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  1. Wow. I guess not surprising. for those who have not attended the annual mtg, it is a really good time. Relaxing. Get to get caught up with friends. it is a fun start to the year.
  2. Was that body wood-framed? when it was removed, would the running boards, fenders, hood and radiator shell been removed and kept as parts though separated?
  3. Back in the day, feed did come in 100 lb sacks. For about the past 15-20 years, it is 50lb. Growing up on a farm, when we did visit the feed store, you would load as much as you could. ( PU truck) so much that even driving slowly, when you’d hit a bump, front tires kind of lost contact. Hard to steer. But it was all back and secondary roads. looking back, it was kind of hairy. Just never thought of it and never recall my family ever saying anything but ‘ maybe shouldn’t have had such a load’. Then you’d do the same thing next time.
  4. You have received some reasonable thoughts. Personally, I like pre-war(ww2). I like the appearance of those cars. I like the speed ( 40-45ish). Have done private tours, club tours and driven singly. One isn’t ‘better’ than the other- just different. Club type are nice in that you can see lots of different cars ( and friends), smaller, private are nice in that you are typically with close friends and you know what cars they will bring, individual - that tends to be exploring. Thank goodness there are many. Life is a smorgasbord. As is touring. It would be terrible to eat prime rib ev
  5. Start with a dollar bill. A dollar is 4.4 thousandths. Five folds and there you have it. tom
  6. If it were me.... I'd research what the car was expected to do/perform in the day. Radial tires can help the ride and don't really effect things too much. An OD - can certainly increase top end - but consider the SYSTEM. Don't want to run away from the brakes. Add an OD or change the gearing - be sure the brakes can handle it and you can stop properly.
  7. closed body types - on the right front sill open body type - right front seat frame commercial - on front of dash. first one or two numbers are the factory where the vehicle was built. then two letters - BA is Confederate, ( all cars), BE - 1/2 ton truck, N with another letter is commercial trucks. Howard has a beautiful special sedan. It was the feature car on the Gettysburg Founders tour. 2018? Tom
  8. Send a picture of the pit and frame and some scale of the thickness ( original). As Mssrs capngrog and F&J said, the repair can be done but needs to be done properly. There is techniques to repair problems on members. It involves 'killing' the issue, some reweld and adding a diamond stiffener(s).
  9. Yes. Several big downpours that lasted maybe 30 minutes in the 1929 Chrysler. Making sure the window was previously treated with rainex really helped as the wiper couldn't even begin to keep up. It was exciting! Sheri and I had to close the vents, and crack open windows, windscreen and side vents as water would comein, etc. It really fogged up and on the inside - with no defroster - we just wiped the condensation away. The problem is the designs of the day - the windscreen opened up, the dash metal was formed to bring air downward- one gets pretty wet, so you close the windscreen and it
  10. I recognize Mr. Michael Hoegl in the 1913 Benz WB. Wonderful gentleman. Amazing car. Tom
  11. He was a truly gentle person. A really knowledgeable guy on technology and well-grounded in physics. I always looked for - and liked seeing - his byline. Please pass along to all our Digger friends that his Yank friends are grieving.
  12. Sheri and I look forward to seeing you and Lynn.
  13. My youngest daughter - when she was small - called it the 'bunker seat'. Taking her and her friends to the ice cream stand in the bunker seat on a hot summer evening with the lightning bugs putting on their show and smell of freshly mown grass is sublime. Them waving at all passers - the passing drivers mostly waving back. Good memories - good times.
  14. Can you send picture of the 32 horn and trumpets? 31-32 Radiator Cap , 32 Instrument Panel Decals ,’32 Special Sedan Body No. Tag ,31-32 Tail Light Assemblies and 32 bezel. Tom
  15. Edinmass, You made me smile about the LV luggage! I apologize for perpetuating gossip - I repeated what I was told - gossip. It's interesting how 'legends' start! It is making me think.... Do I like the bar lights? because they are more common? Maybe. The PAs are SO distinctive. I really liked that Cord though,and generally like Cords of the mid 30s - they look so clean but those big buckets... WOWZA! in the same vein, I just don't care for Bugattis. There is something about that grill that just doesn't 'zing' me. I like the Cadillacs a little more than Packards - a good friend
  16. While taking a fast stroll through car coral, I saw a Pierce Arrow ----- that had the headlamps not mounted in the fenders. Factory original. I've heard and read that was a very rare feature and only delivered to NY customers. It's simply a personal preference but I thought it was much 'prettier' than the fender install. Certainly the fender-installed lamps are absolutely distinctive but just not something I 'like'. That's OK. It occurred to me that it's a great thing - I'm glad not everyone likes what I do and appreciate that others like things I don't. I saw the car an
  17. I think someone said it is a 420. The 'C' would have meant crawler which it is not. Looks re-painted as it should be mostly green with some yellow highlight. I see rear wheel weights. See if www.fastline.com is in Texas. They sell farm equipment. They are out of KY but big here in the NE. Also try to reach out to the texas farm bureau - a local member might be able to steer you to the right folks. Good Luck and Best Wishes. Tom
  18. Tim, saw your car in Hemmings Classic car. Good looking.Tom
  19. Can someone point me to location to get a kingpin set for a 1929 series 75 Chrysler? also, can someone ( who has a parts catalog) tell me what other years/models may work? TIA, Tom
  20. Its the 1929 Chrysler. This only happens very rarely. When both tires hit a hard raised ridge, it occurs, like a railroad crossing perpendicular. Tire pressure is right on. Wheels are balanced. Tire wear proper - I have not yet checked caster. Wedges look OK - not cracked. King pin play seems reasonable. It is a straight axle, with leaf springs. Do most of you do your own caster measurement? I've never done it but it looks not too difficult.
  21. What are the causes of, and what are the inspection areas for 'death wobble'? Is there an order? of most likely to least? TIA, Tom
  22. Joe, Sounds great! mark us down! Tom and Sheri Roberts
  23. Is there a secret or at least an easy way to add a heavy oil ( say 140-160wt) to the transmission fill plug? located on the side of case ( same applies to differential hub) Thanks in advance
  24. Can someone send a photo of the lid latch on the rumble seat coupe or roadster, 1929 or 1930. Much appreciated ad thanks in advance.
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