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  1. I see it on front & rear bumper of a '37 Cadillac 60.
  2. I see a similar delete plate on this 1941 Plymouth dash.
  3. 1940 Pontiac Special DeLuxe.
  4. CPO-51 is for sale on ebay. Says it's 49 to 52 Chevrolet https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-50-51-52-Chevrolet-150-210-amp-BelAir-Trico-Transmission-cpo-51-/223677836769?hash=item34143cede1%3Ag%3A~AUAAOSwcK5diMpO&nma=true&si=U5XBr5gqK5GxihokwuMIW7bHboY%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. 1967 Cadillac Chrome V Hood Emblem TRIM p/n 1490265 .
  6. 1913 Rambler looks close.
  7. Here's a 53 Olds 88 4-door illustrating where stainless piece "mounts horizontally above the stone guard on the left rear door." Also seen is the 53 Olds 4-door stone guard from another post. (possibly opposite side).
  8. drwatson

    Tail light ID

    1949 & 1950 Mercury.
  9. drwatson

    Trunk ID

    It doesn't look "Packard", but if so, there was usually a "Packard" decal inside. The fact it's curved to fit is one factor in favor of original accessory item. Model A Ford was my first impression. It may even be aftermarket intended for Model A.
  10. Is the name on the pic Dale Morrison ? Possibly Popular Mechanics.
  11. drwatson

    What car is this?

    It seems Locomobile & Co. learned soon enough what sells cars. This ad, dated 1909, came from the internet Archive:
  12. We could eliminate the possibility it's a 6v lighter. The 2 lighters pictured are 12v. Pictured also, a 6v lighter element with fewer number of turns for the heater coil.
  13. The last 3 pics (green trunk with little primer triangle) is 'a 47-'48 Ford Coupe or Conv. trunk lid.
  14. it looks like it has its original factory paint.
  15. Sorry, no answer, just a few "ideas": 1. - Pontiac used the word "water" from '41 thru '57, but it's obviously it's not any of those Pontiac models. Everyone else used "Temp" & a few "Heat". 2. - The #'s on your gauge, 1510133 / 1510299 , seem to be in the ball park of late '40's & mid '50's when comparing p/n's to gauges with known ID's. 3. - The following ebayer has a number of nos AC gauges for sale and he ID's each. He may have a good list of AC p/n's and appears open to contact. https://www.ebay.com/sch/Gauges/80739/m.html?item=371762101947&_ssn=clocks4cars 4. - I'll keep looking.