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  1. Late to the game this year. I just finished converting the front brakes back to the factory original drum setup. Started last fall and finally got it wrapped up and today was the test drive. I put about 40 miles on it today. No problems stopping and no brake fade. Looks like I can sell the disc brake conversion kit now. Stopped by the local Inn and took a photo too. Finished replacing the speedometer cable on my other car (28 Whippet) but I have to wait till the spindles are ready to put more miles on it. A bit too much play in the kingpins. Thanks John, Good luck to all Bill
  2. Could be a spoon for fitting a tire onto the rim. Square hole could provide a pivot or leverage point ? Good Luck Bill
  3. I'm looking for articles on a specific year Buick and wondered if there was an Index that I could use and save time hunting through piles of back issues? Thanks p.s. Thanks Pete and company....... for another GREAT Issue of the Bugle. Bill
  4. Thanks for sharing your great photos and videos. Your town looks great and will put it on my list of places to see when I return to France....soon. Bill
  5. Not sure who you left a message with at Snyder's.......but call back and ask for Chris. He does all the seat and spring work. They made both the seat and the back springs for my Whippet and they were perfect. If I recall it cost about $250 each. I believe that foam would be a BAD choice. Good Luck Bill
  6. Hi Kelly.s This speedometer does NOT fit a Whippet. The drive end of the speedometer is different, I believe it fits the Model T's that had oval speedo's. I'll PM you with other places to find a speedo. Good Luck, Bill
  7. Have you inquired with the Cadillac LaSalle Club or someone at The Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan might know something? Joining their forum and posting might provide info. Or his mechanic: "A resident of Seattle, Fielding drove to Portland where he picked up the sedan from his mechanic, 68-year-old Bob Earls, who has his own shop where he works on classic vehicles. In fact, Earls worked with Hill and Vaughn Restorations, owned by Ken Vaughn and the legendary Phil Hill, America’s first Formula One world champion." Somebody else out there knows where it is. Good Luck Bill
  8. Have you looked at Summit Racing? They had an exact tank for my 65 Electra. And the cost was under $10 plus shipping. Bill
  9. We were there in 2018 while traveling. Their collection was overwhelming and what I remember most are the Art Deco posters and the Swan Cars. The 'Mother Swan' was totally restored by the Louwman Museum in the 1990's. Both of these electric cars were stunning as well as seeing the original Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. There is another post on the forum that has photos I uploaded the year we went. I'm sure I have hundreds of photos on file. When we were there, the area behind the entrance (near the recreated city block) was hosting a local car club dinner. I told them I certainly "belonged to the wrong car club". We had to be out of the museum early because of the dinner so we couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked. We are definitely going back as soon as the world opens up. Bill
  10. Does it look like one of these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/313194920029?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAAAkJrVgnGEcrF9sNr04RAS4Ya8o9VjOvc3yXat1V%2FmtfbSktQGCFXNQsR%2FCW0ivGvKIp7wVPlJVvMojMbimGoK%2BvmnSIyFOhVkyY4cPrWDrAYlxFO59UF8AzfhS8fShG8KBtJn8WY0gsuCibN02YEHdFSE1EhfKLZiCzvJkYYAjYGgnDUeVTTvxvZAgunTKaVgPw%3D%3D&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=313194920029&targetid=1262376589376&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9015617&poi=&campaignid=12873834640&mkgroupid=120270032814&rlsatarget=pla-1262376589376&abcId=9300536&merchantid=6334694&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnueFBhChARIsAPu3YkRqZZeL17ycYnzD4J2OIx0c5Ll5XBtddxCb11Zp8FXD_cHPgE6sDf8aAlJfEALw_wcB
  11. Torque wrenches weren't invented until a few years later. You'll have to look up the torque specs for the bolt size and threads that you are using. I have a chart that can help you if you can't come up with the number by searching. Bill
  12. SuperBright LED's have a sale for Memorial day - 15% off I have no connection to the company - just passing along info I got in their email.
  13. Here’s a serial tag from a Whippet for sale through Hemmings. Glad it helped you get the info. Bill
  14. The actual Model # would have read 96-123456 or 96A-123456, so the numbers could overlap but the not within the specific model series. It does get confusing by not having an actual Model tag in front of you to compare it to. I don't remember what year it was, but Overland was # two producing manufacturer of cars for a VERY short time. If I run across more info, I'll send it your way. Here's what it would look like: Model Start # End # Difference 93A 89001 116700 27700 96 1 316405 316405 96A 321001 470247 149247 98 10001 51250 41250 98A 52001 129783 77783 Bill Total 612385
  15. I thought speedometer spun free but I think the gears for the trip odometer is the culprit. I didn't have the reset knob fully seated when tested and didn't notice that the dials were stiff. My cable end almost looked like it was twisting the wrong way. I'm working on getting new ends and cable .187 in diameter. Thanks Bill
  16. Yes, it does look like a Whippet speedometer. Can you post a photo of the back? Bill
  17. I'm working on repairing my speedo cable this week too. You're a few days ahead of me though. A friend said that he cuts the inner cable to size using an oxy/act torch with a brazing tip. Just heats it up and it fuses the end as it cuts it off. Bill
  18. Use the numbers on the chart I posted earlier to find the number for each model per year. example : 1927 Model 93A started with # 89021 and ended with 116213. That means that there were 27,192 vehicles manufactured. Do the same for each model / year and you should have your info. Bill
  19. When I first bought my Buick, I was a junior in high school. We use to drive around without the keys, start the car by pretending to fool around with the wires under the dash and tell the other riders in the the car 'that we just picked up the car at the mall to drive it around that night'. At least that's a story I can post on the internet. Bill
  20. That's how my 65 Buick is. I can also remove the key from the ignition switch easily after the car is running. Bill
  21. Thanks Ted, I know it came from that area but can't figure out exactly how they are installed. I took the trunk liners out last week to give it one more try at installing and came up empty. I took out both shop manuals (again) and looked through them too. I almost got it to install to where it would protect the pump from being hit by the top/window, but it wouldn't quite fit. My top goes up and down without a problem. But I would like to install the rod correctly. If you happen to snap a photo of how they install, I would be most grateful. Your Electra looks great. The color is 'awesome' on the car. Congrats. Thanks Bill
  22. Place traps with peanut butter as bait - outside the car. If you or a neighbor have pets (dogs or cats especially) they could die because they've eaten the sick or dead mouse. It happens more often than you might think. Bill
  23. Can you post photos of the keys? Sometimes they have identifying marks. Bill
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