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  1. This 1912 Buick Model 28 looks quite original. I think I perceive brake and shifter inside dr.
  2. Ford Flathead V8 Distributor. '37 to '41 I think.
  3. drwatson

    1916 ID

    I think Greg got it. Here's a 1910 Marion with a lot of like detail:
  4. Thank you 55er. It's appreciated!
  5. The Thompson's look like shackle parts/kits Thompson 2 T747 McQuay Norris 1 FA 704 (Idler arm ball bearing kit. 1962) Thompson HS103 Thank You, Jim
  6. I'd say about 1925. But I can't nail down make. Taken in Central Massachusetts. Thank you Jim
  7. Car in back looks like it might be '35 or '36 Ford coupe.
  8. The short answer: Copy CL ad address, then paste it where you want it seen on this forum. Here's a shameless example of my '65 Buick bumper I've advertised on Craigslist: https://worcester.craigslist.org/pts/d/lunenburg-1965-buick-electra-225-nice/7028557022.html
  9. Are you showing 2 different headlights?? Which one says "Guide"? The one with the raised line on the rim looks like 1926, 1927 Oakland.
  10. If it were auto or truck trim, it would be pot metal which will deteriorate but doesn't rust like mystery piece which looks like cast iron. (ie, not automotive trim).
  11. The lip and L + R hinge points are visible on this 1928 Chevrolet.
  12. Good clue Greg, we're getting warm! The film is "The Gay Bride", 1934 with Zasu Pitts & Carole Lombard in the mystery car. https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/934703.html