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  1. They don't have that "Aftermarket" look. 🤩
  2. The Speedometer / gauge cluster is Graham 1933 "Blue Streak" 6V.
  3. This link at OldCarManual Project gives a fair view of what looks like your interior lamp. It's seen here in a 1936 Chrysler A.F. http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Chrysler_and_Imperial/1936 Chrysler/1936 Chrysler Airflow Brochure/1936 Chrysler Airflow-10.html
  4. Marilyn is next to a 1950 Pontiac. It's similar to a 1949 which has different grille teeth. (as in this '49 conv.).
  5. It's either a 1951 or 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook. They looked almost identical. The only visual difference in photo is supposed to be the hood ornament, but it's not clear enough to confirm which year.
  6. At 4:12 of this video you get good view of the dash on this 1953 M-B 170Sb.
  7. I notice the center logo in my illustrations has a red background where the OP logo has a plain background. Maybe not 1984.
  8. Oldsmobile offered this style of accessory hubcap throughout the 1980's. The difference between model years was different center logo badges were used. I think your cap appears on picture page from a 1984 full size Olds brochure and also seen here on a 1984 Olds Delta 88 LS model. ref: (old car manual project brochures)
  9. The headlight and cross bar as seen in one photo look like 1925 or 26 Chevrolet.
  10. Guide Tiltray Lenses typically have a part number embossed around the outer lens edge but hidden by trim ring, sometimes no p/n. If no p/n, measure outside diameter of lens and also lens prism diam. That'll help to ID. It's likely GM.
  11. It might go as far back as 1907 or 08.
  12. The "Internet Archive" has "Blackhawk" tool catalogs for different years: https://archive.org/details/1931blackhawk/page/n11/mode/2up 1931 catalog has: #4021 is a Ford Model A - connecting rod wrench. #6118 is for Ford Model A & T - "Standard speeder for engine base bolt nuts." #2336 (did not find it, but I'll bet it's there in one of the other catalogs)
  13. Looks like we have 51-54 Plymouth. 51 Plymouth is pictured. There might be color variations up to '54 or on Canadian models.
  14. 1940 Texas License Plates.
  15. If there's no indication on lens face, you might need to remove glass sealed beam unit to inspect backside. Voltage or mfgr # might be stamped on back. Google mfgr #
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