always is a good place.
  7. Wayne, It was grand seeing you in Philly! I LOVE THE CAR. I can think of some tours... Sentimental in NH, founders in OH. Tom
  8. Having a '29 75, that car should be comfortable at 45-55 range. Can it do more? sure but it just wont feel 'good'. The passenger door does not look good. The detail photo of the front fender looks odd as in corrosion? You may be able to negotiate a lower price on inspection. Probably needs a new set of tires alone. The more you look, the more you will learn and the better your eye moving forward. Good Luck. Tom
  9. I like the pre-war stuff. That's not to say that there are not great desirable cars later than 1941--- just my preference is pre-war. Mr 28pontiac has a good point about driving those era cars in today's traffic - it can be stressful. Generally, though - here is where we need to confront our fear (IMO) - the number of crashes ( that is how today's traffic planners and engineers a call them - NOT accidents) is down. Sometimes confronting fear is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Easier said than done. I love Marty's 41 Cadillac. I had a ride in it - wonderful car. Remember it fondly passing me on I95 ( yeah Interstate 95) during the Sentimental in NH ('14?). Earl's Buick is great. I have a friend who has a '28 Pontiac - I really like that car. Cant wait for Joe's vintage tour! Their '30 Cadillac is awesome! What is nice -- and not so fun - about tours like Sentimental and Founders - is ------me. I bring my pre-war and think I need to stay with the pack. Hard to do with the late model antiques. It's nice to be in a group on tours but that doesn't always happen. I'm too slow for 'them' OR 'they' are too fast for me - I haven't figured it out. Some people want to get there fast, some not so much. Seems each car 'era' operates at the most efficient for the era they were built for - late '20s car are 35mp, 60's more like 50ish Maybe the real answer is that we all need to be more empathetic to each other. There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us. Tom
  10. Had to rebuild the original 1929 Chrysler master cylinder. I cant seem to get the air out of it on a bench bleeding. Can anyone offer some suggestions? or should I install and work on bleeding the entire system? if so, can you give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks! This forum is really nice. I feel I've made friends here - and interestingly, I don't know who looks like what. Also, probably like many - there are bylines and posters I always read. It makes me feel smarter than what I am. Last year at AACA annual mtg, there was a get-together of posters ( I think King32 organized - a real gentleman and friend) - we had a conflict. Hopefully this year coming up.
  12. I believe it needs to be rebuilt as there is fluid loss and drips from boot. Before I tear into this.... are there replacement parts? Does anyone happen to have a schematic? Much appreciated for any and all comments. Tom
  13. What torque is required on bolts for pressure plate? pressure plate is for 29 Chrysler. And also the transmission? TIA, Tom
  14. Thanks, guys! I got it out! but it was really tight- almost an interference fit feel. combo the oil, working it, drift pin and sweat. This is the first time it is out in 89 years though. Unfortunately, I buggered the head. I try to keep her original. It was because the clutch that I was unable to go to Gettysburg.