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  1. drwatson

    Air kit

    There's a car in the photo, that would tell, but it's too blurry.
  2. Did you mean to show the other side? They could be HVAC appliance panels?
  3. I'm hoping someone can identify this all brass carb I picked up Saturday. The only numbers on it are "SV26 G" and "1". Thank you for any information on make and application.
  4. An unusual Motherload! Closest I could find on long pieces with curved end might be rear fender top trim on 64-66 Chrysler Imperial, but uncertain. If there's a Date somewhere on one of those cartons that might help. There's some value there.
  5. Lens could be Essex, the above Stabilite listing is specific to lenses only, not headlight assemblies.
  6. "NOS in Chrysler boxes" without part numbers? That is curious! Any in paper wrappers? Also a P/N source. The parts pictured look like anodized aluminum which can be quite valuable depending on model and/or whereabouts it's used on the vehicle. Maybe a few more photos might help with ID.
  7. They might be truck. In any event they're beauties.
  8. Do I see a brass tag for "advance/retard" degrees?
  9. This page is from a 1941 Cadillac Accessories book. They offered two types of hub caps, both types are pictured in posts here. The original post cap is "factory". It came out in 1941 and was used through 1946.
  10. Two Electrical connections !
  11. My catalog covers Depress-Beam lenses and has one close to yours at 10-49/64" & 9-31/32 which makes your 9-15/16" prism diameter 1/32" larger. A close fit for sure but notch placement is critical too. The lens on my list, has notch placement around edge is at 0-105-180-225 degrees. My 30pg list covers cars & trucks 1929-1939, why I don't see yours is a mystery. In any event, the lens I describe has P/N H-10093, it fits 30-32 Hupmobile 221, 30-32 Lincoln, 30-31 Mack truck, 30-33 Rolls.
  12. Background is a 1935 Plymouth, foreground is a 1936 Plymouth. (just like my 1st car in the thumbnail)
  13. 1942 Hudson. 5th picture down in this link. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/humble-hudson-1942-hudson-six-de-luxe-coupe
  14. What's really rare on this Cougar is the perfect alignment of the flip over headlights.😄
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